TUF report: Episode VII



Last week: Josh talks about being a cripple, and Uriah takes the ASSHOLE crown with both hands, turns it sideways, and sticks it straight up his monkey ass.

Josh KO’s Tor to give control to Team Jones

Sonnen immediately states it was a horrible pick. Jones #1 vs Sonnens last should work out, but a kickboxer vs a wrestler normally doesn’t.

Josh said he got the KO to help Bubba get the wildcard. Sure the 5K don’t hurt either.

Team Jones tells Coach Jones about Uriah being King Asshole.

Zak says he wanted the fight with Clint.

Clint Hester
Clint Hester

Ad Spot- Night out for Hooters!

The guys this year sure get to leave alot.

Both teams show how much fun Hooters is.

And yes. Gilbert takes his shirt off.
Gilbert puts on one of the Hooters girls shirts.

Uriah sits by himself and ignores thier calls to get in pictures and become a part of the party. Even team Jones has noticed the friction.

Scott McQuary tries to talk with him. Uriah just sits there. They done show if he ever talks.

Back at the house. Josh is crippled. He goes to the hospital.

Jimmy’s a COP!

Jimmy and Uriah talk. Uriah talks about being mistreated by a cop.

Team Sonnen training session.
Jimmy talks about how his force back home is supportive of his fighting.
Sonnen talks about both men being accomplished. Sonnen wanted Clint as well, but Jones took him first.

Sonnen gives another pep talk. Can we make Sonnen a permanent coach?

“He’s gonna get hit and its going to hurt”

Clint plays around in the Bike the winner gets. Gilbert makes background music. Thought that was Kevin Casey’s job?

Clint talks street-fighting and his background.

Jimmy Quinlan
Jimmy Quinlan

Team Jones training Session.

Jones talks about how quickly Clint adapts. Jones talks of his training being mostly takedown defense.
Jones says Clint is better in every era but wrestling, then says he needs better cardio.

That’s a great idea- put a guy with bad cardio against the guy with great wrestling.

Both teams simply say that its the wrestling vs the striking. No one really seems to think that Clint is a massive favorite. Normally the #1 overall pick is a favorite in the first round.

Budda says no matter who fights Jimmy its a tough fight since he’s so one-dimensional. Its all takedown.

Jones asks for a tough face during the face-off. Both men do and crack Jones up.

Jimmy asks if Clint used his bowl. Clint looks at him and Jimmy says if he did they were going to have to fight. Clint looks confused. Jimmy says to meet him at 4 at the monkey bars. Clint finally gets the joke.

Clint says he likes Jimmy, even though most people think he is a prick. First time I’ve seen that.

Clint Hester: 25 years old, 6’2 7-3 record
Jimmy Quinland: 26 years old, 6’0 3-0

Clint has a 6.5 inch advantage


Clint gets takes down with a MASSIVE Slam. Matt Hughes at 185 slam. Clint does a good job of getting up, but again goes down again. Clint again gets to his feet, and does a GREAT job of getting to his corner. Clint is doing a great job of hitting Jimmy. Clint even gets off a combo, but Jimmy dives for a leg. Clint is just beating on him as Jimmy works for a takedown.

Jimmy with ANOTHER huge slam. He could run for Governor of Iowa right now.

Jimmy had 3 massive takedowns, but to be honest, that was the only damage he did. Clint did a TON of damage but Jimmy isn’t busted open. I’m going to go 10-9 Clint. Stunning with 3 takedowns, however.


Clint looks like he shot? Jimmy grabs a guil. Clint out of it and gets the takedown. Jimmy gets his back but loses it. He is just smothering Clint here. Clint rolls over and Jimmy has both hooks in, starts pounding and Clint gives up the RNC and TAPS!

Winner: Jimmy Quinlan R2 Sub.

Sonnen was impressed with the variance of strikes Clint was able to through and even gives him R1. Sonnen breaks down the choke.

Clint wants a wildcard.

Sonnen gives Jones a jersey for losing the Bowling contest. Sonnen says its a legit jersey, no tricks.

Jones: Just when I ran out of toilet paper.

Next week: Zak Cummings vs Dylan Andrews

Winner Rankings

Uriah Hall (Sonnen)
Luke Barnatt (Sonnen)
Josh Sanman (Jones)
Jimmy Quinlan
Kelvin Gastelum (Sonnen)
Collin Hart (Jones)

Wildcard Rankings

Adam Cella (Jones)
Bubba McDaniel (Jones)
Tor (Sonnen)
Clint Hester (Jones)
Gilbert Smith (Jones)
Kevin Casey (Sonnen)

I take Clints effort over Gilbert, only because he struck more.

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