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For all you people who love to Bash Bush, and what an easy target he is by the way, you may want to skip this. For those of you that love your freedoms, might want to clinch up a bit before continung.

President Barack Obama has extended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, that allows the government to wiretap people overseas on “Suspected” Spies and Terrorists. This law, passed by Bush to start, was supposed to end at midnight at the end of the year, but thankfully Obama didn’t head off vacation without coming back and signing this bad boy last weekend.

I’m all for it. If some suspected evil-doer is calling his buddies and talking about bombing my Local Quiznos, I want to know about it. If some idiot kid is talking about going all Call of Duty on the American Embassy, I want some suit in the Pentagon to know. I’m all for it. I do want to ask a question, what court fo they go to if they want to plant a Bug on a tent in Lybia? Does an American judge need to approve that?Poster

Anyway, I’m good with it. USA! USA! USA!

Obama “strongly supports” extension US Warrantless Wiretapping

President Obama has recived final bill of of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act of 2008, which granted immunity for wiretaps and email monitoring under the Bush Administration.

The Senate passed the bill 73-23 last friday, and the House passed it back in September with 301 voting for and 118 against.

Oh, so now the goverment can read MY email, listen to MY calls and bug MY home for the next 5 years?

Now I have a problem. If the CIA wants to bug Tehran or London or Timbuktu, I got no problem with it. If they want to come into MY home, I’d like at least a LAUGHABLE protection of having to prove to a judge that they have a VALID REASON. I’m sure there are a HUNDRED judges that will sign a warrent for any house in America as quick as Kim Kardashian will give an autograph, but a guy can HOPE on occasion the guy will ask WHY before going back and signing off on traffic-light tickets.

 So before you scream something partisan from either the left or the right side, look at those numbers. 374 members of Congress, plus the Presidente voted for, and only 131 voted against. Run your numbers, there are more than 131 Republicans in Congress, there are more than 131 Democrats in the Congress, find me the party with ANY power that has less than 131 members of Congress.

Where was this last week? BURIED. Anyone with a CLUE knew they were not going to TOUCH the “cliff: until the end. This got slid under the door and done without word ONE in the national “Press” who’s JOB it is to INFORM US.

Let me close with this- page ONE on a google search.

Where’s Obama on here?

Just for fun. Lets see what everyone’s favorite “Fair and Balanced” Website said about this:

Legal Experts Repudiated President Bush’s Claim that He has Inherent Power for Wiretaps as Commander-in-Chief. Congress has the authority to regulate electronic surveillance in the United States. Under FISA the President must seek court approval for electronic surveillance. A letter to Congress from a group of legal experts including Lawrence Tribe, David Cole, Ronald Dworkin, and others concluded: “But even conceding that the President in his role as Commander in Chief may generally collect “signals intelligence” on the enemy abroad, Congress indisputably has authority to regulate electronic surveillance within the United States, as it has done in FISA. Where Congress has so regulated, the President can act in contravention of statute only if his authority is exclusive, that is, not subject to the check of statutory regulation.” (“On NSA Spying: A Letter to Congress,” The New York Review of Books, 2/9/06)



Oh, that one.

Strangely SILENT about it right now.

If Its WRONG for BUSH to do it, its WRONG FOR OBAMA TO DO IT.


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