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Indiana is the Memphis of the East. Need that ONE part to make them a title contender- they think they have that in Danny Granger, they have to be close right? This team took the Heat to 6 games, and after game 3, Miami radio was ready to fire everyone and dump Bosh for Roy Hibbert. I do like parts of this team, Hibbert is a hidden gem at Center, David West is a hard worker, and they do have the knowledge that they are not far behind the Heat.

Key Free Agent Acquisitions
Gerald Green: Worked himself into the league with 13PPG with the Nets. Might be a good combo with Tyler Hansbrough in unit 2.

D. J. Augustin: As a former Bobcats fan, I’ve hated this pick since day 1, and he’s done squat to change my mind. He’s almost gotten worse every year.

Ben Hansbrough
Sam Young
– won’t make it to the season.

Key Losses to Free Agency

Leandro Barbosa: Eleven points in twenty minutes. A positive assist to turnover ratio. You can’t use him in the second unit?

Jeff Foster
Louis Amundson
Kyrylo Fesenko
A. J. Price
– everyone that scored more than 4 points take 1 step forward.


Hibbert got PAID, but he had to be. If the Pacers are going anywhere, he has to live up to that contract.


Darren Collison/Dahntay Jones for Ian Mahinmi
I like Collison, who can start for quite a few teams. I think he was dropped as to not put too much pressure on Hill, who took the starting job late and looked good.
Mahinmi isn’t bad, but this is YEAR SIX. When you are 6’11, you should have more blocks than turnovers if you play less than 20 minutes a game.
Bad Trade

Miles Plumlee: If he can stay on the court, he could be a monster next year. Has an unreal wingspan with huge range, but will he get in Hibberts way? I almost think they need to play him at Center and run the ball (Can you imagine him with Lawson in Denver?)

Orlando Johnson: Might be the next AK-47, might be the next guy on the And-1 tour.


How long before the Pacers hit the lotto?

I liked them better last year, I think they added VERY little, and lost 3 guys that can score. If Hill is the real deal, then they will be better, but I don’t like the depth, and Larry Bird is leaving a mixed team.
They can D you with George,Tyler,Hibbert, and Plumlee, yet you play those 5 and you are playing 65-62 games. Go with Granger,DJ,Green,West and you are losing 120-105 games.
The best thing they did in the offseason was draft Plumlee, but name me the last Duke frontcourt who didn’t suck other than Elton Brand.

Playoff team, but they need to move Granger, West and/or Hansbrough for a TRUE number 1.

I think the Pacers peaked in Game 3 last year, and no where to go but down.

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