Super Bowl Thoughts

SB47Thoughts on the SB.

1. This had to be one of the oddest games in a long time. Neither team could tackle, a 3rd and short was almost a gimmie. Both teams would make a good play, then turn around and leave someone WIDE OPEN. The Niners just forgot how to tackle. This was almost sad. Flacco. Shook off DEFENSIVE LINEMEN, Joe is not Big Ben or Cam. That just wasn’t right. That’s bad tackling.49_Ravens

2. Beyonce. Did she even sing? Not that I’m complaining, but it looked like it was a dancing exhibition. So glad Destiny’s Child was able to get the day off from Burlington’s. Was it a great show? Absolutely.

3. Power. How come we couldn’t play in what was there? Can’t be any worse than playing in some stadiums. This just made the NFL/Saints look bad.

4. Good thing we don’t have delays in the NFL like in Baseball. The studio guys were DREADFUL in the banter.

5.OH MY LAWD with the refs. Let’s go down the 2 big plays, then my biggest issue.

A) The no-call on the final play for SF. It was obvious, and should have been called. It was a bad playcall, poor execution, but was it the most egregious call of the evening? No.

B) Watch the 108 yard return. Right in the middle there is a HUGE hold. How this was missed? I have no idea. This reffing crew missed a LOT of holds, but this one let 7 points go up where it shouldn’t have.

C) The worse part? The constant shoving and trash talk. On SEVERAL occasions a player would slap another player, even in front of the ref, and no flag. There was a LOT of pushing after the whistle. I am STUNNED there wasn’t more fighting. A better crew would pointed this out, if they weren’t so busy making sure they hit the ad breaks.Corey Williams

Corey Williams SHOVED a ref for crying out loud- shoulda been tossed, didn’t even get a flag.

The refs overall just did a HORRID job, the bad thing about it, you can point out a hundred missed Holds- they called less than 10 penalties the entire game, there could have been that many personal fouls!

6) The ads. Any really stand out? The wife liked the Landslide one with the Colt, I love Stevie Nicks, so I’m good there. The Taco Bell one was funny. Other than that? The Go Daddy kissing one was just nasty. I want to goto Go Daddy to look at Danica and hot women, not to listen to people slurping. Well to be honest, neither makes me want to buy a website from Go Daddy. Other than those nothing really stood out. Bud wasted a TON of money on that Black Bud ad.SBads The GundamNuts ads? Stupid.


Bottom Line? It was a good game, but way too many stupid things took away from the game, I wont even get into the commentary.

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