MMA Roundtable: 10/11 edition

Welcome to the shortened MMA Roundtable, Hopefully we will set the stage for the big fights tonight!

Today we have Joao “Arn Anderson” Pedro and David “Tully Blanchard” Snipes


1. Better Show: Fuel or FX?

Joao: It is close but I will go with Fuel. Both shows had their moments but I was slightly more intrigued with the Fuel match-ups. I think the action was also slightly better.

David: I liked the Fuel card better- I think the UFC is more willing to just throw fights together and see what sticks on the third tier show. Only 1 fight stunk, and the rest were highly entertaining.

2. Is UFC 153 more exciting than either card? Is it more the topping on the cake we have been building?

Joao: UFC 153, on paper, blows the other two mentioned events away. Demian Maia! Jon Fitch (no lay ‘n pray please)! Minotauro! Phil Davis! Lots of star power and a Brazilian crowd. Cannot go wrong with that.

And then there’s the main event. Every time Anderson Silva enters the octagon, it is an event to behold, even if it is against someone who’s clearly overmatched. Everyone is waiting for a remake of Spider vs Forrest Griffin, and the local crowd wants nothing else than a vicious knock-out. And Stephan Bonnar is a nice guy, very well known. It’s a great fight even if it is meaningless in terms of rankings, and even if Bonnar is coming to the fight with a knife against Silva’s machine gun.
Great event in perspective.

David: Oh I love this card! The Main event reeks from a matchmaking standpoint, but as we said on the Podcast, anytime the GOAT enters the cage, you have to be there.


 3. Bigfoot wants Cain to avenge his loss, if Cain loses, do you make that fight?


Joao: It is tradition in MMA for a fighter to lose, get a win after that and immediately call out the guy who had beaten him in the previous fight. So Bigfoot is only following a trend.

That having been said, that fight makes zero sense right now. Velasquez clearly won and he’s a whisker away from a title shot. Bigfoot needs to move on and fight someone else.
David: Calling out Cain is just stupid. I understand the reasoning, but Overeem is a much more sensible fight were a win gives you the same benefit.
4. UFC 151 is cancelled, and the internet explodes, Strikeforce is cancelled, and nobody cared. Why?


Joao:I think the answer lies in the question itself. Strikeforce is virtually dead and the UFC is the undisputed number 1 organization in MMA right now. Even if Strikeforce is owned by the UFC, the events are separate and the level of talent is absolutely different.

David: I think its because people look at the UFC as a collection of fights- take tonight’s card, I’m more excited about Fitch/Silva than Bonner Silva, and I love a lot of guys on this card, Strikeforce is almost like Boxing, the Main even HAS to sell. Plus it was SHOWTIME that killed the card, not the UFC

5. We don’t have another UFC card until Nov 11th, should the UFC have spaced out the past 3 weeks instead of taking so much time before such a lackluster card?

Joao:I actually do not have a problem with this type of spacing. The UFC needs to manage a fine balance between organizing enough events and avoiding the risk of saturating the market. I see no problem, to be honest.

David: I don’t like the spacing of the FREE cards, the UFC should alternate them with the PPVs.Other than that? No complaints.

6. Bellator Q! (If you want more Bellator Qs, send them in) Brett Rodgers lost to Alexander Volkov, was this a good thing, losing a “big name” so early in the season?

Joao: Brett Rogers has always been overrated, he is simply a brawler with heavy hands who happened to knock out a former UFC heavyweight champion. Look at his recent record. Rogers’ draw value for an organization is a dwindling commodity.

Now enter Volkov. Having been following him since his M-1 days, I consider him, at age 23, as one of the main worldwide heavyweight prospects. I look forward to seeing him getting more valuable experience in Bellator and then eventually making the jump to the UFC.
David: Depends on Volkov. If he can continue, he’s got a pelt on his wall that Bellator can throw out there.

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