MMA Roundtable: Dec 17th

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

After a fun-filled weekend, we return with the questions, and first off I want to welcome Roni to the lineup, so this week, you get Roni, Collin and David. This might be the last RT until the new year as David has a FULL plate and I want to get UFC 155 up early.


1. Should the UFC Penalize Diaz for his in-cage activities on FOXDiaz Bros

Roni: No way. Taunting inside the cage is a valid way to distract your opponent. What matters is that after the fight he was respectful and showed great un-Diaz-like move by raising Bendo’s hand!

Collin: I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t be upset if they did.  I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t even see any of it, it just cut to the empty octagon shot and I assumed it was technical difficulties.  He knew he was on national TV, but Dana also knew he was putting a Diaz on national TV and that there was a risk of something like this happening.  Especially with the Strikeforce Mayhem incident on CBS having previously shown that Nate has no quarrels with causing a scene on national TV.

David: No. Dana and the UFC knew EXACTLY what they were getting when they put Diaz on the show. To think something wasn’t going to happen was just silly. I’d like to give another FU to Diaz for losing, even when Benson fought to Diaz’s strength. If Fox had a problem, they should have said something before. Diaz was a chance to get a “Bad Boy” vibe, and he did he best to do so, everything but win. This sets Benson up as hero, and the well-spoken champion took that ball and ran with it.

2. Have we seen the last of Penn?BJPenn

Roni: I sure hope so. he was great during his run. But I don’t think he should diminish himself by getting beat up against this new breed of fighters.
Perhaps is he moved back down to 1555, but I digress. He quit for a reason. He should stay out.

Collin: No, he will have at least one more match in the UFC before retiring.  He still beat Fitch two of three rounds (and in my opinion won that fight) and he still won the first round from Nick Diaz, the number one contender, in the fight before the Rory destruction.  Still a top 5 WW in my book, but if he wants to compete for a title again he needs to drop to 155.

David: Yes, unless GSP has another guy in his camp he can fight. Penn spent SERIOUS money on his camp, and looked in monster shape. I don’t think we get a better Penn, and to be honest, I don’t think this fight had anything to do with Rory, I think this was Penn trying to get another shot at GSP. If he comes back, I’d love to see him fight Serra, another 155er who wont cut weight.

3. Does Guffy deserve the Sonnen/Jones winner?

Roni: No. Hendo and Machida deserves it first.
If time allows, perhaps a fight against the winner of that fight; but I’d rather see Hendo or Machida fighting Jones (yes, I am not even considering Sonnen as the winner of that fight).

Collin: No, the winner of Hendo/Machida deserves that honor for sure.  Machida was promised the shot after he knocked out Ryan Bader in dramatic fashion on Fox, and Hendo was promised it after his victory in the greatest fight of all time with Shogun.  Those two are in front of him for sure.  I’d like to see him fight the winner of Nogueira/Evans and if he wins that one he deserves the shot.

David: Have to agree, but only half. Hendo, then Guffy. Lyoto can wait, maybe fight Phil Davis?

4. If you were Hendricks, what would you do?

Roni: I would shut up and abide by Dana. It is not often. But I agree with Dana. Hendricks has no right to make demands.
Yes, he is the most deserving guy to be at the #1 spot.
But from that to demanding a title shot? No way!
Shut up and fight!. If you are supposed to be the champ, you would have to fight against top 10 fighters and win anyway! So just shut up and fight!
At some point, they can’t ignore you for long!

Collin: Quit whining.  You beat Fitch and Kampman, and you lost to Josh Koscheck and somehow got a gift decision.  Don’t believe what Dana said in trying to sell the Hendricks/Kampman winner as the number one contender; he was was only trying to make that seem like a viable co-main event.  He also needs to quit saying he “cleaned out the division.”  Hendricks hasn’t beaten Condit, he hasn’t beaten Diaz, he hasn’t beaten Rory, so you are a long way from clearing out the division.  He is just a lesser version of Kos, and no one really thinks he can beat GSP, so no one will watch.  GSP/Diaz on the other hand is a much better match both stylistically for a shot at beating GSP and from a marketing standpoint.  Let it go Johny.

David: Bitch. It got Diaz a title shot, it got Sonnen a title shot. If I’m Hendricks, I move in with Sonnen and not only work takedown defense vs a bigger guy, I learn to trash talk from the Greg Jackson of Talk.

5. Who is next for Benson?

Roni: Personally, I’d love to see him against Aldo (in case Aldo beats Frankie)!
That would send a message to GSP top fight Silva already!
Or, maybe Pettis (in case Aldo does not move up) so he can avenge that loss.

Collin: Gilbert Melendez.  Melendez is probably the second best lightweight in the world, but why risk a big main event by having him fight someone else in the UFC before Benson?  That is the fight the fans want to see, and that is the fight I think the UFC should make.

David: Gilbert, but I think thats an EASIER fight than Diaz (Yeah, I said it) My personal choice? Grey Maynard. It won’t sell, but it would be a GREAT fight.

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