TUF 18: Episode III


Episode III


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Adam draws abs on his picture. Tells Uriah that they could have the best fight of the season. Uriah: How so?

Josh says Adam wanted this fight as well, doesn’t understand why they didn’t have a wrestler fight Adam.

Team Sonnen thinks Bubba is a Bitch. Kevin even calls him out on it because Kevin has a busted eyebrow. Solid point.

Josh ticks off Uriah, Uriah says he wants him next.

Sonnen talks about how much Uriah puts pressure on himself and what an athelete he is.

Adam talks about how he has a job back home, so no pressure on him- “If I lose, Oh Well”Adam Cella

Way to gain fans there Adam.

How many 185ers out there want to kill Adam Cella right now?

Jones goes over short elbows on the ground.

Jones: Elbows suck! Elbows stop fights!

Sonnen and Uriah talk mental problems, Chael brings out his abilty to get stopped at 7 minutes in and goint to a sports shrink and Randy about it.

Sonnen: People say Failure is not an option, Failure is always an option, its the first option.

HOLY SHEET. Sonnen is making fans with this show.

Kevin talks about Bubba calling him out. Uriah asks if anyone will call out Bubba- Luke instantly shoots his hand up and Jimmy Quinlan talks about how he’ll do it.

Jimmy: This isn’t a game, you show up to fight, and you fight.Uriah Hall

Sonnen slides King’s picture into Show 3s spot, leaving Jones’ side open. Sonnen talks about calling his shot.

Bubba slides his picture in. Adam gets upset about Sonnen looking past him.

Dana talks about people showing up on the show and him wondering where they have been?


Jones brings steaks over to the house. Family Meeting!

Both talk Winning!

Adam Cella, 27 Years old, 6’2, 4-0

Uriah Hall, 28 Years old, 6’0, 7-2

Hall has a 5 inch reach advantage (and would have a 2 and half inch reach over Luke, who is 6 inches taller)

Hall has very good headmovement, Cella throws with power. Sonnen keeps calling for the Job. Cella is just tossing crosses. Pretty good standup fight. 5 seconds to go a SPINKICK TO THE FACE! KO!Uriah Hall KO

Winner, Uriah Hall.

Cella lays there for a LONG time (Oh Well?) But does make it to his feet. Bubba looks like he has a tear in his eye. Adam does make it to his feet.

Dana and the fighters talk about how thats 25K right there, Luke tells Uriah he stole his money.

Next week: Kevin Casey to take on Collin Hart. Bubba talks trash to Kevin.

Winner Rankings

Uriah Hall (Sonnen)
Luke Barnatt (Sonnen)

Wildcard Rankings

Adam Cella (Jones)
Gilbert Smith (Jones)


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