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Welcome to the new NBA Season, and to get you ready, 30 Predictions, some guaranteed to come true.

Predictions are in order of Finish

For the record, I’m looking at a Lakers/Heat NBA Finals, like most of America, ending almost a decade long run of my picking the Spurs to reach the Finals. I will say my BACKUP is Spurs/Celtics, the other team I like is Denver, but I don’t think they make the Finals.

Next Week, the NBA Roundtable should be starting, so make sure you drop by for that one.




1. Boston will make fans forget about Ray Allen with Jason Terry, and throw a major scare into Miami before Rondo has a meltdown, costing Simmons his hair and the C’s the 1 seed.

2. The Nyets will be known more for what they will do next more than what happens on court.

3. Toronto will be in the playoff chase until the final week of the season.

4. The Knicks will fall apart, and the talking heads will want everyone fired and replaced with Phil Jackson, who will demand a piece of the team.

5. Philly will hate Bynum, as he plays less than 55 games- AGAIN




1. Chicago will be worse when Rose returns, and someone on ESPN will stupidly suggest they trade him.

2. Indiana will win fewer games than last year, but Hibbert will improve.

3. Milwaukee will fire Scott Skiles in an effort to keep Brandon Jennings, who becomes the top free agent in 2013 anyway.

4. Kyle Irving will come close to making the All-star game, and Cleveland will stress about him going to South Beach.

5. Detroit will fire Joe Dumars after finding out Monroe is the only viable player on the roster.



1. Miamiwill walk through the East with a chase of the 72 win season.

Can Miami’s “Big Three” get them another ring this season?

2. Atlanta will make the playoffs, and look down on Joe Johnson all season.

3. Washington will panic trade John Wall after the season

4. The Bobcats will triple their win total.

5.  Orlando will have the worst record in the league.


South West


1. San Antonio will again have the best record in the West, and spend the last week of the season stressing postseason matchups.

2. Dallas will win 50 games

3. Memphis will trade Zach Randolph at the trade deadline.

4. New Orleans will come in 4th in the division. Unibrow will make ROY

5. Houston will regret Lin by Thanksgiving, and Hardin will discover life as the MAN is a bit harder than he thinks.




1. Oklahoma City will have a better record than last year, and Lamb will make Kevin Martin expendable at the end of the year.

2. Denver will ride Ty Lawson to the West Finals.

3. Portland will frantically try and make a deal at the deadline- possibly moving Batum, but will fail to make a decent deal.

4. Minny makes the playoffs, as Khan asks Simmons how his A** tastes

5. Utah will spend the season trying to either move Al Jefferson or signing him to a long term, but will end up doing neither by the trade deadline.



1. The Lakers will struggle to juggle minutes, and Mike Brown will spend the season looking over his shoulder at getting fired. Phil Jackson will be rumored to come back no less than 634 times on First Take/PTI/NBAonTNT

2. The Clippers will realize midway through the season that Chris Paul might leave, and Sterling will do the right thing and fire/hire anyone to get him to stay.

3. Golden State will double their win total, and again look like a team “one player away” from making noise.

4. Sacramento will have many, many suitors for Cousins, but will try and attach every other player to a deal.

5. Phoenix will do better than they should, but late in the season will fall 2 games behind Sacramento.

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  1. I hope that Knicks scenario comes true. I live in New York, but I hate the Knicks and I would love nothing more for the talking bags on ESPN, and all of my Knick loving friends, to be in a complete bitch fit over them all season long.

  2. Well I hate to say this, I like Felton, but explain to me how this team blows the doors off youam

    If you push the ball, who can run you down on the Knicks- Amare?

    If you play pick amd Roll, who covers the help on the weakside? They are not good at rotations.

    They can’t grind the ball, they don’t have the rebounder.

    Think they miss David Lee?

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