NBA Roundtable 2/15 Edition

 Welcome to the NBA Roundtable!

Sorry we have been away, but unlike Andrew Bynum, we are back on the court! To be honest, this has been sitting awhile, but here we go! Dan, EJ and Joao hit the Three-Man!

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1. If Bogut comes back and averages 14/8/1 and plays solid D, how far can you see the Warriors going?Bogut

Dan: I think the Warriors can stay where they are, even move up a spot and finish 4th or 5th in the West. I don’t think they’ll make it past the 2nd round in the playoffs though. They’ll win round 1, but not after that.

EJ:  I like Golden State’s chances of making it to the 2nd round. No matter who Golden State plays they will be a tough out. Steph Curry and David Lee are putting together All-Star worthy seasons, and the team as a whole is buying into what Mark Jackson is preaching. However, as much as an on top of his game Andrew Bogut would add to the Warriors team, I don’t think they are better than the Clippers, Thunder or Spurs. If the Warriors face one of those teams? They will definitely lose in the 1st round.
Joao: If all the stars align and Bogut performs, I could see the Warriors getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs in their Western Conference.

14/8/1 falls under what Bogut can produce, so it is clearly a matter of health.
The Warriors will be a tough match-up come playoff time, but there will be better teams in that conference: Thunder, Spurs, Grizzlies and the Clippers. So it will be hard for the Warriors to reach, for example, the conference finals. Unless, obviously, they do some trade magic before the trade deadline, which is highly unlikely.
But Mark Jackson has really turned these guys into a respectable and exciting to watch team.

2. If the Kings move, should they take the Sonics name?

Dan:  I honestly think that they should try to keep their name. If they’re looking at an entirely new image, then they should get a whole new name. Don’t use the Sonics. But I really don’t think that Seattle is fit to have a basketball team. There was a reason OKC left in the first place.
EJ: Absolutely. There shouldn’t be a team in Seattle with any other name but the Sonics. The NBA should make it a condition of the sale. The Kings name has a legacy in the League too but it would be beyond unfair to the fans in Seattle to bring a team to town and not call it the Sonics. The Kings name belongs to a few cities, and it should be preserved whenever the NBA finds itself in Rochester, Cincinnati, Kansas City or Sacramento again.
Joao: I guess that is one of the crazy aspects of teams moving around. If they do move to Seattle, after a possible sale, I see no reason why they couldn’t take the Supersonics name, while also updating their old image. Seattle clearly wants a team back, and I think this would be the way to go.

On the other hand, some complications have surfaced regarding the Kings’ move to Seattle, which may simply jeopardize the deal.

3. Dallas (again) has Max room left, are they a viable free-agent destination?Dallas Mavericks

Dan: Yes, I think so. If I’m a free agent, I would love to go to Dallas because of how well I would get treated by Mark Cuban. Plus, Dallas is a good team so that’s another incentive.

EJ: Yes. Who wouldn’t want to play on a team owned by superfan Mark Cuban? I understand Dallas doesn’t hold the glitz and glamour of NY, LA, or Miami but it’s one of the top markets in the League and still has a bonified star in Dirk Nowitzki. Dallas cleared the books for a run at Dwight Howard, and hometown boy Deron Williams and it didn’t work. However, with the impending CBA restrictions that will make it a little harder to assemble super teams, there should be some players on the trade block pretty soon. The only thing that worries me about Dallas is that they might rush into the wrong move, because of Dirk’s rapidly closing window.

Joao: It is maddening to see that a team which won it all just 2 seasons ago is now seemingly headed to the draft lottery. On the other hand, I see them steadily improving during the second half of the season and the window for a playoff push is still feasible. I put faith in them because, quite simply, Dirk Nowitzki will have to play better than what he has done so far since returning from injury.

With several players coming off the books next offseason, Dallas will be a sought out destination for free agents. Because the Mavericks will be good enough to compete and because they have star power.
Assuming most of potential free agents don’t re-sign with their teams, Dallas could make a splash and seek out the likes of Al Jefferson or Josh Smith.

4. If you owned Detroit, would you fire Dumars?

Dan: Yes. They don’t seem to be improving at all which would be extremely frustrating. He’d be gone and I’d re-start the entire management and try to turn things around.

EJ: I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was little but I had a huge poster of the Bad Boy Pistons team on my bedroom wall growing up because I was a fan of their badass play. So, it’s always a little tough for me to be objective when it comes to a former member, but I think it’s time to move on from Joe D. in Detroit. I get that Detroit is not a free agent paradise but Joe D. should have been given the pink slip when he overpaid Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Those guys weren’t taking them anywhere. Ben might be gone but the team still sucks to be frank. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond have some promise but I’m not confident that the Pistons will be a playoff team anytime within the next 5 seasons. To quote the singing group The Royalettes: “It’s gonna take a miracle…”

Joao: Joe Dumars has made so many good moves and then so many bad moves that it is hard to envision what to do with him.

But, between the ups and downs, I think the Pistons had their lowest point last season and they are now clearly doing a good rebuilding effort for the future. Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight are the future of the franchise and their continuous development offers encouragement for the future of the Pistons.
The only thing is that I would like to see Dumars ship Stuckey elsewhere, while getting value in return. Rodney Stuckey has been an enigma for far too long and it is time to deal him.

Dumars clearly hurt the team when he took on, back in the day, the bloated contracts of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, but I would give him the benefit of the doubt and keep him around for the rest of this season. And then assess again.

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  1. 1-The Warriors are struggling right now and I think it’s POSSIBLE they ARE BETTER WITHOUT HIM. They have lost 5 straight and seem to be out of sorts right now. They could get it together, but I think they are a nice story, but a 1st round exit.

    Jackson has done an excellent job…

    2-Yes. Just like Cleveland became the Browns again when they got their team back. The Sonics have to be the name of Seattle’s NBA franchise. Nothing else would be right.

    3-Yes. Cuban is a good owner, but he dropped the ball when he broke up the championship team. However, any player should want to play for a guy like Cuban.

    4-Yes. Dumars hasn’t done much since they won the Finals. Agree with EJ’s take on the Pistons.

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