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A little change to the 7poundbag arsenal. We are introducing a Current Events Rountable discussion. These five questions are answered by myself, David, EJ, and introducing Monique* to the discussion. In our first round of topics we will discuss the Fiscal Cliff Compromise, John Kerry, and The state of the Republicans

The Fiscal Cliff Compromise will help the United States out of the depression?

Monique- The depression is an artifice caused by world banking cartels and their financial pawns (i.e. governments) which makes it highly unlikely that minor cosmetic surgery to the U.S. tax code will have any long term effects on reducing the depression. To work out our fiscal woes, Congress needs to take control of the money supply, i.e., no more paying interest to the private and unregulated Federal Reserve Bank for money minted by the Treasury. Completely cutting off subsidies to multi-billion dollar corporations, reducing the wages of Congress, Judges, and the President to three times the minimum wage of their home states, and putting them all on Medicaid, would have been a real compromise. Let’s not forget, redirecting some of the massive defense budget to NASA would not only stimulate the economy, but, also spur innovation and drive education in mathematics and science.

David- Hell no. It was a bad deal on both sides, and only a stopgap for 2 months anyway. I got something coming monday that few people know (Promo Alert) and if I can be so bold, read my wiretapping article that the government also snuck in. This is only round 1, people. You got 2 months and they will do it all over again.

EJ- I’ll be honest, I didn’t really follow all the details behind the fiscal cliff crisis but I do hope that the compromise is the first step in lifting the United States out of the depression. We all know it’s tough out here for most Americans, and anything, and I do mean anything, that can put us on the right path will be welcomed. Will, the fiscal crisis compromise be it? Who knows, but any glimmer of hope is better than nothing.

Steve- The compromise solves nothing. A tax increase for homes making 400k is not going to solve the national debt crisis, nor will it raise the debt ceiling. The only thing this does is buy a little more time for the Government to get something done. When I saw this “deal” I about fell on the floor laughing. This makes all involved look like fools.

Governor Tom Corbitt of Pennsylvania is doing the right thing by filing a lawsuit against the NCAA regarding the Penn State sanctions?


Monique- Governor Tom Corbett ought to be brought up on charges for aiding and abetting Sandusky and the Penn State officials who were involved in the rape cover-up. Corbett’s in no position to point fingers at the NCAA’s sanctions against the school. As a former district attorney handling the case, as a state governor, and as a trustee of Penn State, it stands to reason Corbett has a major conflict of interest. His insistence on putting the NCAA on trial for Penn State’s crimes just shows he’s lost his damn mind and that he’s guilty of perpetuating the problem. He projects an attitude of “rape is good, if the football program is good,” which makes me think this whole scandal interfered with his fantasy football picks. F*** him.

David- Its a cash-grab. The NCAA wants its money back, PSU wants to keep it. I do think that if the NCAA starts to fine the schools when they remove games, it might be a bigger deterrent, but does Gov Corbitt really want to start a fight over THIS? I bet there is a group of PSU alums that will pay the fine just to forget about this.

EJ- Before the NCAA announced it’s sanctions, I remember telling a friend that the NCAA wasn’t going to involve itself in the Penn State mess because it was a criminal matter that was going to be resolved by the State. Boy, was I wrong. After the bowl ban, scholarship reductions and other penalties, I still feel the NCAA over-stepped it’s bounds. Yes, Sandusky is a monster who committed heinous crimes on Penn State property, and some Penn State bigwigs looked the other way at his transgressions, but it still was a criminal matter. The students of the University, the current and future Nittany Lions players, and the Happy Valley community that these sanctions affect didn’t deserve the hammer the NCAA came down with. Tom Corbett is an unpopular governor, and it might not be a shrewd public relations move in light of Sandusky’s crimes, but I’m with him in filing this lawsuit.

Steve- The Penn State incident does not need any more “hype.” Sandusky is behind bars for the rest of his life. Penn State accepted their fines, sactions, and penalties, and moved on to restructure their program. All this does is bring more attention to a disgusting situation. Even though PSU is not involved in the lawsuit, this puts them in an even more negative light. Move on Corbitt, this needs to STAY in the past.

Senator John Kerry is the right man for the job as Secretary of State?


Monique- I watched a video of Kerry speaking at a university during his presidential run. While attempting to ask Kerry a question, a young man was tasered by police at Kerry’s command to remove him. That’s how he refused to answer an American voter’s questions during a campaign, with 50,000 Watts. Secretary of State? Are we trying to start World War Three? Oh, that’s right. That started back in 2001. Sure, Kerry sounds great, but who’s behind door number two?

