MMA Roundtable 10/26 edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week we have Joao “4 Legs” Pedro, Jim “Arther” Jacobs, and I am David “Tick” Snipes.

1. Phil Davis vs Forrest- better fight than FG/Sonnen?

Joao: It is an interesting fight, but Forrest versus Sonnen would have been more exciting. But I will leave further remarks on Sonnen’s upcoming fight for question 3.

Phil Davis has a good chance to add an important name to his list of wins.

Jim: I think Sonnen vs Griffin would have been more marketable and a more competitive match. Davis is simply going to be way too much for Forrest. Davis will be able to take Forrest down, will be a much more explosive athlete, has a top notch grappling game and will avoid subs. I think Forrest had a better shot of beating Sonnen than beating Davis. This will be a good name win for Davis though

David: Maybe. I’ll tell you the truth, I know what I get with Forrest and with Sonnen. I’m not sure what I get with Phil Davis yet. The last time Mr Wonderful got a main event spot, he looked like poo vs Rashad Evans. FG normally is a great gatekeeper for a title shot. I’d rather see Davis vs Glover and Rampage vs Griffith II to send Rampage home, but I’m more interested in seeing how Davis does and how much he has improved.

2. OK, careers vs careers- whose was better, TUF 1 or Tuf 2?

Joao: Let us compare fighters with fighters. Regarding the winners, Rashad Evans edges Forrest Griffin but Diego Sanchez easily surpasses Joe Stevenson. Then the losers: Brad Imes and Luke Cummo are basically non factors, while Stephan Bonnar has had a decent run and Kenny Florian has had a very good career. Season 1 wins.

What other names stand out from both seasons? Chris Leben, Josh Koscheck and Mike Swick from season 1; Marcus Davis and Keith Jardine from season 2. Again, season 1 wins.
All in all, the originals beat the second wave.

Jim: TUF 1. Rashad Evans is the best MMA fighter of both seasons, but top to bottom the edge goes to seasons one’s cast. Forrest Griffin was a champion, while Josh Koscheck, Kenny Florian, and Diego Sanchez all fought for a title. Chris Leben Nate Quarry, and Mike Swick had decent careers inside the octagon.

David: Maybe I should have asked TUF 1 vs every other year combined but 4 and 5. Maybe season 5 vs Tuf 2 would have been better.

3. Will Sonnen/Jones save TUF?

Joao: Sure, Sonnen will drive some ratings; Bones isn’t exactly an eloquent trash talker, so don’t look for him to get anything going. But it is just a matter of time until TUF has its last season.

Now, what I do find extremely appalling is that the UFC has decided to give Chael Sonnen a Light Heavyweight title shot. That’s probably even worse than previous title shots awarded to Brock Lesnar and Dan Hardy, to mention just two. It is pro wrestling like entertainment, not serious sports. Sonnen has only fought once in the UFC as a 205er, 7 years ago, and it was a loss to Babalu. Plus he is coming off a loss right now. In the short term, this will make money. In the long term, it will destroy the sport.

Jim: No. While they will add to the ratings they will not save TUF. The only thing that will save TUF is having better talent. The past few seasons have displayed very little talent and most of these guys have no business fighting in the UFC. I’m of the mind that the UFC should think about having some of the guys recently cut from the UFC try and fight their way back into the UFC via TUF. I think that would be more exciting than the current lack of talent we are seeing.

David: No. I’m not sure the powers that be have WATCHED Tuf 1 recently. The coaches on that show, Chuck and Randy, you BARELY SAW. Who was the star? Koscheck vs Leben. Sanchez being creepy, and so forth. Season 2? Melvin vs Rashad in the house, Luke Cummo being extra-creepy, Joe Daddy, Mike Whitehead killing his career and of course, Matt Hughes vs Rashad.

4. Last week we did Gilbert, When (not if) Eddie comes to the UFC, who does he fight first?

Joao: I have been amazed by Eddie Alvarez for some years now, but he will never become a champion. It is his “fighting without a brain” gameplan that makes him so exciting but, at the same time, so prone to amassing losses in the process. Only Alvarez can have terrible head movement and lack sidestepping while also having enough speed to KO most opponents.

Give him Gleison Tibau. The Brazilian is very experienced in the UFC alone and, while not a top contender, he is far from a stepping stone.

Jim:  I think a great matchup for Eddie would be Melvin Guiilard.Both guys are wrestler/boxers and both have power in their hands. I also question both of their chins, especially in the case of Melvin, but this fight has fireworks written all over it. Someone would go to sleep.

David: Anthony Pettis. Win or lose against the Cowboy, this guy is exciting, and have that fight kick off a FOX card. I’m sure the Showtime Kick can be done in Slo-mo like the Matrix.

5. More Exciting Fight: Jones/Silva, Silva/GSP or Jones/Cormier?

Joao: Probably Bones versus Anderson. Silva vs GSP has its day and most of the hype has receded. I would also like to point out that I am personally not a huge fan of this type of fights.

Jim: Anderson vs Jones excites me the most. Both are currently the two pound for pound best fighters on the planet, and both are of similar size. I think GSP is just too small for Anderson Silva, and while I think Cormier beats Jones in impressive fashion, I’d rather see the best fighter in MMA history smack Jones around first.

David: Jones/Cormier

Silva’s too giant for GSP, but isn’t going to be able to get out from under Bones.
Cormier isn’t much bigger than Jones, but is almost a polar opposite. Jones is dynamic at range, DC is up close. Jones is allegedly great on the ground, but finishes like Liddell did when an opening is there. DC is awesome at getting you to the ground, but not a dynamic finisher.
Both have stomped former Pride greats (Barnett/Shogun) Jones has Dana touting him as a potential GOAT, DC has Pat Militich saying he could walk though both Jones and JDS.

That’s what I want to see

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