Charlie Crist: Following his nose

Say goodbye to another RINOcrist

Following the political winds, Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist is now a registered Democrat.

After loosing his last campain for U.S. Senate to Marco Rubio, the lawyer (warning) left the party.

To be honest, who can blame him? If you are going to run in California or anywhere in the South from here on out, you have to have the Latino vote.

Have you seen the exit data on Romney amoung the voters? That was the number one reason he lost, well, number 2 after running a substandard campain. I honestly don’t see how a Republican can win a statewide election unless s/he runs a strong campain and/or is Teflon to race issues.

Is Crist a RINO? Well, in 2008 he pushed McCain, in 2012 he endorsed Obama. He’s pushed for more public spending on almost everything. Of course, the fact that he’s a legitamite amubulance chaser, also pushes him to the John Edwards party.

Now, let me be clear, I’m not a registered Republican, so thankfully what party he’s in bears no meaning to my argument. But I do live in Louisiana, where politicians change parties on a whim when a strong national candidate comes along. I’m sure if Bobby Jindal wasn’t being looked upon as a future leader of the RNC, or had a strong Democratic challenger (or less of a warchest) he might have looked to move over as well. Of course, LA has been moving right of center for a good time now, but take a look at the reign of Mike Foster and the Grandmother and show me the differences.

Bush II did tend to make some positive inroads into the Hispanic community for the Party. I personally feel that Boehner and Romney have done some serious reversals on this front. I am no fan of Bush II, I still feel that his brother would have been a far wiser choice to lead the country, of course no one knows how any leader would have done in such a crisis.

I don’t think Crist has what it takes to take the govenor’s mansion, or a Senate seat anytime soon, so at least for national purposes, this really doesn’t matter as far as he is concerned, but what it could mean for the country is he might actually be a leader this time, bringing many of the so-called Rinos firmly over to the Democratic tent. That could easily cost the Republicans the house before the next election.

Keep in mind people, the number 1 job of the VAST majority of the people in public “service” is to KEEP working in public “service”
(number 2 is, of course, to make money, actually serving the people does rank somewhere in the top 5)crist rino

Unless the Republican party can find out why they can’t get more support from minorities, they will cease to exsist as a political force in the next few decades. The Democratic party has done a PHENOMINAL job of capturing not only the Black vote, but now the Brown vote as well, (Fun thing is, look at the leadership- and its both still old white guys) but look at the cabinet of the past 4 Presidents. Amazing, isn’t it?

Before I sign off and read hate mail, I want you to remember one thing.

If you make less than 48K a year, you have more in common with the White man making 48K, the Black man making 48K, the Brown man making 48K, the Yellow man making 48K, etc than You do with Obama, Boehner, Crist, Sharpton, Romney or anyone else in Washington.

Think about that.

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