Where will we be Tebowing Next Year? Who gets Sanchized?


Just look like this, except for 4-5 plays a game, ok?

Tim Tebow is expected to be traded, or at worst, released after the season, I’m going to leave the fact that the Jets are telling both thier first AND second string QB that they wont be back next year, in the MIDDLE OF A PLAYOFF chase! Not saying the Jets have a shot, but they have a chance at the playoffs.

So where does Tebow go?

Where does the Sanchez go?

Ok, Lets all agree neither are looking to start week 1 next year. Tebow is not a starting QB in the NFL, and Sanchez has some MAJOR headwork that needs done. I think both can contribute to an NFL roster, and to be honest, I can live with either as my Number 2 QB.

Take my team, the Carolina Panthers.

If I have Sanchez, is that different than Chase Daniels, Matt Moore or Brock Berlin? If I have a good QB coach, I might actually have a chance to make something of him, he’s not replacing Cam Newton, but if the Jets are paying 75% of his 8.25M salary next year, I’m fine with that.

Tebow is a different matter. I want him on the feild. I want him at H-Back. Tebow loses a fumble only 0.012 times when he takes a snap- He’s only lost 6 fumbles in his career. I can use him as a 3rd down QB. If its 3rd and short, and I have a 2-tight end set come out, with one wide, Tebow has got to be a threat in that situation. Do I want him under center at 1st and 10? No. 2nd and goal at the 2, and he’s going to put a hurting on NFL defenses. At Carolina- Imagine if Tebow and Cam both hit the feild, then in a presnap move, Tebow moves up to QB and Newton slides over to TE. Can Tebow catch the ball? At 6’3, 250, Tebow could be very dangerous in space if he can catch. I’m not sure many cornerbacks want to see Tebow coming around the edge at full power.

So both have roles, and where can we see either going?

Lets go by Divisions, shall we?

I don’t see any of the NFC East teams taking Sanchez.

I can see Tebow going to the Giants, anyone that can run the ball has a home in Tommyland. I can also see him going to Washington in the same role I mentioned for Carolina. I can’t see any of the teams taking the time to rebuild Sanchez. 3 teams are looking to the playoffs, and one is starting over.

NFC Central

I can see any of these teams except the Packers adding either to thier teams. Sachez would make a good backup for the Bears and Lions, and could even start for Minny. Tebow would being too much of a distraction for any of these teams, and his inaccuracy would drive the outdoor teams wild.

NFC South

Carolina I have mentioned, and Atlanta could take both, Ryan is a solid number 1, and Sanchez could get reps when the game is out of reach, Tebow would love the dome, and his short yardage would lessen the workload on thier running backs. Tampa and New Orleans could not use either.

NFC West

I can see the Seahawks taking Tebow, Uncle Pete loves amassing speed and talent, and Tebow has that. Sanchez could be another target, but considering he left his last QB out to dry when Arizona cut him, He might not be that loyal. The Niners might take either, but I doubt it. The Rams might have a use for Sanchez, as might the Cardinals, but those two teams really don’t have the staffs to develop two (or more) QBs. The Rams do need a starting level QB, though, and with the Jets paying a good chunk of Sanchez’s salary, he could be a good stop-gap if Bradford goes down again.

AFC East

The Dolphins and Bills can’t take either. They might have a QB, they might not. They also don’t need the problem of Tebow coming in and potentially damaging the psyche of their starter. The Jets are obvious. That 8.25M is a monster hold on a cap. The Pats might be interesting, seeing Tebow and McDaniels again might be interesting, and lord knows backing up Brady has done wonders for other QBs. Sanchez is only a few years into his NFL career, and its possible he can sit behind Brady for a year or two before moving on. Brady is not 30 anymore, and a potential Montana/Young situation isn’t going to happen.

AFC Central

The Steelers, Bengals and Ravens have no need for either QB, the Browns might take a stab at Sanchez, just to have a guy to push Weeden. If the Browns take a QB, then there is no chance he lands there.

AFC South.

Where does he go next year?
Where does he go next year?

Yes we know. The Jags are interested. Get over it.

But wait, what about Sanchez? He could do better in a warmer enviroment, and starting over has saved more than a few QB busts. If the Jags DO move to California, this could be interesting spot for him. The rest of the South have no need for an alternate QB, as TJ Yates, Locker and Luck are all young and again, you can’t really train 2 QBs at once. Tebow might be interesting at Houston, but I can’t see him going there.

AFC West

Denver? Sanchez might be a posibility there, John Fox had Delhome for a long time, and Sanchez has a good bit of his qualities. Sit behind Manning for 2-3 years, then take over? Might not be a bad career path for a 31 year old Sanchez. The Chiefs are not a good fit for any QB but Barkley, and the Chargers are a mess. I can see Oakland taking either player, and doing with Sanchez what the Broncos would, with the added benifit of that So Cal comforts.

So where do I see them going?

Sanchez: Oakland would be my first pick. They have a 2 year stopgap there, he knows the area, and they won’t draft in the top 6 as currently constructed. After that, Minnesota would be next on my FA tour, and at third place, would be the Jags if they move to LA, Falcons if they don’t.

Tebow: Are the Jags that stupid? Yes. But I’m not sure Tebow wants to ride into town as the white knight, he’s not stupid enough to think he’s the next coming of Drew Brees. The Pats would be next, with the potential to run the Jets day twice a season might be nice. I like the thought of the Seahawks next, with Dallas on the outside thinking of Jersey sales.

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  1. As a Jets fan I’m not so sure if you are being serious here, or being tongue in cheek. Sanchez? Who knows. I don’t blame him for the all of the mess that is Jet land and even though he’s guaranteed over $8 million next season, I think someone will roll the dice. Arizona? KC? Who knows?

    Tebow? He should go to Canada. The Montreal Alouettes own his rights and he’s worked with Marc Trestman before on trying to improve his mechanics. Tebow needs to get better if he’s serious about being a QB in the NFL. Sitting on someone’s bench or being used as a ploy for ticket and jersey sales will not help him.

  2. I should say Tebow needs to get better if he’s serious about being a starting QB one day in the NFL. A trip to Canada for a season or two should aide his development more than sitting on some sideline holding a clipboard.

  3. Yeah I saw the Yahoo article on him going to Canada, something that makes little sense to me. He played 4 years at Florida, he’s already played a few years in the NFL and even at 25, with his style may not have more than a half dozen years left. One year in Canada is not going to teach him to read defenses.

  4. ESPN spent almost all morning yeaturday reporting that Sanchez was gone if they could not trade him.
    I can’t see KC or Arizona taking him, he would just be another talented QB that they don’t trust.

  5. Guy is a serious workout and film room guy. He needs an OC that will use his strenths. Part of the reaason he worked in Denver is John Fox is no idiot. Part of the reason he’s failed in NY is that is not the case there. You cannot gameplan for Tebow in the same room as Sanchez, Brady or RG3, thats why I think teams with an established QB could use him in certain situations. You think Vitt is going to have to break down film with Brees? No, while Brees is working with the first team, Vitt can be working Tebow’s package of routes.

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