NBA Roundtable 2/18 Edition

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable at its new home!

This week we have the J brothers (D and E) and David doing the three man, if you wish to join a roundtable, or have a Question, post below for next week.

Now on with the Qs!

1. Jordan earned an estimated $80 million last year from corporate partners Nike, Gatorade, Hanes, Upper Deck, 2K Sports, Presbyterian Healthcare and Five Star Fragrances. Should Stern step in with Jordan’s penny pinching with the Bobcats?

Will this season leave the Bobcats smiling?
What happened to these guys?
David: Jordan has always been about Jordan, in every respect. The problem is Stern can’t do anything to a cruddy owner. Jordan has been and always will be an utter failure in his post-player career.
EJ: No. Jordan’s personal fortune is his business. Could Charlotte be better? Yes. However, in this world of super teams and players craving the big market, most players are not looking to play in Charlotte. No disrespect. I’m sure it’s a fine city but if you give me the choice of leaving New York (where I’m from) to go to Los Angeles, Miami, or Charlotte you better believe I’m choosing the first two options. Hopefully the Bobcats have a plan, but David Stern would be more than overstepping his bounds if he were to encourage Jordan to spend more of his fortune on his team.
DJ: Stern can’t really step in and force MJ to do anything with his personal money. They will have to start spending money under the new CBA rules. And MJ would be a fool to gamble his own personal fortune with the business of running the Bobcats franchise.

2. #teamKobe or #teamHoward

David: #TeamKobe. I want a guy to lead my team that will either rip your heart out while its still beating (Kobe, KG, Jordan) or will stare into your eyes while he slowly strangles you (Duncan, Hakeem, LeBron).  I just wonder how much Howard stays awake at night dreaming of what his ring will look like.

EJ: #teamKobe. I am a Laker fan but I really do not like Kobe or Howard. However, I’m inclined to go with the man with 5 rings over the indecisive boy trapped in a man’s body. I’m sorry but Dwight is softer than Charmin. He’s making Pau Gasol look tough by comparison. I hate calling out players toughness but Dwight Howard needs to man the fuck up and just say he wants to be a Laker already. All of this “I’m playing for this season” talk is just a constant reminder of the crap he gave the fans of Orlando last season. Who is he fooling anyway? Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement no one can pay him more than the Lakers so it’s about time he commits his future to LA, and just do what’s asked of him. Kobe needs ring number 6 already!!
DJ: I absolutely love the thought of Howard as leading the Lakers hopes in the future, but I have to lean towards Kobe on this one.Howard doesn’t have the same intensity as Kobe, he’s just too nice. But, no player should be laughing after a 20-plus loss like Dwight was after the Clippers beatdown. And this is why Howard gets criticized. He has a great personality, but he just doesn’t have the same internal drive to be among the best in the game today. And that is why he and Kobe clash, but I don’t buy that it’s as serious as the media make it out to be. To reiterate, Kobe…

Hoawrd and Kobe

3. Who was the least deserving All-Star? Who would you replace him with?

David: Dwight Howard. Lets see, the team stinks, he’s not the best player on his team, and lets be honest, if he was putting up these numbers for the Kings, would he be there? Replace him with LaM.
EJ: Dwight Howard. Really? He is an All-Star? He, who is routinely fourth in scoring on his own damn team is an All-Star? He, who is being outplayed by Earl Clark is an All-Star? GTFOH!! This is why I hate the fan vote. Fans just vote based on a name and not off the performance. I would have replaced Dwight with Steph Curry who has had a good start of the season with the Warriors. His play is far more deserving than Dwight “I just want to be loved” Howard.
DJ: KG has had a great career, but Greg Monroe is having a brilliant season.  I know he’s on a bad team, but I think he was more deserving than Garnett. Monroe is a double double machine and a great passer for a big man.Curry should have made it over Lee.Curry has put up 20ppg, 6.6apg, 4rpg and he’s making 45% of his shots from downtown. In his last game he scored 27 points and dished out 6 assists. He has taken his game to the next level while Lee is just a really solid player.

4. Vince Carter has scored more points than Larry Bird- HOF or not?Vince Carter

David: The NBA has he easiest HOF to get into, so yes, I say he gets in. If the NBA HOF was as hard as the NFL? No chance.
EJ: Great question. I’m inclined to say yes. It’s a shame Vince doesn’t have a ring but there’s a legion of people who will hold him up as one of their favorite players in NBA history. I still have his dunk over Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympics etched in my brain (I also had the Slam poster on my wall, yeah I was 18 but I put the damn thing up there anyway!!). He’ll likely retire without a ring, but he’s a Hall of Famer. No doubt.
DJ: VC is a borderline HOF candidate, but Bird was a clear choice as a HOFer because he did EVERYTHING. He could score, pass, rebound and for a slow white guy….he was a pretty solid defender.VC was a great scorer and decent passer at times, but he wasn’t a great rebounder or defender. He could get in, but saying he should because he scored more than Bird, that’s just asinine.

5.  Would you rather keep the All-Star game as currently done, or have LeBron and Kobe pick teams the day before?

David: I’d love it, but it could never happen. Wouldn’t mind seeing how those rosters would be.

EJ: It would be pretty cool to see LeBron pick a whole team of his friends and Kobe pick nobody to play the All-Star game. 15 of LeBron’s homies versus Kobe would have made for great viewing. Seriously, does it really matter how this game is formatted? It’s a game for fun. It’s a game of no defense for three quarters before you see what is usually an exciting and competitive conclusion. So it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s East versus West or if there are team captains.

DJ: Keep the AS game as is…

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