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Did you know this is the 250th episode? You would think they would mention this. And I’m being serious, they never say a word.

Quick review of last week.

Team Jones makes a plan of who should fight who, Jon Jones ignores it, and picks Gilbert to fight Luke.

So you have 7 guys to pick from, and you pick your smallest guy to not only fight the biggest, but their TOP PICK? I have NO idea whats going on in Jones mind. Unless Gilbert is a TON better than he looked.

Personally, I’d have went with Bubba, get my teammate through to round 2. He’s the one that needs the least work (allegedly)

Team Jones is already wondering who Sonnen will pick for fight #2. Josh Sammon is pretty outspoken with it.Gilbert Smith

Several guys talk about Gilbert not having much cardio, then some coaches reflect that.


Gilbert feels the heat and calls out his teammates. Bubba is sitting right there and is just stonefaced.

Gilbert breaks out his flag and starts crying with Adam Cella. Adam goes and talks to his team, and Bubba just calls him mentally weak. Someone is coming across as an asshole.

I understand you want to control everything. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and fight. I know of fighters who got into the cage and never saw the guy until weigh-ins. I have to think before YouTube and sites like Arklatexmmaassualt.com quite a few fighters got in the cage without knowing or seeing thier opponents style.

We get a quick glimpse of Sonnens camp. Sonnen goes through his coaches, then we skip back to the Bubba show.

Bubba talks to Frank MIR and bitches about the fight pick.

So nice that Bubba wants his whole team to get thier pick, why doesn’t Sonnens team have that right? Bubba  is in for a shock when Joe Silva says (if he gets to the UFC) You need to fight so and so on this date. If he balks then? He’s gonna have a long career in another organization.

Gilbert bitches in the locker room, Jon Jones listens at the door.

BEHIND the door.

Jones finally walks in and gives one of the least inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard.

Gilbert for some reason is inspired.

Jones teaches Gilbert the overhand right.

Clint Hester thinks Gilbert can win, but he might be the only one. Adam Cella chimes in with support.

Hey! There is another team there!

Sonnen drops by the house. Sonnen loves the house. He wants to get with Uriah Hall next. Uriah wants a tough fight- Josh or Adam. Sonnen is impressed.

At 36 Minutes in, we get some Luke time.

Mom is a Jehovah’s witness, Dad’s a hippie, so they understood when he quit his job to chase MMA.

Dana chimes in, also doesn’t understand the fight pick.

So Gilbert is supposed to come in, take Luke down and grind him out? Thats the plan?

Gilbert has LOUSY footwork- so two steps and Luke is far from him.

Gilbert gasses, and Luke was picked BECAUSE he has GREAT Cardio.


Both guys talk about how much they want to win. Luke Barnatt

Gilbert Smith (Colorado) 30 Years old, 5’9, 5-1
Luke Barnatt (UK) 24 Years old, 6’6, 5-0

Luke only has a 3.5 inch reach advantage.

Luke has a pretty good sprawl, Gilbert does get him down, but not for long. Luke actually takes HIM down,  but not for long, Gilbert actually LIFTS Luke off him, impressive pure power. Gilbert spends a LOT of time just holding onto Luke’s legs and taking damage. Gilbert shoots again, but not much there.

A slowish round, but 10-9 Luke.

Gilbert goes back to the single. Same-o Same-o, don’t hear a THING from Jones this entire fight. Other than once telling his team to shut up and stop yelling. Someone finally yells at Gilbert to forget the clinch.

Gilbert shoots and catches a knee. KO!

Fight Replay.

Jones throws Gilbert under the bus. Calls out his cardio (Even though he picked the fight)

Bubba calls out Kevin. Gotta get that camera time.

The wildcard comes up and I personally laugh out loud.

Chael picks Uriah Hall vs Adam Cella Keep in mind, Uriah said he wanted it.

Jones says its going to be a tough fight.

Winner Ranking

Luke Barnatt (Sonnen)

Wildcard Ranking

Gilbert Smith (Jones)

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