Christmas Eve Thoughts

ED NOTE: This was going to be a quick one, ending with ways to track Santa:


That quickly moved to a parody of the Night Before Christmas, but then, as always, I move on to Tangents.

So. here we go. 800px-Julaftonen_av_Carl_Larsson_1904

This Christmas eve, I turn my thoughts to the end of the year, on one side I only have about 20 year end best of sport items to get out of the way, plus UFC 155 to get done as well, but one thing that does spring to mind.

2012 should be my final year of stinking.

I know, its sad to turn on the TV and then think that my year is bad. 

I’ve always hated that saying- at least you have your health, your kids are ok, yada yada yada.

But bottom line, 2012 is almost gone and I cannot WAIT to kick it out the door like my oldest daughter’s next boyfreind.  

2012 had some positives.

Still got the same number of wives and kids. (One and Four) Still the same number of grandkids (ZERO)

I got this site up, that you are reading, I got a new job, and I get to quit all my old ones. Hopefully 2014 is only going to have 3 W-2s come tax time.

My kids are all in school, and thankfully all safe. I’m hoping that I get to spend more time with them in 2013.

I actually have some freinds that I could call at 2am if I was in trouble. Thats something that I normally couldn’t say in some years past.

I still don’t have a NBA Team, but the league is interesting

My NFL team keeps winning and costing us in the draft order- But we did beat DJ’s team, so that’s nice.

I still don’t care about MLB and NHL

My buddy Thomas (and 7poundmovies podcast partner) got to goto his first live MMA show, and meet my favorite local fighter, Quentin Henry, and even got pictures and talk with him for a good bit of time. Its always nice when you tell someone an athlete isnt an asshole and he PROVES YOU RIGHT. Hopefully 2013 sees us going to more fights and having to watch @HeroHenry on TV instead of up close and live (much as we are going to hate that)

Finally, 2012 is seeing hopefully my last Christmas without my family. I’ve had to work seemingly every holiday over the past few years, and my wife and child has always gone to her parents to spend the holidays, and with my new job (how many times can I say that?) I might actually get to spend next year with them.

So what makes me look forward to 2013?

New Job.


For January, I’m off weekends. I’ll most likely have to work Saturdays after that, but I’ll get 2 days off a week, unless I get overtime or lucky.

My Birthday. I’ve wrote about my plans, and no, the wife still isn’t happy.

I’m hoping this year to have a good christmas, birthday and anniversary.

One last bit about my Job. In 6 months I can go back to school! Can’t wait on that.

Now for what I have planned on the site.

I plan on returning to Podcasting. Jack and I are doing a UFC 155 Show, and hopefully next week Thomas and I will get around to finally doing FIGHT CLUB.

Archie has made me look really bad in the Roundtables, and I’ll try and live up to his example. Talks have come up in doing some non-sports RTs as well, so i’m looking forward to that.

New Logos- coming, I have them made, now I just have to PAY for them.

Still looking for Music people.

Wouldn’t mind some TV people.

Could use some Movie people.

— Speaking of, I plan on rebuilding my DVD collection, I’ll post what I have somewhere on here, and maybe Thomas’ so you can advise on what we should do on 7poundmovies

Other than that? Should be good.

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