Tournament I: NBA Rounds 1-3

Welcome to the first 7# tournament, and we are going to kick it off to showcase some of our NBA writers!

We are going to take the NBA, this year at the All-star break, and have them play a best of 7 series.

The Teams:

EJ:  TeamBoom!
Archie “Archer”

This is the draft- teams are going to be picked snake fashion, and we are only going 8 deep.

David: EJ has the first pick, and its hard to see him going anywhere but South Beach!
Jacko: I dunno- he’s gotta wait a long time to get round 2, and you need a point- nah- he’s going Bron!

Team Boom picks LeBron James: SF/PF/PG/HOLYSHIT/C/SG/whatever the F he wants.

Jacko: next ones a hardone. You got PG’s, you got Kobe and Durant.
David: Dwight Howard
Jacko: You wrong for that.DJ picks Kevin Durant SF/PFDavid: I know that hurt, not taking Kobe.

Bill picks Kobe Bryant GHoawrd and Kobe

Jacko: Obvious picks at 1-3, but if CP3,Parker and Westbrook are gone, what then for the one left out?
David: Rayyyyymond Felton!
Jacko: Archie is sitting at the turnaround spot, so he can fill his backcourt or get a great pair with a base for his team.

Archie picks Carmelo Anthony SF/PF/SG and Russell Westbrook PG/SG

David: Little surprising, I like the Westbrook pick, and apparently Coach Archie loves him some Melo.
Jacko: 2 Ball-Stoppers, Interesting.
David: Well, considering CP3 is there, interesting Westbrook comes off the board first.

Bill takes Chris Paul PG

Jacko: CP3 and Kobe? Can a brother get a Mic Drop?

DJ takes Tony Parker PG

David: let’s see, I need a point for a very smart power forward. Hmmmmm
Jacko: No doubt. This could be a scary, scary team.

EJ takes Kylie Irving PG/Westbrook 2.0 and TIMMY Duncan PF/PF/C/GoatPF/

Jacko: oh MAN! I had dreams of KD/duncan and parker running the court. Damn you!!!
David: Lebron and Duncan, that’s some high IQ there, even with Irving out there.

DJ picks Hardin SG/SF/PF/6M

David: Hardin and Durant, together again.
Jacko: I’m liking it as long as I got TP with the rock. Parker can make this work.

Bill selects Al Jefferson C/PF

Suck it Bosh! I went before you!
Suck it Bosh!
I went before you!

Jacko: Wha? Talented, but I don’t see him over some left out there.
David: I love me some Big Al, but 11th overall?

Archie Selects  David Lee PF/SF/White guy

Jacko: Uh
David: if this was round 5, I’m all over these two, but there are some guys out there that should go top 15.
Jacko: No Dwight Howard?
David: I said top 15, not 15 rounds. There are going to be 32 players selected so he might not get picked.
Jacko: let’s break down the teams for the NBA Jam edition.


Team EJ:
Duncan, Lebron, Irving.

David: Irving is going to have a fit here. These two guys are worlds better than anyone he’s ever played with.
Jacko: LeBron may end up playing the point more than going down low, I’m interested in seeing who the other Guard is.

Team DJ:
Durant, Hardin, Parker

Jacko: Is this Tony Parker or Smush?
David: This team could be scary good. I’m not that big a fan of Hardin, esp on D, but if this was NBA JAM, this threesome would be almost impossible to beat.

Team Bill:
Kobe, CP3, Al Jefferson

David: This team is deadly in the slower pace of the playoffs, and you won’t find a better backcourt since the 80 All-Star game.
Jacko: Not a fan of Al, but it depends on who is around them. CP3 could make me a MAX player

Team Archie:
Westbrook, Melo, David Lee

Jacko: Interesting. Mike D’Antoni just wet his pants.
David: I like David Lee, but who’s going to pass the ball here?  Archie has the Next pick, let’s see how that goes

So this completes Round 3.

Who’s your favorite so far? Who did the Best? Who is behind? Comeback Wednesday for the next 3 rounds!

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