The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode V

tuf17Episode V


Bubba States that he thinks having Jones as his coach will give him the easiest choices to the finals.

Could this dude be ANY more of an ass?

Bubba and Jones admit that Kelvin is the weakest member of Team Sonnen (then why wasn’t THAT the week 1 fight?)

Chael tells Kelvin that everyone else has to win the  how to get into the UFC, but Kellvin just has to beat Bubba.

Ronda Rousey is on the PHONE! She tells Kelvin that if he wins, she’ll come out and coach a training session. Funny how she came over to the house not that long ago and all the guys were scared to TALK to her.

Kelvins a PIMP!


Kelvin does admit he’s an underdog and has the least experience.

Sonnen and Jones talk in the hall. Jones admits he’s having a hard time not liking Sonnen.

Sonnen admits people are scared of Bubba, and he told them whomever faces him, he’s going to push to get them a wildcard. Jones talks up Bubba to Sonnen as well. Interesting insight.

Luke talks about Bubba being cheap, calling out the youngest fighter in TUF history with his experience and size edge.

I’m really liking Luke so far, definately a Sonnen-ish Character.

Sonnen comes over and they play charades.

Bubba doesn’t play the reindeer games and goes to watch the fire.

Talks about how tough a road he’s had. Run-ins with the law, etc. Says he heard there was a toughman contest about an hour from his house. He went up there and got his ass whipped. Gotta give him credit for at least admitting it.

Next we get the Kelvin story. Bailbondsman. He talks about his mom having a tough time. Sonnen talks about Kelvins gastank and toughness.

Its stunning how much Sonnen talks about his fighters wind.
Think about the other coaches that have worried about conditioning from Day 1: Tito and Rashad. Look at their round one records.

Sonnen tells the 2×4 story. I’ve heard it before. Sonnen talks emotion, we shaw this on the commercials. Its amazing to hear him talk about how actions speak so loud when his mouth got him here. To his point, he’s not dull in the cage either.

Josh wants to have the Tuesday fight (2 weeks away show) instead of the saturday fight (next week). he complains about injuries. I mean COMPLAIN. I’m stunned he can even walk.

Jones compares Josh to himself as far as his communication with his coaches.

The coaching staff talk about how some fighters have taken over the team as far as leadership. Coach Wood talks about how it might be a play. Amazing how much the lack of Jackson has affected this season. I can understand how the Blackzillians are having problems while Jacksons just keeps rolling along.

Bubba hypes himself.Bubba McDaniels

Mickey Rourke comes by. He gives a pretty good speech about bouncing back to both teams. Talks about fighting both inside and outside the ring.Interesting that both teams are there and not just something for Team Sonnen.

Josh talks about Kelvins diet, but he does make 186.

Other fighters talk about the experience edge, but Team Sonnen talk about Kelvins toughness.

Bubba talks about Kelvin’s fight to get into the house.

Sonnen keeps pushing the basics. Good tactic for such a raw fighter- again why are we getting RAW fighters on this show?

Bubba McDaniel, 29 years old, 6’3, 20-6
Kelvin Gastelum, 21 years old, 5-10, 5-0
even though he’s got 5 inches on him, Bubba only has a 3 inch reach advantage.


For all the talk of striking, Bubba is more than happy grappling with the wrestler, Kelvin wins almost ALL the scrambles, and Bubba is unable to inflict much damage when he does have an opening. Puzzling round, but a clean diving Superman punch and more ground control and I give Kelvin a close Round 1.

Round 2 is more of the same, but Bubba seems to gas a bit and Kelvin is just getting fast, Kelvin finally gets the back and gets a HUGE Choke. Bubba looks STUNNED and is forced to tap.

Team Jones looks STUNNED

Jones says he wasn’t expecting the footwork of Kelvin.

Sonnen breaks down round 2, with Kelvin slowing down the positioning.

Bubba talks about the pressure Kelvin put on him. He puts a towel over his head and cries.

Jones talks Wildcard. I do NOT envy his opponent in the wildcard.

Bubba said no one has even competed with him as hard as Kelvin and he feels like a failure.


Kelvin gets tounge tied.

Uriah: Fight of the Season, Submission of the season and RONDA???

Kelvin: I’m on top of the world!

Sonnen sets the next fight:

Tor vs Josh.

Sonnen says this is a main event fight. no one wanted to fight Josh on his team, and no one on Jones’ team wanted to fight Tor.

Tor: I’ve fought bigger and I’ve fought better.

Josh: he says the same skills he does, but I’m more athletic.

Winner Rankings

Uriah Hall (Sonnen)
Luke Barnatt (Sonnen)
Kelvin Gastelum (Sonnen)
Collin Hart (Jones)

Wildcard Rankings

Adam Cella (Jones)
Bubba McDaniel (Jones)
Gilbert Smith (Jones)
Kevin Casey (Sonnen)

I take Adam over Bubba, due to Adam fought HIS fight and just got caught, Bubba again and again was more than willing to wrestle the wrestler.

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