NFL Roundtable

Only got input from three this week………

1.      Props to the Patriots or Boos to the Texans?

ARCHIE: Got to give Props to the Patriots and Brady. He has got to be one of the best in the last decade. This guy just destroyed what I thought was one of the best D’s in the league. And while we are at it, the Pat’s D played big as well.

DAN: I definitely have to give props to the Patriots, they played a really, really good game. The Texans didn’t play as well as I was thinking they would, but the Patriots still played a rather impressive game.

STEPHAN: Props to the Patriots. I cannot “BOO” a team who is 11-2 despite what they did. The Patriots offense turned it on on Monday night, and proved that they are still legitimate Super Bowl contenders.
2.      Do the Redskins make the playoffs?

ARCHIE: I think they have a legitimate shot at winning out and winning the East. It just has a feel that RG III has motivated that team to excel.

DAN: I don’t think that they’re going to. I think the Giants will win the East, Packers the North, Falcons the South and 49ers the West. You have Seattle getting a wild card spot and I think the Bears will be getting the other one. I would put my money on the Cowboys getting a playoff spot over the Redskins.

STEPHAN: With Griffin III possibly out, and the Giants and Cowboys still in the hunt. I don’t think they will. It would be a great story if they do, but I just don’t see it happening. Give them credit for making it interesting though.

3. After the Texans got dismantled Monday night, will they win home field throughout the playoffs?

ARCHIE: I think they will still win home field throughout the playoffs.

DAN: I think that there’s going to be a 3-way tie at the end of the season between the Texans, Patriots and Broncos. Denver will be able to beat a defense riddled Ravens team and they finish off with Cleveland and KC, both wins. The Texans face Indy twice and have Minnesota in between. They’ll split the season series with Indy and Minnesota is a tossup, but I’ll give them the victory since they’re at home. The Patriots play SF next weekend than have two easy games remaining against Jacksonville and Miami.

STEPHAN: It is ONE GAME!!! Yes, the Texans will get home field advantage. Every team is capable of having a bad game. The problem with Houston is that they lost big to two of the top teams. They will get home field, but they should be concerned that they cannot win against the top tier teams in the NFL. 

4. Should NFL players be given mandatory conduct classes on Personal accountability?

ARCHIE: I have taken 27+ years of mandatory training on sexual harassment, dui, safety, suicide prevention and the list goes on and on. The Army and Government beat us into the ground with the crap. And with all the groaning and suffering there HAS to be a reason and results that say it works. So, to that extend yes.

DAN: No, I don’t think so. They’re grown men and should know what they’re accountable for. Every other adult in the world should know what they’re accountable for, why do the athletes need extra help with that?

STEPHAN: No, and I am glad you asked this question. These are grown men, and should not have to be babysat. I think that the NFL should just crack down on these individuals who violate the personal conduct rules made by the NFL, and suspend them up to one year, and cause them to lose their salary during their suspension. Maybe these fools will think twice if they know that if they get caught, they could lose millions of dollars.
5.      Pittsburgh or Cincinnati; which one makes the playoffs?

ARCHIE: I still think the Steelers can squeak in but I’m not so sure they will make it past the first opponent.

DAN: I have more trust in the Steelers and Big Ben than I do in Andy Dalton and Cincinnati. I think Pittsburgh has the stronger defense and they have a good running game that helps them when they’re at home. Pittsburgh finishes with Dallas, Cincinnati and Cleveland while Cincinnati finishes with Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. I think Baltimore can beat Cincinnati as well as I think Pittsburgh is a better team than Cincinnati and I’ll say that Pittsburgh is making the post-season.

STEPHAN:   Do I have to pick one? If it is between the two, I will go with the Steelers. The only reason I pick Pittsburgh is because they have a better chance to close games. Cincinnati should be in the driver’s seat, but blew it to the Cowboys. Pittsburgh got crushed by San Diego, but they looked good late in the game. Pittsburgh gets the six seed and sneaks into the playoffs.

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