THE Fake NBA Trade: KG for Dwight Howard

Kobe said he'll help you pack

Fake Trade :
Kevin Garnett for Dwight Howard.

Oddly enough, If you make the Trade KG and Jeff Green for Dwight Howard, then it works under the cap, and accoring to Hollinger, it only moves each team 1 game, but lets be honest, Hollinger misses on a lot of trades.

Who says no?

Let’s look at this first from the Boston side. Boston Celtics

With no Rondo, we have Jason Terry and PP to build on. Adding Lowry or Jose might be nice, but I’m not beating the Heat with that. Howard and Rondo? Doc Rivers becomes an asset in keeping him, and following Mr Bill, Cowens and Parrish is almost as bad as Mikan/Wilt/KAJ.

Teaming Rondo with Howard isn’t going to work this year- well, with one half of that combo gone, of course it isn’t going to work. Tell me the guys on the Celtics you can build a franchise around.

I’ll wait.

KG and PP are old and declining.

Rondo is a headcase, but is what? The 4th best point in the NBA? The problem with Rondo is he scares you if he’s on your team and when he’s against your team. I know what I get with Howard. I can build around him. Plus I get rid of Jeff Green, so that helps my cap, and PP can be the man to lead Howard to being a star- or if Howard leaves, I have a chunk of Cap Room, PP, Rondo to move forward with (Aldridge? Kevin Love?) I loves me some Rondo, and I”m a HUGE KG fan, but lets be honest, he’s not going to age like Duncan.

Bottom line, I have the rest of the year for Howard to love Boston and try to get him to come back, worse case senario, I can trade Rondo and PP in the off-season and start over almost brand new- Best Case? Howard/PP/Terry/Rondo as my building blocks.

Lets go from the Lakers SideLakers

Here is my thinking. Kobe is getting older, and he wants RINGS and he wants rings NOW. Howard is NEVER going to be the alpha dog on a title team. KG and Kobe together and seeing the window close? Coach Mikey might have his legs broken by the end of the first practice and Whoopi might be coaching this team.

KG knows how to win, and he knows how to play D. Kobe is slowing down on D but he busts his rear. Add in a decent Gasol and a still stellar Ron Artest, and they can hide Nash- playing 4 on 5 is better than the playing 3 on 5 they are doing now. Jeff Green adds a shooter, not really needed, but the Lakers are FAMOUS for reclamating lost causes.

I dont care what happens in 3 years when Kobe and KG retire. Name me the last Laker HOF they drafted and I’ll give you TEN they either were given, traded for or just plain found. Find me one! Seriously, name me a HOF or even an All-star they got with THIER pick and had to worry about it. The last one I can can think of is Derek Fisher in 1996! Before that who? Divac? Van Exel? The last HOF they DRAFTED was JERRY WEST! You think I care about my picks and my trades? The Lakers poop talent from other teams.

KG/Gasol/Artest/Kobe and Nash.

That is a lineup that can put some fear in the Thunder and Spurs.

Timmy vs KG in the West Finals? I can live with that.


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