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Welcome, people to the first post on 7poundbag for the new year, I’ll be honest with you, I had a HARD 2012.

Part of that is having to part with quite a bit of my Movie Collection. I sold over a hundred disks, and sad to say, thats a chunk of my collection.







No, this isn’t mine, but it used to be close.

I’m going to have to take a look through the shattered remains of my collection and make another list for when I go shopping. For the odder movies, I have an Amazon link on the right that I can use (and so can YOU)

So with a coupla bucks in my pocket, I stop by one of the Pawnshops in town.

I loves me some PawnShops. I don’t like to drop 20 bucks on a movie I may or maynot like, and I don’t like to rent movies, I like commentaries and such on my movies, plus with the blue-ray and such, they are getting DIRT CHEAP. The one next to my second job, has a sale, buy 5 and they are a buck a peice. I don’t normally go in there unless I have time to kill, they have a WALL of Blu-rays, but few DVDs.

I was looking, didn’t really see anything worth it, but then my eyes found one that meant I was going to drop 5 bucks.


In class at my other job, we got talking about movies, and one mentioned that she had never seen CHRISTINE.

It was a bare-bones edition, but again, A worthy edition to my DVD pile.
They had a Transformers Special Edition (the White Prime one) I had one already, but my son LOVES Transformers and has a hard time remembering to put the DVD back properly. Plus his mom has a DVD player in the van, so a buck for this one isn’t bad.

So I have 3 spots left. Again, not a lot of choices here.

Dragonfly looks ok, got Kevin Costner in it.
The Watcher- with Keanu Reeves, Marisa Tomei and James Spader, I like Spader- and the thought of Neo as a serial killer just looks funny.
The Haunting in Connecticut. Looks silly, but has extras and “based on true events”
Cry_Wolf Heard of it, never seen it.

I texted a list to my 7poundmovies podcast partner, Thomas to get his opinion.

Didn’t hear back for a moment, so I threw up my google and started to Wiki the movies- it loads faster with Wiki than with imdb, plus I don’t have to go through 12 screens to get an average. (Mobile Wiki is pretty nice.)

So I pull out my cell phone and start looking up Movies. While waiting on it to load for Cry_Wolf, I found the original Blade. Oddly enough, I have not seen this one in years, and really don’t remember it.

So I have 2, Christine and Blade

Thomas did text me back, advising that he has seen some, but I had more for him to look at. As a father of a kindergartener, and Thomas has two girls, I wonder if Flicka might be good. Thomas said it stunk, so pass. Same for Cry_Wolf, so I put that back.Christine

By that time Dragonfly loaded, and it said it had a 7% fresh rating, so I put that one back,
–The film received poor reviews from critics and was a flop at the box office. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 7% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 120 reviews–

Cry_Wolf had some hate as well,

–The film has a total approval rating of 23% on the Rotten Tomatoes ‘Tomatometer’ out of 43 reviews.

The Haunting in Connecticut is also loathed

–Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes rated the film as “rotten”, with a 17% positive rating based on 94 reviews

Sadly, I was running low on time, so I went with The Watcher, even though its running at a 10% rate on Rotten Tomatoes, and was panic looking for another movie. I thought of Frankenstein: Reborn, but that didn’t have a Wikipedia page, and lord knows I have enough crappy Horror movies to watch.

Then I saw the 5th and Final movie, Catch and Release, even though its sitting at 21% on The Rotten Tomatoes site, but it has Kevin Smith in it, and Thomas is a HUGE Kevin Smith fan, so even if the movie stinks, he’ll enjoy it.

So I have my 5, and I go to Purchase it, but the clerk for some reason claims that since the Transformers has 2-disks, it counts as 2. I’m not putting up with that, so I go back and grab another that was on my maybe list- Meskada, a movie so obscure that there isn’t a Wiki page for it. The page goes to some of the actors in it individual page, and also claims on the DVD cover some Indy awards. Figure it might be worth a look.

So my five purchases are:

Christine (67% on Rotten Tomatoes)
Blade (55%)
Catch and Release (21%)
The Watcher (10%)
Meskada (?)


Keep in mind I have TON of movies that I have not watched, so I might not get to any f these anytime soon, and the next day, I loaned Christine out to that co-worker, so if you have an opinion on what to watch first, let me know.


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