NBA Roundtable!

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable!

This week we are going to debut a new series, Take or Return! Enjoy!

Lets get to the Questions!

1. Is Stephen Curry the Best Shooter in the NBA?Stephen Curry

EJ: Yes he is. 2nd best 3 point shooter in the League at 46% (Kyle Korver is 1st at 46.4%) and is averaging over 20 points a game. It’s hard not to think of Steph Curry as the best shooter in the League. I may have that recent 54 point performance against the Knicks stuck in my head but that game confirmed that Steph is a force to be reckoned with. I used to knock the kid but not anymore. He has my respect.

David: I’d have to say yes. Curry is becoming a solid force away from the rim. Quite frankly, in today’s NBA, its much easier to create your own shot, and from 2 feet to 22 feet, not many can touch Curry.

2. Who is the Best Shooter in YOUR Era? (In other words you can’t pick Bird if you were born in 1988)

EJ: I’m going to give you a nostalgia time answer: Craig Hodges! He might have only had 5,940 points in his career but he was a 40% career 3 point shooter. Even though I’m a professed Lakers fans I had great admiration for Craig and his role for the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls (he played with the Bulls from 1988-1992). I used to pretend I was him when I was shooting long distance shots in my backyard. Just giving y’all some memories of my Brooklyn, NY childhood but when I launched bombs in my backyard or in gym class it was Craig’s fluid shot I was trying to emulate.

David: Shaq

Kidding. I do love me some Hodges, but to be honest, if you want to go with the guy who was deadly from every spot on the court and could create his own shot, I’m going with Barkley’s favorite white guy, Larry Bird. I just don’t know if Curry could get a shot off against Mookie and MJ. But if I’m looking to create the world’s best game of H-O-R-S-E, Curry’s not getting a seat at the big boy table with guys like Ray Allen, Dale Ellis and yes, Reggie Miller.

3. What were your thoughts on Doug’s Rant?

EJ: Doug’s frustrated. I get that. I saw the Sixers play the Lakers last season and I left Philadelphia convinced the Sixers were a team on the rise. So when they traded for Bynum, I thought that Andrew would lead them deep into the playoffs. However, with no Bynum the Sixers are a team that isn’t going anywhere because they don’t have that X-factor player. The pieces that are there don’t mesh will without ‘drew. I like Doug and I just think he needed to blow off some steam but for his sake, if he’s the Sixers coach next season he’s going to need a healthy Andrew Bynum to take them places.

David: Collins is RESPONSIBLE for that mess. I loved the meltdown, I’ve never thought he was a great coach. Fine teacher, but on the same level as guys like Don Nelson and Lenny Wilkins.

4. Is Denver a threat?Denver Nuggets

EJ: Yes they are a threat. The Nuggets are deep, athletic, and play team defense. The only drawback with the Nuggets is do they have a player that can step up and take over a game late in the 4th quarter? That player could be point guard Ty Lawson but I’m just not sure yet. Playoff basketball is tough and competitive and although I think the Nuggets could make it to the Finals, they are going to need someone to step up and take the tough shots late in games.

David: Denver is a second tier team. It all depends on the matchups. If the Thunder and Spurs beat each other or lose to Memphis, the Nuggets could knock off the Blazersm Mavs and Grizz to get to the Finals. If they then run into the Knicks, they could take the title. I don’t see them beating the top teams. My problem with Denver is, Down 2, who is their goto guy? Up 1, who holds the ball for 18 seconds? If CP3 is driving down court with 7 seconds left, who steps in his way? but if Blake blows a quad in game 2 of the West Finals, maaaaybe.

Finally, time for  a mini Segment!

Lets make a Deal!

Lets pretend that you just won a contest, and you have 100% control of an NBA Team.

The Rules are you CANNOT Sell it and you CANNOT move it.

All 30 teams are eligible.

I am going to give you a team, and you have a choice- either TAKE the team, or give it back and take the RANDOM team behind the curtain. Could be the Heat, Could be the Bobcats, Could be the T-Wolves.

If you DO take the team, Tell me what is the FIRST thing you do.

Team 1.

Hornets. new orleans Hornets

Take or Return

David: I’ll give this team back. I hate the location, I’m not sold on thier future, If I could move it, I’d take it, and see how the Chicago Hornets do.

EJ: I would give the team back. The Hornets name doesn’t belong to the city of New Orleans. The name belongs to Charlotte and hopefully they will take the name back once the New Orleans franchise becomes the Pelicans. However, as far as the NBA in New Orleans? Nah. It doesn’t work. Move the team elsewhere.


Team 2


Take or Return

David: I take this team I have no State income tax, I also have no direction. I’m going all out to find me a Riley-Type Excecutive that knows what he’s doing, and I’m going to find me a player to build around. Orlando is an easy FA destination, and there is NO reason I can’t be, along with Miami- a competitor for every FA out there.

EJ: Your boy EJ might be Central Florida bound in the near future so with that said: keep the Magic. Why? I might need a team to root for besides the Lakers and my hometown Brooklyn Nets.

Team 3


Take or Return

David: I’m all over this one. I have a HUGE Fanbase, I have a star in place and my GM is a mad genius. First thing I do? Give Morley a stake in the team so he NEVER leaves. I’m not that big a fan of Hardin, but with a good PG (Parker, CP3) he could be a monster going forward. I take my Jet to China and find the next Yao.

EJ: Take!! The Rockets are in a large market, have a solid fan base in the City, and a bigger fan base in China. I had the pleasure of going over to China in 2006 and I can tell you from that experience that the Rockets are HUGE over there. Of course that’s because of Yao but don’t sleep on the fact that the Chinese love the Rockets and love anyone who suits up for the Rockets. I definitely would take Houston and their future.

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