NCAA picks

Archie took over sole place of first with an impressive 17-3 record. EJ was 2nd at 16-4, Steve went 14-6, and yours truly went 13-7.

Standings so far:

Archie, 30-6.

DJ, 26-10.

EJ is 24-12

Steve is 23-13.

This week looks like another fairly easy week, but lets see what the panel thinks.

Thursday night

#2 Oregon at Arizona State

DJ: Oregon.

EJ: Oregon.

Archie: Oregon.

Steve: Oregon

#1 Alabama at Tennessee

DJ: Alabama.

EJ: Alabama.

Archie: Alabama.

Steve: Alabama.

#9 South Carolina at #3 Florida

DJ: Florida.

EJ: Florida.

Archie: Florida.

Steve: South Carolina. I think the Gamecocks are going to bounce back after the loss to LSU, Florida’s offense is suspect, and South Carolina wins on the road.

#4 Kansas State at #17 West Virginia

DJ: Kansas State.

EJ: Kansas State.

Archie: Kansas State.

Steve: Kansas State.

BYU at #5 Notre Dame

DJ: Notre Dame.

EJ: Notre Dame.

Archie: Notre Dame.

Steve: Notre Dame.

#6 LSU at #20 Texas A&M



Archie: LSU.

Steve: LSU.

Purdue at #7 Ohio State  

DJ: Ohio State.

EJ: Ohio State.

Archie: Ohio State.

Steve: Ohio State.

Utah at #8 Oregon State

DJ: Oregon State.

EJ: Oregon State.

Archie: Oregon State.

Steve: Oregon State.

Kansas at #10 Oklahoma

DJ: Oklahoma.

EJ: Oklahoma.

Archie: Oklahoma.

Steve: Oklahoma.

Colorado at #11 USC



Archie: USC.

Steve: USC.

#12 Florida State at Miami

DJ: Florida State.

EJ: Florida State.

Archie: Florida State.

Steve: Florida State.

#13 Georgia at Kentucky

DJ: Georgia.

EJ: Georgia.

Archie: Georgia.

Steve: Georgia.

Virginia Tech at #14 Clemson

DJ: Clemson.

EJ: Clemson.

Archie: Clemson.

Steve: Clemson.

#18 Texas Tech at TCU

DJ: Tech.

EJ: Tech.

Archie: Tech.

Steve: Tech.

#21 Cincinnati at Toledo

DJ: Cincinnati.

Toledo: Cincinnati.

Archie: Cincinnati.

Steve: Cincinnati.

#22 Stanford at California

DJ: Stanford.

EJ: California. This is a hunch really. Cal might be 3-4 but they have won their last two games and Stanford is coming off a tough loss at Notre Dame.

Archie: Stanford.

Steve: Stanford.

Michigan State at #23 Michigan

DJ: Michigan.

EJ: Michigan.

Archie: Michigan.

Steve: Michigan.

Minnesota at Wisconsin

DJ: Wisconsin.

EJ: Wisconsin.

Archie: Wisconsin.

Steve: Wisconsin.

Nebraska at Northwestern

DJ: Nebraska.

EJ: Nebraska.

Archie: Northwestern.

Steve: Northwestern.

North Carolina at Duke

DJ: North Carolina.

EJ: North Carolina.

Archie: North Carolina.

Steve: North Carolina.

Baylor at Texas

DJ: Texas.

EJ: Texas.

Archie: Texas.

Steve: Texas.

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  1. I thought about Baylor too. I came pretty close to pulling the trigger but I felt more strongly about Cal beating Stanford then I did about Baylor beating Texas.

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