WEEK 8 NFL Roundtable


Okay folks, this week the gang looked at four topics from NFL week 8 and forecasted for you our opinions on upcoming match up next week.


1. The Biggest surprise-win of week 8?

ARCHIE:  Cleveland beating the Chargers did not surprise me; I actually picked Cleveland to win. The score however was a little bit shocking. My choice for this pick however is the Dolphins blowing out the hapless Jets. Wow.

EJ:  The Chargers losing to the Browns 7 to 6! Who saw that coming? Fire Norv Turner is trending on Twitter and the Chargers brass needs to take notice. Change needs to come to San Diego and soon. It’s grown stale in Charger-Town. 

STEPHAN:  No game this week really surprised me of the outcome. However, I was surprised on the way Miami handled the Jets on the road. While I am not surprised that the Dolphins came out on top, I am surprised with the sheer dominance.


DAVID: I have to go with the Cleveland Browns victory of the Chargers. In no way, shape or form did I think that the Browns would be victorious. Granted the score was 7-6 and from the recap of it, it sounded like it was an extremely boring game to watch. But I was still shocked at the result that the Chargers lost.

MENUA:  None of the outcomes were surprising to me, however the Broncos margin of victory surprised me. They blew the Saints out of Mile High and dominated all facets of the game.


2.  Who had the Best overall team performance for week 8?

ARCHIE: Homer Pick: Steelers. The Redskins came in leading the league in rushing and left Heinz Field with only 86 total rushing yards and only 255 total yards. Big Ben on the other hand threw for 3 TDs and Dwyer had another 100 day on the ground. My choice is the Steelers.

EJ:  The New England Patriots showed they could win not only in New England, but in England as well. The Pats put a beating on the Rams in London. Brady and the Pats outplayed the Rams in every category, except for time of possession. Going forward expect a healthy diet of Ridley, Gronk, and Brady from the Patriots.

 STEPHAN: The New England Patriots. Tom Brady passed for over 300 yards, Stevan Ridely rushed for over 100 yards, and Rob Grankowski received for over 100 yards. Not to mention the defense holding the Rams to one touchdown in the first two minutes of the game. After that, they were completely shut down.

 DAVID: The New England Patriots. They scored on their first five drives of the game and absolutely demolished the Rams 45-7. Brady threw for four touchdowns and over 300 yards while Gronkowski had 146 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Just an incredible game played all around.

 MENUA:  Again, I will go with the Broncos but because of their defense. Had the Broncos won and the score was 35-32 then I would choose another team. The fact that the Saints offense looked like it may have been Jacksonville’s says something about how Denver shut down Brees. They had pressure on him all day and the defensive backs shut down everyone. Of course, Manning looked excellent as well but the defense gets this one, solidifying the TEAM victory.


3.  Will Norv Turner be back next year as Chargers HC?

ARCHIE: I hope he comes back. After all, as long as he is there we don’t have to worry about the Chargers. Realistically, I don’t think he makes it to the end of the season as HC.

EJ:  No. Hell no! He should have been fired awhile ago. I have a saying: sometimes it isn’t the message, but the messenger. The Chargers did not forget how to play football, but these guys clearly are not responding to the leadership of Norv Turner and change is necessary. Even if the Chargers win the AFC West, Norv needs to go. Only winning the Super Bowl should save him at this point.

 STEPHAN:  It is too early to call at this point. Turner is on egg-shells, but the Chargers are only a game behind Denver for the AFC West. If the Chargers win the division, and can sneak a game in the playoffs, I think Turner is back next year. However, another mediocre season will show him the door.

DAVID: With the season that the Chargers are having, I can’t imagine that he’ll return next season as the Chargers’ head coach. He doesn’t seem to have been getting it done at all in his tenure as head coach and I think the Chargers finally cut the cord on this.

MENUA:  Is the first half of the season over? Yes. Isn’t this the time the Chargers usually start playing the way we KNOW they should be playing every game? Yes. However, I think it is time for Norv to go. Bring in a coach who can have this team play to their full abilities week in and week out.


4.  Can Peyton and the Broncos get to the SB this year?

SB Bound?


ARCHIE: Here’s the deal. It is all or nothing with the Broncos.  In the four wins, Peyton has a combined rating of 131.75. In the three losses it drops to a combined 85.15, and one of those games he was 58.5. The trend is they beat up on less than great defenses and that can hurt them when they get to the playoffs. So no, I don’t see them making the SB this year. 

EJ:  Yeah they could get there. Peyton is starting to look like the Peyton of old, and the Broncos defense is starting to tighten up. As long as the Broncos defense can deliver and Peyton is given time to throw there is no reason to right off the Broncos as a team that cannot get to the big game.

 STEPHAN:  Can? Yes he can. Will he? I don’t think so. The Broncos are relying too much on Peyton right now, and at his age, he is going to need some help. He has enough talent to propel the Broncos to the Super Bowl, but he is going to need his receivers, and rushers to play better. If the Broncos are forced to be a one-dimensional team, a division title is the best they are going to do.

DAVID:   I’m under the impression that any team in the AFC has to get through the Texans in order to make it to the Super Bowl. While I do think the Broncos have a chance to get there, I don’t think they’re going to be able to beat the Patriots or Texans to get to the big game.

MENUA: They definitely can. With the AFC as undecided as it is right now, I do not see why not. Manning is looking better each game and his young receivers are starting to connect with him. Not to mention Denver’s offensive line is a brick wall. Throw their defense into the blender and you have a Superbowl contender.

 5. Which QB do you expect to have the best game this coming week between Cam and RGIII?

ARCHIE: RGIII looked frustrated after the first couple of dropped passes in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. He looked absolutely pissed after a dozen or so.  The fact they could not run the ball did not help his game very much either. Cam has kept his team in every game but 1. I look for that trend to continue this week. I’ll take Cam.

EJ:  I’m a fan of both quarterbacks but I expect RGIII to have the better game. He’s having a breakout rookie season, and even though he didn’t play well against the Steelers I expect him to bounce back against the Panthers.

STEPHAN:  Robert Griffin III will have a better game against Cam Newton. Griffin is playing very well right now, despite the Redskins record. Newton has been struggling and so has his team. Bottom line…Griffin has more weapons at his disposal, and the Panthers are in free-fall mode right now.


DAVID: The quarterback I am expecting to have the best game this coming week is definitely RGIII. I don’t have trust in Cam Newton this season and I think he is definitely in a sophomore slump. But I do like what RGIII has been able to do all year and I think they have the better offense which helps.

MENUA: This is a tough one, but I am going to go with Cam. As we have all seen throughout his ENTIRE football career, he is a fiery guy, he wants to win, and he has a lot of pride (maybe confused with arrogance). I think he is going to come out wanting to show that he is THE hybrid quarterback of the NFL not RGIII, and I think he can pull it off.



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