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Things I HATE in the news. 1st Edition.social_media_and_retail_02_2010

Been thinking about doing this for a while and after reading the SI version of the Andruw Jones assault report I felt compelled to follow through.

I am going to start with the big white elephant no one wants to address and that fact being there was NO ONE elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame this year. NO ONE. I will say this to the Baseball Writers Association of America and all the voting members, “Shame on you.” Shame on you for your holier than thou attitude after contributing to the steroid era and the effects it had on society. Shame on you for not taking a righteous stand back in the day when the McGuire and Sosa competed in the single season home run chase but now hold it against them for cheating. Is it because you guys do not want to admit you were that stupid back then and you did not know what was going on? Or is it because you DID know what was going on then and this is your way of evening the score now? Either way, YOU, BBWAA, have to take YOUR lumps and pay YOUR dues for the sensationalism YOU created during that era and do the right thing now. Holding out some of the best players to ever set foot on the diamond from entering the HOF is NOT doing the right thing towards the millions of fans that want to visit Cooperstown and see all the Greatest.

I hate “Deflection and/or Misleading”. Why is it that the Andruw Jones and wife abuse story always shines the light on “Former Atlanta Braves star”?  I understand that was his hay day and those were the years he shined the best, but give me a break, he has not had on a Braves uniform in over five years and to the credit of the Atlanta Braves organization, he did NOT have those off field issues when he was in Atalanta.  Why did they not use, “New York Yankee’s outfielder Andruw Jones?” It’s always amazing to me the media will use the deflection or misleading headlines to deflect this type of trash from the Yankees club house.

I hate the “Sensationalism” of the entire Manti Te’o hoax. The entire thing reeks of sensationalism that never should have received air time. I’m not going to add to it anymore.

I hate how quickly the Media turns a cold shoulder to teams built for greatness and then under perform. My prime example is the Lakers this year. After bringing Dwight Howard to L.A. the Lakers were supposed to be dominating that division. It has not happened and every media outlet everywhere is feasting on them like a pack of wolves on a wounded deer. I have not read one Word that encourages them or places the least bit of faith in them recovering.

The last one I leave you with on this edition is very heavy on my mind and may have the greatest impact on all of us in the future.

The President has used a great tragedy on the home front to create a knee jerk reaction within the lives of every American. Whether you are a gun owner or not it everyone has been pushed to take a side, pro or con, on gun control. There is not much gray area with this one. Congress and our President are going to push this item over the edge on all of us and everyone is going to have to choose sides.

When the Newton Connecticut shooting took place it shook the core of the nation not as much because it was in a school, again, but more so because of the age of the victims. That incident was a very much preventable event but not by banning guns but more by having armed or dangerous persons in place to protect those kids. As long as we as a society continue to allow our schools and public gathering places to be “soft” targets, these types of attacks will continue, regardless of the magazine depth of the weapons.

The knee jerk reaction for the President is to push for the gun ban he had already been trying to institute along with fellow Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. Senator Feinstein was working a bill to introduce when congress returned to session prior to the Newton Connecticut incident even occurred; that tragedy only served to make her case stronger.

The bottom line is this, “This was a terrorist attack, plain and simple.”  There is nothing written in stone that says a terrorist has to be born outside the United States or of Muslim faith; remember Timothy McVeigh? Just because Adam Lanza used weapons and not a homemade bomb, the intent and outcome was not that much different than McVeigh.

There is nothing written that says the motive has to be government or religious motivated or oriented. McVeigh’s attack was supposedly in retaliation to the Waco tragedy where the good guys actually won one.

The Motive behind Lanza’s attack has still not been figured out. But then, that is usually the case when state of mind is in question with someone who commits these hideous acts. Sometimes the motive is never truly revealed.   It may come out later that he did what he did because he was upset with some kid on the internet or something. Who knows, it really does not matter now. It is how we as Americans let it change or control our daily lives that matters.

Lanza illegally obtained his mother’s weapons. He committed murder at home before leaving the house.  He illegally transported the guns to the school. He illegally gained access inside the school without being seen. He then proceeded to murder all those victims. The weapons could have just as easily been western style revolvers, the results would have been the same because there was NO ONE there armed and ready to stop him.

And because no one can put sense behind Lanza’s attack, the only thing the media and authorities can point their finger at is the guns. Those evil, demented, shiny takers of life, it must be their fault, therefore let’s ban them for life. This attitude and sensationalism by the media only fuels the fire for those anti-gun lobbyists that are already seeking to strip every home of guns.  I hate this crap the most.








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