The Fired 7: You want any?

Monday 7 coaches were Fired,

Today, 3 writers take a simple command

State your team.

You like your coach?

Take the unlucky 7. Tell me if you would want them as YOUR coach.

Dan Vachalek;

Green Bay PackersMike McCarthy

I love what Mike McCarthy is doing for the Packers. He is leading them to a good position in the playoffs and I think they can seriously make a push to the Super Bowl. I don’t trust Atlanta at all and playing San Francisco is going to be a challenge. The only problem for the off-season is that a lot of the Packers’ coaches are not signed for next season which leaves me to go after Lovie Smith for the defensive coordinator position. He’s a defensive-minded coach and it showed with how dangerous his defense has been this season and how poor their offense was. He’s the only coach that was fired this off-season that I can see my team actually pursuing. Andy Reid doesn’t know how to run an offense and the rest of the coaches I don’t trust at all. I’ll stick with McCarthy as my head coach and sign Lovie Smith as my defensive coordinator and leave the other six head coaches to try to find jobs for 2013.

I get to take all the challenge flags with me, right?
I get to take all the challenge flags with me, right?

David Snipes

Carolina Panthers; Ron Rivera: Fellow writer Dan texted me a month ago if I wanted Rivera fired. I simply said I’d have to talk to Beason and others and get their thoughts. I want a new OC though. I’ll give Ron ONE more year.

Lovie Smith: He’s a defensive guy, and to be honest, I’m losing faith in Ron’s defensive skills, and I don’t know if Lovie is that much better. Am I happy if Lovie is my coach? No. Do I want him as DC? I don’t know really what he brings to the table. Most Bears players love him, but apparently not enough to win.

Ken Whisenhunt: Whizzy does have a pretty good background making tight ends work really well with the offense, and did very well with the Steelers offense. I do enjoy a strong run-offense that uses ball control. I have no desire to see him as my HC, but offensive coordinator? I’ll take him.

Norv Turner, Andy Reid: 2 years ago, when they SHOULD have left their jobs (or moreso in Norv’s case) i would have jumped for joy at getting either one. Today? I think they need a year off. At least. Reid may need a good bit of time to recharge after a rough patch both on the field and off. I’d take Norv, but i’m not sure how good he would be at the number 2 spot.

Chan Gailey, Romeo Crennel,Black_Monday Pat Shurmur: Oh Heck no.

Stephen Hall

Green Bay PackersMike McCarthy– He has been nothing short of successful in his nine years as Green Bay head coach, leading the Packers to the Super Bowl XV title. After Mike Holmgren left, we got a great coach in McCarthy. Interestingly enough, when Brett Favre left, we got a great QB in Aaron Rodgers. You could say that the Packers are one of the more fortunate teams in the NFL.

Of the seven fired coaches, the only one I would like as the coach of the Packers (assuming McCarthy was not the coach) is Lovie Smith. Lovie Smith, while he has not taken the Bears to the playoffs a lot. He does have an NFC Championship under his belt, and two trips to the NFC title game. He was fired this season amidst many injuries to come core guys for the Bears, and they finished with a 10-6 record. Lovie is a good coach, and can produce solid defense. Something that the Packers could use.


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