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Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Jon Manley   vs.   Neil Magny

Jim:  Magney Decision

David: 2 guys from TUF 16, loser goes home. I’ll take Manley via DEC

Kenny Robertson   vs.   Brock Jardine

Jim: Robertson Decision

David: Jardine is just going to be HUGE here- cutting to 170 when he’s fought heavyweight? Holy Mike Dolce Batman! What? Oh. Well, neither guy can stop a takedown, and Robertson has better striking. I’ll take him.

Dennis Bermudez   vs.   Matt Grice

Jim: Bemudez TKO Round 2

David: Bermudez is a better wrestler, and hits harder. Bye Matt.

Preliminary Card (FX)

Court McGee   vs.   Josh Neer

Jim: This fight was bumped up to the main card when The Mendes-Gumburyan fight was scratched. We all know Neer always brings it and fights very aggressive. He hasn’t looked great lately and he’ll be facing a bigger more well rounded fighter than himself here. I look for McGee to grind Neer out for a decision Nod.

McGee via Unanimous Decision

David: Neer is a serviceable fighter, and on his last UFC run he wins this fight, but now? Court might be too quick for him. McGee via DES.


Michael Chiesa   vs.   Anton Kuivanen

Jim: Chiesa Sub Round 2

David: I like Chiesa, and I like his ground game better. Anton likes to kick and will have his back on the ground more than he should.


Sam Stout   vs.   Caros Fodor

Jim: Fodor Decision

David: I’m taking Fodor in a mild Upset. I’m not a huge fan of Stout at this stage of the game. I think Fodor can take the fight to the ground and win a dulsision.

Josh Koscheck   vs.   Robbie Lawler

Roni: I want Robbie to win here. But KO is not something that happens Kos often, and I don’t see any other way Robbie would win this fight. I take Kos by weathering the storm early then dominating a tired Lawler winning via UD.

Jim: Lawler’s only path to victory is an huge shot that puts Koscheck out. Don’t see it happening. I see Koscheck utilizing his superior wrestling to dominate Lawler over 3 rounds.

Koscheck via Unanimous Decision

David: I’m not a big fan of the Natural Butch Koscheck, but Robbie Lawler isn’t better than he is at anything. I do think Koscheck wins this one fairly easily.


Brendan Schaub   vs.   Lavar Johnson

Roni: The Hybrid just can’t get a break! After ben stole his soul, he gets a new hard-hitting KO artist…. Look for Lavar to extend his KO/TKO list to 16.

Jim: Johnson probably has the worst ground game in all of MMA. I think Schaub avoids standing and shoots for a takedown immediately. From there he’ll tap Johnson by anything he wants.

Schaub via 1st Round Submission.

David: Lavar can’t stop a takedown, and Schaub doesn’t have a chin, so hopefully Schaub figures out he needs to see this fight on the ground sooner rather than later. Schaub via scorecard

Urijah Faber   vs.   Ivan Menjivar

Roni:I like Faber on this one. The California Kid will win via sub on the second round.

Jim: Faber is just better than Menjivar everywhere. He’ll be too fast on the feet for Ivan and he’ll look to mix up his wrestling here. I think Menjivar gets desperate and dives into a guillotine.

Faber via 2nd Round Submission

David: I don’t really have a feel on this one, if Uriah is Uriah, he wins going away, but tell me the last time Uriah was Uriah? I’m more looking against Uriah than for Ivan. I’ll take Uriah though, but I’m not happy about it.

Light Heavyweight  
Lyoto Machida   vs.   Dan Henderson

Roni:I am still in shock that this is not the main event. there’s no “logical explanation” for this.

it is not a title fight? then move the less important title fight for another card, and let this be a 5 rounder! UFC screwed big time on this!

First of all, they did not deserve to fight (each other). Either one was supposed to be fighting Jones, and the other waiting for his turn next!

