Six Things the Dallas Mavericks Missed Out On

How Did We Get Here?
Dallas Mavericks
Six Things the Dallas Mavericks Missed Out On
Maverick fans can shed a tear for this one. The question has been raised; how did the club get to four games below .500 and (almost) no sign of being a muscle in the playoffs? Let’s play a little game of “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda” and reflect on this mid-season mark, not what is, but what could’ve been.

6. Steve Nash:Steve Nash

A long time ago, this very same front office let one of the best all-time passers leave quietly. Too quietly. Nash has proven to be one of the most prolific teammates in the league for well over a decade. Needless to say, in this past offseason, Nash had his pick of destinations when Phoenix failed to create a championship-caliber  team (out of thin air)  around him.  With that said, Nash did what Karl Malone, Gary Payton, and countless other veterans in search of a championship did. Bolted for “The Show”. Had Nash been re-signed, The Dallas Maverick rafters could’ve looked a little less bare than the lone title they have.

5. Lamar Odom:

What a steal!…said Mavs fans everywhere in July 2011. Now fast forward five months and that same line wouldn’t have been uttered even if Jerry Jones had traded Tony Romo for…anyone else. Other than Skip Bayless saying something intelligent, Lamar Odom had a monumental collapse only some of us can think of.  Needless to say, Dallas welcomed Odom with open arms. It’s a shame it didn’t end that way. Dallas missed out on a great teammate, great role player, and an excellent soul. Unfortunately, Odom will probably never be the same after that fall from glory. Just ask the Clippers.

4. Lebron James:LeBron Maverick

Some say Dallas never had a shot to acquire LBJ in the summer of 2010. I have to chuckle at this. Since Cuban bought the team, he has gained a reputation for pampering his players and taking on a new direction with player attention. That being said, Dallas places themselves strategically in the mix for a superstar every year of two. Venue, atmosphere, prestige, and fans will always attract attention in the league.  Don’t ever count out Cubes. Missing out on Lebron in 2010 was obviously not ideal. Dallas got their revenge the very next summer.

3.Virtually EVERY draft class

It’s no surprise that Dallas has collapsed at every draft choice they’ve had. It’s almost embarrassing how terrible Dallas’ draft team is. Of all the talent Dallas missed out on, this pool is never ending with big names. Let’s chalk it up to this; waiting for Dallas to draft true talent is like waiting for Jerry Jones to release GM control to…I don’t know…a general manager? It’s never gonna happen.

2. Tyson ChandlerTyson Chandler

Full disclosure; I am a BIG fan of the all-around force that Tyson Chandler is. No one really expected Tyson to contribute the way he did for Dallas in 2011. These days, I would even take Tyson over Howard. Yes, I so declare. With that said, I could not believe Dallas just let Tyson walk away. Had Dallas not learned their lesson from Steve Nash? And the worst part is both players wanted a long term deal. No greed necessary, just a place to call home. And to this day, I still root for Tyson Chandler to beat Dallas. He, of all people, deserves to show Dallas just what they’re missing. And they do miss him.

1.Deron Williams

This could’ve been a real game-changer for Dallas. Deron Williams coming home could’ve seriously revived a program a year removed from a championship, but nevertheless on a sound decline.  Deron is a player worth building around, especially in his prime (insert understatement of the year comment). And what is one of the main points Deron didn’t decide to come home? Cuban snubbed what should’ve been the closing meeting with Williams for his reality show “Shark Tank”. Jaw dot dot dot drop. There are literally no words that can explain Cuban after that. He went against everything Cuban seemed to be about. Fighting for something you believe in. Believe this Mark; Maverick fans were NOT pleased.

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