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Premium Rush

Premium Rush is a 2012 American action film directed by David Koepp and written by Koepp and John Kamps. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung.

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I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know much about the movie, but I know that the actor on Boardwalk Empire who played the FBI agent is on there, and I enjoy him and his character, so this should be good. The main actor, I keep  getting an Ed Norton vibe off him. The the chick and his rival? fairly common so far. Premium Rush
The movie starts off with an accident, then the clock backs up 90 minutes and my heart leaps for joy. The runtime on this movie IS 90 minutes, meaning hopefully this is a realtime movie, and I won’t have to put up with the last five minutes taking the final half hour of the film. The writers, knowing that there is a world OUTSIDE of New York City, and gives a fairly in-depth review of what his job contains and the dangers it holds. if this is true to  real-life, seems like an interesting life. We move into ~DRAMA~ with the chick and the other guy- who to be honest with you, looks a little too built for this role. The job seems to prefer skinny people with strong legs- I just can’t see a bodybuilder doing this job long- muscle weights more than fat, after all, and having a thick chest is going to just add wear on the legs. You don’t see many marathon guys that can benchpress 500 pounds.
Finally we get the story, Boardwalk Empire Guy demands the envelope from Ed Norton, and he blows him off, and off we go, Ed Norton uses some construction to get out of the first CarChase, and you can see it coming, but again, its realistic, as I’m sure Bike Messengers know the city even better than cab drivers do.

So is this a good movie?
Love the first part, sadly, it turns into every chiche in the book later on. The Oriental girl is having to pay to have family (yes, we go with a child to bump it up) brought over, the Oriental underground get involved, we get a bike race that means nothing, we outsmart multiple cops, and yes, the fact that Ed Norton hates bikes with brakes does play into the chase, as does his MAD BMX SKILLZ.
All that being said, if you see it coming up on cable, go ahead and watch it. This is a PG movie, so no worries about having the kids around, no sex or anything.
Solid forgettable movie.

— Spoilers

Let me start off with the biggest problem with the movie I have.

Boardwalk Empire knows Ed Norton has the package, right? ok. Why doesn’t the Chick take the package? She finds out why its important before anyone, so why doesn’t she let Ed Norton take the police on a wild goose chase and she just take it on in? Boardwalk Empire has no clue where its going exactly, and can easily slip in there, and maybe the kid doesn’t have to sit out in the rain, thinking no one loves him. (Why is it raining 24/7 on the docks, yet NYC has perfect weather? Is the kid docked in San Fran or something?) So why didn’t she drop it off? Also, why didn’t SHE call Steroid boy and tell him he was going to the wrong place? Finally, why didn’t SOMEONE call the dispatcher and say it was changed to the wrong place? What kind of security is this? You could steal any envelope like that. I mean I have security questions and everything in my job. Just didn’t make any sense to me.

So your Chinese right?I guess that means you work 3 jobs, have a family back home and real quiet, right?
So your Chinese right?
I guess that means you work 3 jobs, have a family back home and real quiet, right?

ok, pop question. If you ride a bike for a few hours in the afternoon, wouldn’t you sweat? Steroid guy even sweats, Hot Chick sweats, even the COP sweats.  Ed Norton? Not even a little bit. His DARK red shirt should be covered every day. Nope. He’s good. Might be why he doesn’t get tired either. You would think racing Steroid Guy on a 10 speed around Central Park would get you a LITTLE winded. Yet no one in this film gets winded.

Also, you make 80 bucks “on a good day” working Monday-Friday. These guys are working till past 7. Taking off for Holidays, thats like 20K a year. Who is living in NYC on 20K a year?

Next issue. Why did the Oriental guy kill Boardwalk Empire? I could one of the guys from the gambling hall did it, but the Old guy made SURE that the Chinese girl understood that if its stolen it wasn’t his problem. Was he a contract killer for the gambling hall?

The Bike cop was awesome by the way, one of the most enjoyable part of the movie, but why tackle Steroid guy? Does Ed Norton look ANYTHING like Steroid guy? Seems like Steroid guy needs to call Jesse and Al and file a lawsuit. He wasn’t doing anything.

Why would a paramedic let Boardwalk Empire in the Ambulance? How does that work? Not to mention the fact that I want that Plexiglass in my house. Ed Norton is screaming, and the driver don’t hear a THING. Thats pretty good soundproofing. I do enjoy Ed Norton doing all that riding and tricks with busted ribs. He must have good shocks on that seat or you would think the jarring would HURT like FIRE.

Well, thats my issues with the movie. Got any? Post below.

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