David- Useless as a Senator, Useless as a Man, why would he be useful as Sec of State. Near as I can tell, this is a thank you for getting out of Obama’s way. Nice little retirement bump in his pension. Like he needs it. He can demogauge America as good as anyone, I guess.

EJ- I wouldn’t call him the right man for the job, but he’s a man capable of having the job. While, he doesn’t have the foreign policy experience of Vice President Biden, he does have the experience of serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and since his election to the Senate in 1985, he’s shown himself to be very involved in foreign policy. Senator Kerry has been an envoy to the Middle East in recent years, and his knowledge is going to be needed as the United States deals with the war on terror, and the fallout from Arab Spring that is making it’s impact in the region.

Steve- Kerry (Herman Munster) is a well known name in Washington. He ran unsuccessfully for President in 2004, and on paper seems to be a solid choice for Secretary of State. One problem: He is not in touch with foreign relations. This is the Secretary of States primary job. China is not too keen on Kerry, and has made that abundantly clear. China should be our number one ally as far as goods and services go, and we need to maintain a solid relationship with them. I don’t see Kerry doing much for our country. We had a great Secretary in Clinton, which in my opinion was the only plus of the Obama administration. We are going to take a massive step back with Kerry. Is he the right choice? Based on his foreign relations experience, no he is not. To be fair however, anyone would be a downgrade from Clinton.

With Speaker John Boehner getting elected back to the Speakership by such a slim margain; Are Republicans on the same page with each other?

John Boehner

Monique- Republicans aren’t even in the same book as each other. Some are in the bible, some in Ayn Rand, some in Chicken Little, and some are in the sports section of the news paper cussing over the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. It’d be real nice if they’d take more than three minutes reading the “fiscal cliff compromise” before signing it, but then they’d have to put down their books and pick up the unabridged copy of United States Code Title 26 (tax code).

David- Boehner did a HORRID job on the Fiscal Cliff, and Republicans have a huge split that, quite frankly, he’s not capable of healing. You have too many centrist Republicans who want to trim a little bit but keep theirs, and those that want to cut everyone, and most just want to make sure they get re-elected. Its going to get worse in 2 months.

EJ- In a word: No. I’m from the Northeast. Republicans here are moderate in nature, and the party here is much closer to the center, than other regions of the United States. Right now there is a war of geography and ideology in the party. A war between moderates, conservatives, ultra-conservatives, and members who I would like to call bat-shit crazy. The Republican party needs to take a page out of the Democrats book. In the years leading up to the 1992 Presidential election, the Democratic party started shifting towards the center. A centralist base and some good fortune in the emergence of Bill Clinton solidified the Democrats. The Republicans need that now. A shift towards the center, and hopefully someone who truly believes in that vision to guide them going into the 2016 election. It would also help if some of the radical members of the party were silenced forever but that might be wishful thinking on my part.

Steve-  I thought Boehner did little to nothing during the negotiations and really SHOULD have cost him his job. The only problem is that there really was no one else that was capable of replacing him. Republicans are in crisis mode right now, and really need to regroup and make a solid showing in 2014. The Republicans really have no clue what is going on in their party, and are still flustered at the massive defeat they took last November. So no they are not on the same page, and their leader is doing nothing to solve that problem.

Do you think that there will be as many people attending President Obama’s Second Inaugural as there were in 2008?


Monique- No. Those who went the first time probably lost their 401k around the time he took office, might have lost their houses around his second year and their jobs in his third. The first inauguration was historic, by the same account so is this one, but this a major depression. The hotels and I’m sure other stores jacked their prices during the last one and January 21st will be televised, streamed, and watched on smart phone apps. Why bother?

David- Obama knows there won’t. He’s disappointed almost every group that got him elected, and only a mega-brain fart by the other party and the American Public in general is the reason he’s getting 4 more. Even the people that voted for him are not exactly jumping for joy.

EJ- 2008 was something magical. I’m an Obama supporter. I donate to the D.N.C. and since I saw the President’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and I was convinced that one day he could be President (I just didn’t think it would have been in 2008!). However, I have to admit that there likely will not be as many people attending the second Inauguration. The first inauguration was a historical moment as Barack became the nation’s first black president. Now, where is the history? He has been re-elected but all the promise of change is gone now. Reality is a president will be taking the oath of next week. We’ve seen this before. Nothing new.

Steve- I want to say no on this as 2008 was a history changing event when we elected the first African-American President. However, I think there will be just as many people lining the streets of Washington for Obama’s second inauguration. Washington is a major Democratic area, and many minorities feel that this could be the last time in a while that the United States may have an African American sworn in as President. I don’t think that is the case, but people do have that mindset, and people will come in masses to watch this inauguration, just like they did four years ago. The hype will not be as strong, but the people will still be there.

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