NFL Mock Draft Vol I


Welcome to the first Mock Draft on 7#bag!

We are going to do things a bit with our own slant on them, basically, Archie is going to play the GM for the AFC teams, and David is going to play the GM for the NFC teams.

These are whom WE think the teams should pick, based on the players available.


kc-chiefs-Helmet1. KC Chiefs

Needs:My assessment here is that the Chiefs could go a couple of ways. They could draft best possible for the money in which case that would be Luke Joeckel or they could really address the primary missing part which is QB.

The Pick: Geno Smith, QB, WVA

Also looking at: Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Chances of a trade: No way



2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Needs:Help on the pass rush,

The Pick: While many would see Bjoern Werner go here, I have slated instead Jarvis Jones, OLB from Georgia.

Also looking at: Werner, Damontre Moore

Chances of a trade: Not likely.



 3. Oakland Raiders

Needs: Help all along the DL.

The Pick: Star Lotulelei, NT, Utah

Also looking at: Sheldon Richardson, Johnathan Hankins

Chances of a trade: Their need on D is too strong. Don’t look for them to trade




4. Philadelphia Eagles

Needs: QB, OL, Defensive Speed

The Pick: I’m looking for a QB in the free agent market, maybe even look to get Matt Flynn from the Seahawks for a decent pick on a bad contract or Alex Smith, and there are a ton of guys that can help the team. I’m taking Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M. The Aggies might have a better O-Line than the Eagles, and Joeckel brings leadership, and right now could start at either tackle position, no matter what hand the QB throws from.

Also looking at: Eric Fisher, Bark Mingo.

Chances of a trade: Zero. I don’t see the value in moving up, and no way the Eagles move unless someone calls them first.


5. Detroit Lions

Needs: RB, DB,  OL

The Pick: Dee Millner, CB, Alabama, Best CB on the board, and considering they play Rodgers and Culter 4 times a year, and Percy Harvin may need a babysitter as well. Solid CBs are worth thier weight in gold, and the Lions have done pretty good picking from the SEC here lately.

Also looking at: Bark Mingo, Bjoern Werner.

Chances of a trade: If Millner is there, LOW. If he’s gone, quite possibly they could move if someone is wanting to go get someone.

cle-browns-helmet6. Cleveland Browns

Needs:Help with the pass rush

The Pick:Bjoern Werner DE/OLB, Florida State

Also looking at:Dmontre Moore, Alex Okafor

Chances of a trade: Not hardly. Cleveland has to address their 27th ranked pass rush. This is their chance.


Come back tomorrow for continuing Round One!

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