But alas, since this needs to happen, it will face the H-Bomb against the untargetable. And IMO The dragon will win by the means of being elusive and frustrating hendo into over-committing and getting caught. I don’t think he will be KO’d, but this will allow Machida to coast to a decision victory and a title shot, this time with a full camp!

note: And Dana will let a sight of relieve for padding Jones record against MW’s while avoiding true challenges like Hendo!

Jim: I’m’ a HUGE Hendo fan but I don’t see how he wins this. We all know Hendo will be looking to land an H bomb, but I can’t see it happening. Machida is just too skilled standing and way too fast for Dan at this point. Dan will also look to initiate clinch but Machida will not be overwhelmed in the clinch. Machida also has too good of takedown defense for Dan. Look for Machida to outstrike Hendo over the course of 3 rounds.

Machida via Unanimous Decision

Collin: I love this fight.  Two top 5 fighters in the division, a violent clash of styles, and I have no earthly idea who will win.  I can easily see Lyoto keeping distance with side kicks, push kicks, and using his patented blitz and evade style to box up Hendo.  He definitely can knock Dan out, or he can cruise to a decision.  He is occasionally hittable in transitions though.  What Dan lacks in boxing technique he more than makes up for with his incredible mastery of timing and distance.  He knows how to cover space quickly when he needs to, and he has a great knack of making you make a slight mistake in footwork.  Can he do that to Lyoto though?  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Lyoto blitzed and on the exit ate that patented front foot short roundhouse-to-overhand H-bomb and knocked out of this universe.  And on the ground, I would have to favor the experience and strength of Dan.  Hendo has a smother top game and top 3 ground and pound in the sport.  Gun to my head, Henderson stops him at some point with viscous punches.

David: This is a horrible matchup for Hendo. machida moves faster than most middleweights, and is smarter than most fighters. He’s not going to wander into that right hand. If this was a 5 rounder, I’d take Hendo- 25 minutes is just too long to move and dodge and pick apart a man of Hendo’s experience. Hendo hasn’t taken anyone down since 1985, and I don’t think he starts with Machida. Rashad is quicker than Hendo, and he couldn’t track Lyoto for 15.
Hendo does have that one-shot, and could KO anyone, but Lyoto has a better chin than most, and could survive a shot that isn’t flush.
Sorry Bones, you won’t get your matchup with a Hall of Famer now.

Ronda vs Liz

Women’s Bantamweight   Championship
Ronda Rousey (c)   vs.   Liz Carmouche

Roni: I really wish  Carmouche can win this fight. IMO Ronda has not been truly tested in MMA.  So far, in all her fights, they rush, ronda drops down, grabs an arm, and it is over.

I want to see someone not allowing this to happen. At least not that fast; and while I don’t think it will be Liz, I really hope it can happen! But if you put a gun to my head, then <sight>… Ronda, by Armbar within the first minutes of this fight…

Jim: This is a showcase fight for Rousey. Nothing more. Look for Rousey to get inside, clinch, and toss Carmouche to the mat using her worldclass Judo. From there its academic.

Rousey via 1st Round Armbar

Collin: I see this in a similar way to Jim.  Ronda is supposed to win this fight, and she absolutely should.  She is a better striker than Liz, better in the clinch and better on the ground.  Carmouche is a decent wrestler, but can she take Rousey down?  I don’t think so.  Rousey will press forward with punches, get the clinch, quick misdirection and then the toss to armbar.

David: I really think Liz can pull this to round 2. Ronda has not had the camp she’s used to, all the pressure is on her, but to her credit, she wants to WIN (armbar) not put on a show (Strike) King Mo could learn something from this. I do think Liz is the better striker, but her problem is she can’t stay on the outside with her reach advantage. Her game is a top game, and we have 157 UFC’s that prove a top-tier top game doesn’t win vs a WORLD CLASS person with a bottom game. Liz might actually mess up Ronda a bit- ding that pretty face, but she is going to get tapped when she leaves that arm in for balance a second longer than she should.

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