NFL Picks Week X

Welcome to the Week X picks. The Panel went 7-0 with the unanimous picks, so lets check the standings!

David: 89-41 (13-1 last week, Damn Giants)
Dan: 81-49 (12-2 last week)
DJ: 79-51 (9-5 Last Week)

Dan rides a great week back to second place!

Thursday, November 8
IND at JAC 8:20 PM, NFL

Dan: Indy
DJ: Indianapolis
David: Indy

David: I enjoy what the Colts are doing. I wonder what they would have done with this coaching staff and fire with Manning at the Helm. I’ve stunned with the lack of top shelf talent on Defense, yet the Colts are doing great. Jacksonville has done nothing to show that this was Jack Del Rio’s fault. The Jags simply don’t have the horses to run with the Colts.

Sunday, November 11

NYG at CIN 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Giants
David: Giants

Dan: While the Giants weren’t able to beat the Steelers, I think the Steelers are a better team than the Bengals. Plus, Dalton turns the ball over plenty and the Giants’ defense will be able to stop what Dalton can do. It’ll be a tough day for Cincinnati and the Giants will be able to record the victory.

TEN at MIA 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Tennesee
DJ: Miami
David: Miami

Dan: With little confidence in the Miami Dolphins passing game and not completely trusting their running game either, I think the Titans will win. They’re coming off a turnover-heavy performance against the extremely strong Chicago Bears’ defense, but I think the Titans’ offense is strong enough where they’ll be able to put that behind them and regroup this week for a victory.

David: Miami’s defense has looked good all year, and the Titans simply don’t have what is needed to get moving against them, Tanny might look good this week, but Reggie Bush is going to be a STAR.

DET at MIN 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Detroit
DJ: Detroit
David: Detroit

Dan: Minnesota is starting to go on the decline I’m feeling and Detroit needs to start heading in the right direction. Granted it was against Jacksonville, but their running game definitely showed some improvement which is what the Lions need to do. I like the Lions offense more and I don’t trust the Vikings. Adrian Peterson is dangerous, but won’t win it for them.

BUF at NE 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: NE
David: NE

Dan: Just look at the last match-up between these two teams to see what’s going to happen this week. I don’t think the Patriots are going to get to a slow start, especially after coming off the bye week. This is going to be a drumming by the Patriots, especially at home.

ATL at NO 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: ATL
DJ: Atlanta
David: ATL

David: The Saints offense is chugging along, and don’t think that the Defense improved or anything vs Philly. The simply went from Shitty to Crappy. The Falcons defense is much better, and I don’t think the return of Micky Loomis will have the same effect as moving from the 3rd string coach to the second.

SD at TB 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: SD
David: TB

DJ: SD. The Chargers are a good team and the Bucs aren’t that good on defense. SD is a more balanced team and that is why they’ll win.

David: The Chargers are in disarray, I don’t like the running game and the Bucs offensive line looks really improved. As long as Josh Freeman can manage the game, he shouldn’t have a problem with the defense either. I like the Bucs in a slow pounding game.

DEN at CAR 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Denver
DJ: Denver
David: Denver

David: I would not be stunned if the Panthers win this game, they have the talent, but the problem is gameplan. Manning might be able to chip away at the Panther defense and every now and again break a big one. The Panthers are going to have a problem moving the ball unless Champ Bailey has a bad day. This game falls to Greg Olsen and Brandon Lafell. If BOTH those guys don’t show. The Panthers lose, simple as that.

OAK at BAL 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Baltimore
DJ: Baltimore
David: Baltimore

DJ: Doug Martin ran wild on the Raiders defense last Sunday. This week, Oakland gets to travel to the East Coast for an early game and a date with Ray Rice. The Ravens win, 27-16.

NYJ at SEA 4:05 PM, CBS

Dan: Seattle
David: Seattle

DJ: I like the Jets in this game. Seattle started great this season, but I think New York is able to win. The Jets defense should be able to confuse Russell Wilson. I think Rex Ryan puts together a good game plan and NY wins, 20-17.

Dan: With the disfunctional quarterback situation in New York, I can’t see the Jets beating the Seahawks. And with how Seattle just beat MInnesota in the week prior, things don’t get any better for the Jets. Seahawks win this game by a touchdown, at least.

DAL at PHI 4:25 PM, FOX

Dan: Philly
DJ: Dallas
David: Dallas

David: 2 clueless teams. I don’t like either coach, I don’t like either offensive playcall sets, but I do think there is a ton of talent here on both sides of the ball on both teams. I think I trust Romo more than I trust Vick, who will have a hostile crowd after a few plays as well.

Dan: With how the Cowboys’ offense looked on Sunday night against the Falcons, I think the Eagles will be able to start off hot and come out victorious. This game, of course, will be close, just like all NFC East games seem to be, but it is in Philadelphia which just helps the Eagles that much more. I’m predicting LeSean McCoy to have a big game here.

STL at SF 4:25 PM, FOX

Dan: SF
David: SF

DJ: The Rams don’t have enough offense to score on the 49ers defense. SF wins, 23-14.
HOU at CHI 8:20 PM, NBC

Dan: Houston
DJ: Houston
David: Chicago

Dan: Chicago has an outstanding defense. While they didn’t do much against their divisional foes, the amount of chaos that their defense creates is going to be enough to have them propel to victory. Even with an offense that isn’t that great, their defense more than makes up for it.

DJ: Houston. The Texans are just a better offensive team. The Bears defense is good, but Houston plays defense also and Jay Cutler will show up and turn the ball over at some point Sunday night.

Monday, November 12
KC at PIT 8:30 PM, ESPN

Dan: Pittsburgh
DJ: Pittsburgh
David: Pittsburgh

DJ: The Steelers are just going to be too much for the Chiefs. Romeo Crennel has already fired himself as the Defensive Coordinator. This could get really ugly. Pitt wins, 31-10.

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