MMA Roundtable: 2/1 Edition!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week, going Mano-a-Mano is Roni “Tito” Holtzer and David “Chuck” Snipes. If you have any questions, by all means add them in the comments below.

1. Does Belfort have a case to call out Sonnen?Belfort

Roni:Well… he called out Jones (for a rematch).

And said those things about Sonnen because it is true. Sonnen did nothing to award him a title shot… even though Vitor also did not “deserve” a title shot.
The point is: On Vitor’s mind, he got a title shot in short notice. he wants now a full camp to see if he can get this done. I can see why; but I disagree him (or Sonnen for that matter0 deserve a shot at Jones.
David: I’m trying to think of whom Vitor beat to get his title shot. Lets all keep in mind that Vitor is a former UFC champion by the CHEAPEST of circumstances. Of all the UFC champions, to me he’s the only one with an *. I’ll accept Fedor’s first lost in RINGS over his title “reign. Notice what happened in the rematch by the way. Vitor is a top 5 guy, but Sonnen did better against Anderson than he did.

2. Nate Diaz is facing Josh Thompson, is this a good bout for either man?

Roni: I think it is. Nate just lost to the UFC champ. Josh lost to the Strikeforce champ.

A win is a good rebound win; and keep them “in the mix”. As for the loser, at lest they lost to someone who just forght for the belt; so they shouldn’t fall so far from the top.
David: Love the matchup, both just lost to champions, and with Josh being a constant gadfly to Gilbert, could be interesting how he comes into the cage. I don’t think Josh is top 10 quality, but he’s a good name opponent to rebuild Nate with.

3. Is the UFC putting out better card on FOX than they are on PPV?

Roni: I don’t think so. IMO they are now even. Just look at the card this weekend and the past weekend!

But IMO they SHOULD put the biggest cards on FOX in order to attract more viewers. this is an investment for the future. the better the cards on Fox, the more mainstream fans they’d get!
David: On Paper? Maybe not. But in the cage, the last few Fox cards have been UNREAL. As long as we keep Rashad Evans off Fox and in the studio, this could be interesting going forward. I think putting the little guys out there is a great way to showcase the UFC, since the chances of getting a dynamic fight in the higher weight divisions is pretty random, show me the last 125 fight that sucked.

4. UFC on Fox 6 was the third highest rated of the series, is that due to the card or something else?

Roni: The card!

UFC finally put good cards on FOX. I’ve been waiting for this to happen since they signed the deal! I got pretty frustrated when they put mediocre cards on Fox in the beginning. Now they improved it and it shows!
David: Show me the last 125 fight that sucked! The UFC is almost becoming boxing, where the big guys bring the KOs but the little guys bring the excitement and a full 15/25 minute fight. Would you have taken round 6 in the title fight? Hells yeah, would you want round 4 for Rampage/Glover? Hell no.

5. Rashad Evans is not main Eventing for the first time since UFC 73. What does this mean?Rashad Evans

Roni: It means he just lost a title fight.

But that does not dimminish how great this fight is for him & Lil’Nog.
It is a very important fight, and a win will set either fighter at a short distance to a title fight.
David: I think it has to do with him looking like POO against Jones and Lil Nog isn’t exactly a name opponent. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if Rashad vs Big Nog gets a main event spot on PPV.

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