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Denver’s long Melo nightmare is over, but year 1 showed some promise. Danillo Galinari looks like a keeper, and with Ty Lawson looking like the next cusp-of-an-allstar PG of the future, Coach Karl is going with depth over stars, thinking he can come at the Superteams in waves and win (kind of like Chicago did against Ewing, but on a team basis) Denver took the Lakers to the limit, and adding an Olympian/All-Star could only make the Mile High City that much better.

Key Free Agent Acquisitions

Anthony Randolph: I like Randolph, but not as much as I did last year, or the year before that. Randolph is one of those players that should be better and getting more minutes, but isn’t, but chances are he’s going to have a breakout year for someone, and Karl might be the one to benefit.



Key Losses to Free Agency



Chris Andersen: Yes his numbers are down, but he sucked up numbers at PF and could be cheap HARD fouls on Durant/Howard come May.


Denver was part of that Howard Deal, and came out with:
Andre Iguodala

And lost:
Arron Afflalo
Al Harrington
2014 no1 pick

Hard to complain about that- they STOLE Iggy because he’s overpaid, and the Sixers had to absorb some contracts. I’ve always been a Harrington fan, but Iggy was a prize here, if he fits in with the concept, and doesn’t get frustrated on defense, since the rest of the team are Pac-10 level defenders, he could be the centerpiece of this team that Melo simply couldn’t lead.

Evan Fournier (1/20) Overseas project, good shooter, bad defense. Stop me if you have heard this before.

Quincy Miller (2/38) Gotta love a one and doner who already has an ACL surgery under his belt. Good rebounder for his size, fairly good scorer, but again, stop me if you heard this one before, should have stayed in school.

Izzet Turkyilmaz (2/50) And we complete the trifecta, should go overseas. I like this pick, as he’s 22, legit 7-feet and likes to rebound. Could be a great find as soon as he finds the buffet. At 211, he’s gonna get thrown in the second row by the NBA’s low posters.


If they can play together and as one . . .

If Iggy, Galinari and Lawson can play well together with only one basketball, this could be the new Mavs. If not, this teams going to take Karl into retirement. I think they can, I think Iggy is going to love Denver the way he never did Philly, and that is going to lead them to Round 2, where it really depends on the matchup. Can they beat the Lakers? Depends on if Howard has been Kwame’ed by Kobe. But this Denver team beats last years Lakers. Can they beat OKC? Possibly. Iggy on Durant, with Lawson and Westbrook looking like two Beta-fish, that’s possible. I think they beat the Girzzlies and Mavs, but could wear down the Spurs- especially if the Spurs are coming off a tough series.
Long term? Depends on the cap. In a world where Lin got 25M, Galinari could get that from the Nyets, Mavs or Warriors. Cuban and others are going to want Lawson if his jumper develops, and Iggy might look elsewhere as well.
I think the Cap is going to bust this team up in 2-3 years, but its going to be entertaining.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken Fournier is with the team this season. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

    Anyway, I really like the Nuggets. They did steal Iggy and they really do have a good mix of solid players with no real clear star (even though I’m holding out hope for McGee to assume that star mantle). I see this team as a top 3 team in the West.

  2. I knew whoever ended up as the 3rd/4th team(s) on the Howard trade would make a killing.
    This and Philly are my case in point.
    I love George Karl’s philosophy about having a starting lineup of “top 10” guys at their position.
    They are truly deep and the acquisitions of McGee last season and Iggy this offseason will push them into AT LEAST the 2nd round, maybe further when they develop chemistry.

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