My Fighters only Ballot


Fighters only Magazine has a week left, and I thought I would share with you MY Ballot

I’m going to skip the ones I don’t care about (ref of the year? Really? – vote Mario!)

The Awards I care about:

MMA Source of the year

ESPN on here is a JOKE. I goto Sherdog more than the other 3 combined.

Comback of the Year

I don’t like career awards, and I don’t count minor league fights (if its not Zuffa or BFC) so it comes down to MIR or TIM. I like Okami, but he’s not NOG.

Sub of the Year

I look at not only the submission, but WHO they submitted, I’m sure most Black Belts could throw any submission they wanted to on me and pick how gruesome they wanted it to be. Tate ,Mass and Eric, sorry, but you are not Nog or (ONLY HAS A BROWN BELT) Poirier. I’m giving this one to MIR, who tapped out one of the best HW submission guys IN HISTORY

KO of the Year

League S-70? Sorry, if it didn’t happen under Zuffa or Bellator, didn’t happen. Sorry. I’m skipping to the end and giving this to Barboza vs Etim, cause that will make you jump out of your seat. (and I can come up with deserving ones that didn’t get a nom, as can almost anyone)


Kind of interesting that Sanchez/Ellenberger might be the worst on the list. Next off is Jamie/Joe. So that clips us to 3. I almost want to toss Dan/Hendo off the pile next, as it was almost Dan trying to bleed to clock vs a comeback late in some rounds. Dustin and Jung just went at it, as did the Bellator LW fight, but I’m giving it to Dustin and Jung- Both men given the spotlight, and used it to make themselves future stars.

International Fighter of the Year

I’m guessing Anderson Silva, GSP are Americans now?

Again, this comes down to titles, not seeing any, who had the best year? Other than Struve, all 4 are DURN close to a title shot, and Jung/Guffy might be closest. As much as I love “Diamond” Dustin Poirier, I gotta say Guffy beat the best opponent on the list. I’ll take him.

Breakthrough Fighter of the Year

I’m trying to think how far these fighters came in 12 months. Lets look at the ones that won titles. That Drops Weidman and Barao out. (Not counting number 1 contender belts) I knew if Rockhold, and so that goes with Chandler and Rousey. Who beat a top 5 fighter? Yup, that gets my vote.

Female Fighter of the Year

Really? You are asking this with a straight face?

Fighter of the YEAR

Benson Henderson
Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones
Nate Diaz
Ronda Rousey

I personally don’t see Nate Diaz, as a Contender, so He’s out. Rousey has had a MONSTER run, but again, She has her own award. I like Jon Jones, but I’m not voting for him for ducking Sonnen. Sorry, he did. So its Cormier vs Henderson. I think Benson lost the first fight vs Edgar, but still, he won where it counted. He CRUSHED Diaz (cost me money). Cormier won the SF grand Prix, and did it in DOMINATING fashion. The knock here is he did it without much fanfare last Jan 1st. But he beat Josh Barnett like a drum for 5 rounds. I’m taking Cormier.

daniel cormier


I’m taking Cormier.

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