MMA Roundtable: 3/1 edition!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we have Collin, Roni and David working the booth!

If You have questions, Post them Below for next week.

1. How satisfied were you with the first female fight in UFC History?Ronda vs Liz

Collin: Very.  Liz showed up for this fight, and took advantage of the one of the classical weaknesses in a judoka’s game: the fact that they tend to give up their backs quite often.  Ronda showed great perseverance in pushing through, got on top again, and once there unleashed some pretty savage ground and pound from the kesa-gatame (scarf hold).  She was even looking for one of the most elusive but interesting submissions from that position, the scarf-hold armlock, which unless I’m mistaken, we haven’t seen in MMA yet  on the highest level.  And of course, there was as always the juji-gatame (armbar) finish that we all saw coming.  Excellent back and forth fight, had nice technique and some good violence.

Roni: While I think it pleased the crowd, I didn’t really like that much. IMO it showed how WMMA is leaps and bounds behind men’s divisions. I do not understand why Liz didn’t stand up while Ronda rearranged her Bra. She gave out the fight then. But in the big scheme of things, it was great for the WMMA and their first fight in the UFC. Ronda showed she can come out of a hard spot and didn’t Panic; but let us be honest here… Liz was never a favorite for a reason. I see this fight basically like I saw Jones & Vitor. We knew the outcome, we saw an almost upset then order was restored.

David: I think we got what we wanted, Ronda got challenged, It lasted a little bit of time, and neither woman embarrassed themselves. The UFC has a problem going forward, however. Way too much of this fight was spent on the uniqueness of the bout and the fact that Liz was a serious challenge. What happenes in fight 3 or 4 vs someone she can beat easily? Its going to happen. How do you sell Tate/Rousey II?

I do wonder how big the pee stain was on Dana’s leg when Liz almost got her foot behind Ronda’s knee to sink in the crank.

2. Who is more to blame for the co-main stinking up the place? Machida or Hendo?

Roni: I don’t really like the connotation of blame” because I disagree it was a bad fight. Machida did what we all knew he could do. Be elusive. He had a perfect gameplan! As for Hendo, I did expect more from him. If anything, I expected him to bullrush towards Machida (like he did against Fedor) and then hold him close and not allow him to “be elusive”. Instead, he went head-hunting with his big right hand and missing for all 3 rounds.

David: Let me tell you a secret . . . HENDO GASSED. The gameplan for Mach is fairly simple, slow him down with Leg Kicks, then go for the body, and avoid his counters. Easier said than done, but the gameplan is there. Hendo gave up his plan, and just went chasing Machida around. Claiming you won the fight when the ONLY judge that agreed with you was CECIL? Might want to hush up now.

3. Is this the best Fuel card in History?

Roni: I don’t think it is better than the rest of Fuel cards. While it had good fights, it certainly didn’t stand up above the rest for me.

David: Absolutly. I’ll have my picks up later today ~Tease!

4. Will we ever see Jon Fitch in the UFC again?

Roni: I think so. He is an elite fighter and probably will do good in any promotion he goes to. That means he’ll become a champ and then UFC will try to grab him once more. But I hope that, instead of it, Whoever hires the 100 UFC fighters that are about to be cut, becomes a true competition against UFC, and as such the sport of MMA will win!

David: It might be awile, I think he could walk through Bellator, until his title shot. Once the great cuts are done, he’ll be back.

5. Will there be a backlash against the Strikeforce Fighters from the “Natural” UFC fighters?Strikeforce

Roni: I don’t see how.

If anything, I think it put to rest the asinine assertion that “if you don’t fight in the UFC, you are a lesser fighter”.  These guys came in and showed they belong among the elite of this sport, and IMO they re-invigorated the sport.

When you are always at the top, you get complacent. This is a wake up call to UFC fighters. I like that!

David: I think so, you bust arse to get to the UFC, then all of a sudden they drop 30-40 guys from a league that was considered 2nd class, and moreso, you have 20 women coming in. Now guys at your camp or veterns you respect are getting cut because the Roster is too big?

I remember when the TUF1 guys got frozen out a bit by the UFC “Vets” because of the way they came in. Might see a repeat.


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