MMA Roundtable: DEC 1 edition


Welcome to the MMA Roundtable.

Collin is off trying to make the Ultimate Fighter: Junie vs Torres (Don’t tell him) so you just have Joao “Jason” Pedro, Jim “Ash” Jacobs and as always, I give the Questions unless you give them to me, David “Freddie” Snipes.

1. If GSP beats Silva at a catchweight, say 177, should he move to 185 and take that title?

Joao: I believe so. I mean, that was the plan if BJ Penn had beaten GSP back in the day. If GSP beats (and that is a huge “if”) Anderson Silva in a clear fashion, he should vacate the welterweight title and start defending the middleweight belt.
Anderson Silva would eventually retire, the middleweight division would have a new king and the welterweight title scenario would suddenly become wide open, with several top contenders vying for the belt.
But that is not the most likely scenario. What is most likely to happen is… well, see question 2.

JIM: Yes. If GSP can beat Anderson, even at a catchweight he should move up to 185 and chase the title. GSP would have just beaten the greatest MW the sport has ever seen and not an out of his prime Spider either. GSP would match up well with most of the MW’s in the UFC. It would be far more entertaining if he moved up and let a whole host of 170 challengers fight for the WW belt.

David: If GSP wins, the pressure to move to 185 is going to be unreal. He’s already the most dominant 170er to ever enter a steel cage, and beating the best MW ever, even at catchweight, is going to make the rematch even better. The UFC won’t be able to find an arena they can’t fill. GSP vs Anderson II on New Years day- Even in the Egg Dome? You could have midgit wresting and that cards a must buy for anyone.

2. If Anderson beats GSP, should he stay at 185 or use his final fight on his UFC Deal to challenge Jones?

Joao: Look, I am not a particular fan of these superfights between different weight classes. And I do believe Anderson will have a distinct advantage over GSP, much like GSP have over BJ Penn.
But if the fight does happen, and if Anderson wins (and that is not really a big “if” in my book), then go ahead and fight Bones and then retire, win or lose.
If those 2 fights happen and if Anderson wins both, it would be a long time before we see a fighter with such a complete overall career.

JIM: Tough one here. If Anderson wins I say yes fight Jones. In the meantime you could have two MW’s fight for an interim title. Jones-Silva is one of those “once in a generation” fights. Let’s make it happens before Anderson becomes old and diminished.

David: If Silva beats Jones at the end of his contract, there is no chance he retires. Anderson will be asked about fighting JDS or anyone else they find. He walks and leaves as the indisputable GOAT. Even if he loses, he’s still someone that will live forever on highlight reels. Almost like the Ali of MMA.

3. If you are Dana, do you make the above scenario a title fight at 205?

Joao: I see this from two perspectives. From Anderson’s point of view, he would probably only take the fight if the title were on the line (plus, having a title at stake adds interest to any fight).
But from the UFC’s perspective you just cannot put the 205 belt on the line and run the risk of having Anderson winning it and then retiring. Maybe you need to organize everything with formal stipulations? Just does not seem feasible.
So, I don’t think the UFC should put the title on the line. Which makes the fight a whole lot less interesting.

JIM: Of course. The fight will be at 205, the champ at 205 is Jones, so let it be a title fight. its not like a fight with GSP, where GSP has never fought at 205. Silva has competed and dominated at 205, and made a foll out of former 205 champ Forrest Griffin. Let Anderson attempt to be the 3rd fighter in UFC history to hold a belt in two different weight classes.

David: Dana knows chaos sells. If Anderson leaves 185. He can make a tourney at 185 with 4-8 guys. If Jones gets beat, then he can throw a bunch of guys out there waiting to sort out the “mess”

4. In what cases should an interm title ever be used?

Joao: Whenever the reigning champion is foreseeably out of action for an extended period. Make it more than 12 months. If you know the champion is not able to fight within the next year, then put on a fight for the interim title.
Interim titles are a bit silly, but I guess they are a “necessary evil” to keep divisions going when facing uncertainty.

JIM: Any situation where the current champ does not defend his belt in 1 year. Also, I’m sick of these interim champs not defending the belt. Guys like Carlos Condit should be forced to defend the interim strap, otherwise, why even have interim title fights.

David: I’m with Jim. 100%. I’m tired f the interm belt being used as a number 1 contenders title.

5. If Nate Diaz beats Benson, has he surpassed his brother since he holds UFC Gold?

Joao: Even though a UFC title is obviously worth much more than a Strikeforce title, I would like to see Nate win it and then defend it before considering that he has surpassed his brother Nick. But I guess this is a personal opinion, and most people would probably consider that Nate would surpass Nick the minute he wins that Lightweight title. I have no problem with that.

JIM: The simple answer is yes. Nick has never won UFC gold. He’s achieved a lot in the sport of MMA including being the SF champ, but the gold standard in all of mixed martial arts is the UFC belt, and he has never won that title. Nate would have a leg up on his older brother if he can get by Henderson.

David: Like a Mustang by a Moped.Actually, I think he already has.

I’m trying to remember when Nate challenged for ANY UFC gold.

Don’t tell anyone, but Nates longest UFC winning streak is TWO. Think about that. He’s 7-5 in the UFC, and he fought when the UFC had MUCH thinner rosters.

Nate has a 5 fight winning streak, (not counting TUF) and is 10-5 inside the UFC, all 5 losses by scorecards, and worked his way to a title shot. Nick has only gotten a shot at the number 1 contenders title.

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  1. Good job guys!
    But on question #3, you all forgot that Silva already noted he will NOT fight Jones at 205 because of Lil’Nog & Machida who are trying to fight for that belt.
    That means no. Dana would not make it a title fight because Silva would not accept that.

    And on #5, you guys forget that Nate went up a weightclass as not to compete with his brother or Gilbert Melendez.
    So yes, you can say “he never won UFC belt”, but he did go up in weightclass and became the champ on SF.

    In terms of dificulty, I still see the older brother walking the harder path. So IMO he’s still ahead… (unless Nick wins & defends his belt a couple of times)

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