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WEEK 14 NFL Round Table

1. NFC East: Who’s your champ?

ARCHIE:  Even though they looked like dog doo last week, I will have to say the Giants have the easiest road to winning the East.

EJ: The New York Giants. Yes, the Giants like to make things difficult for themselves, but the Giants still have a chance at this division. It will take wins against the Ravens, and against an Eagles team that routinely gives the Giants trouble but I still like their chances over the Redskins and Cowboys.

STEPHAN: The Washington Redskins have two more games against division opponents the Eagles and finish at home against the Cowboys. I like the Redskins chances. I don’t see the Eagles giving them a problem, and since they will be at home to finish the season. The Redskins will take the East.

DAN: For me, I have to say the Giants. I don’t trust Romo and the Cowboys, I don’t think the Redskins are that good of a team and same goes for the Eagles. I think the Giants are dangerous.


2. AFC Wildcards: Who makes it?

ARCHIE:  IF the Steelers can get their head out of their butts and beat Cincy this week they will finish off against the Browns while the Bengals have to play the Ravens the last game. I still think the Steelers will pull it off.

EJ: The Colts and Steelers. The Bengals at 8-6 might be a game in front of the Steelers but they have to finish the season out against Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I just don’t see the Bengals beating both teams. The Jets still have an outside shot but that would mean winning out, and the Colts losing out which I don’t expect the Colts to do; especially since they have to play the Chiefs which should be a sure Colts win. The Steelers have the easier road with the Bengals and Browns remaining.

STEPHAN: The Colts are pretty much a lock to get the 5 seed. Give me the Bengals for the 6 seed. Pittsburgh has been too inconsistent, and the Bengals have the easier schedule the last two games.

DAN: Colts and Bengals. The Colts definitely are gonna make it in my opinion and the Bengals will beat out the Steelers because Cincinnati has been hotter as of recent winning 4 of their last 5 games while the Steelers have lost 4 of their last 5.


3. Who is that one team no one wants to face if the playoffs started tomorrow?

ARCHIE:   It has to be the Broncos. Peyton Manning is on fire. The Defense is playing solid and giving the offense plenty of opportunities. That’s something no team wants to face right now.

EJ: The Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning looks like the Peyton of old, and the Peyton who would love nothing more than to be in the Super Bowl in New Orleans. The Broncos have a solid offense and a tough defense and although they lost to the Texans and Patriots this season, those games were before the streak they are on now. Nine wins a row and rolling.

STEPHAN: The Seattle Seahawks. That offense has put up numbers that have been out of this world. The defense has been equally impressive. Call me crazy and you probably will. The Seahawks could surprise a lot of people and compete for the NFC Championship.

DAN: In the AFC, It’s the Broncos. Nobody wants to face Peyton Manning and that offense, especially with their 9-game winning streak. In the NFC, I have to say it’s the Packers. They’re defense is getting key players back and they’re only getting stronger as they make their way down the stretch.


4. With suspensions vacated, should the players be paid for time/games lost?

ARCHIE: I say you have to pay them. I also say that Goodell owes them an open forum apology.

EJ: Yes. The suspensions were vacated. The players were not found in fault for Bounty Gate so why should their wallets suffer? Pay them. Move on.

STEPHAN: No and I will tell you why. They were suspended, and then it was overturned. It was founded that there was wrong doing by the Saints players, but the punishment was too harsh. They had the suspensions overturned, and that was enough. Consider this a very hefty fine.

DAN: I say yes. Since the court’s decision was that the NFL doesn’t have the authority to suspend players like they did for the bounty scandal, the players who missed playing time and games should be paid for their games lost by the NFL. I think Anthony Hargrove got a bad end of it as he was signed by the Packers, but cut before the season started. If he was never suspended, he probably wouldn’t have been cut.


5. What team is poised to make the longest playoff run from a wildcard position?

ARCHIE: I have to go with the Seahawks here. They are playing much better than most realize and they are doing it quietly. I would hate to face them now if the playoffs started tomorrow.

EJ: None of the current wildcard teams give me much confidence. As of today the wildcard teams would be Seattle, Minnesota, Indy, and Cincy. All four of those teams are bad road teams and their first playoff game would be a road game. However, if the Steelers get in I would like their chances because of their past playoff experiences, but as of right now they are on the outside looking in at the playoff picture.

STEPHAN: Again give me the Seahawks. As it stands right now, the Seahawks would play the wild card in the NFC East either the Giants or Cowboys. Both teams have been inconsistent in their play and I think the Seahawks would give them many problems. After that, they would play the Packers, 49ers, or Falcons. They already hold a “victory” over Green Bay, they can play with the Niners, and the Falcons tend to choke when it comes playoff time. The Seahawks have a decent chance to advance far in the NFC.

DAN: Have to say that it’s the Colts. I’m really liking what they’ve put together this season especially with how Andrew Luck has been leading the team at QB. I have some faith in them.


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