NFL Picks: Week VI


Welcome to the NFL Picks- Week 6!

Lets go over the standings!

Overall Standings

David:      50-26
28-20 (Weeks 1-3)
Week 4 12-3 / Week 5 10-3

DJ:      46-30
(Weeks 1-3) 23-25
Week 4 12-3 / Week 5 11-2

Dan:       43-33
24-24 (Weeks 1-3)
Week 4 10-5 / Week 5 9-4

DJ has passed Dan on some strong showing in back to back weeks, and climbing!

Thursday, October 11
PIT at TEN 8:20 PM, NFL

Dan: Pittsburgh
DJ: Pittsburgh
David: Pittsburgh

David: I have no idea what’s going on with the Titans, but the Steelers seem to be pulling together on the line. Big Ben is having another plodding year, waiting on the next Baltimore game.

Sunday, October 14
OAK at ATL 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: ATL
David: ATL

DJ: The Raiders have had 2 weeks to get ready for this game and they could be primed to pull the upset, but I don’t really trust them.

CIN at CLE 1:00 PM, CBS
Dan: Cincy
DJ:  Cincy
David: Cincy

Dan: I have no trust in Cleveland. Yes, they started off real well against the Giants but look at the final result of that game turned out. Not good at all. Cincinnati has a pretty solid offense and I don’t think Trent Richardson can win this game for himself in Cleveland. Cincinnati with a two-touchdown victory.

STL at MIA 1:00 PM, FOX
Dan: StL
David: Stl

David: This is a game with two teams going in different directions. The Rams have pieces, and the Fins are not what we (I) thought they were. I like the Rams to get pressure on Tanny, and win going away.

IND at NYJ 1:00 PM, CBS
Dan: Indy
David: Indy

DJ: NYJ. I don’t think the Jets will lose at home to the Colts. This is a game they need to win and I think they will. I just don’t see Andrew Luck going on the road and beating them. The Jets were competitive against the Texans and could have won that game.

David: DJ and I talked about the Jets, and he thinks TO needs to be brought into NJ. I disagree, the Jets need to bring in TO and Chad. What’s the problem here? I don’t see a letdown for the Colts.

DET at PHI 1:00 PM, FOX
Dan: Det
DJ: Philly
David: Det

Dan:What Philadelphia showed last weekend is that Michael Vick still has his turnover problems. I think Detroit is going to take advantage of those turnover problems and it’s not going to be good for Philadelphia. Another note of interest, Detroit is coming off a bye week so they’ve been able to rest up and prepare an extra week for the Eagles. Even worse for Vick and co.

DJ: The Eagles are at home and I think there is something seriously wrong with the Lions.

KC at TB 1:00 PM, CBS
Dan: KC
David: TB

David: KC is coming apart, and for some reason the offensive line is more worried about the fans than blocking the running back moving forward or the QB moving backward. Expect a housecleaning and Marr Barkley in T-Minus 10 weeks

Dan: The reason I’m selecting Kansas City over Tampa is due to the fact that I don’t trust Tampa and I love what Jamaal Charles is doing in the run game for KC. I think that the run game is what is going to be the determining factor in this game.

DAL at BAL 1:00 PM, FOX
Dan: Baltimore
DJ: Baltimore
David: Baltimore

David: Sorry, Cowboys fans, I don’t Romo doing well with Ed Reed looking to stay ahead in the chase for the number 2 spot in the AFC, especially at home.

BUF at ARI 4:05 PM, CBS
Dan: Arizona
DJ:  Arizona
David: Arizona

DJ: The Cardinals at home will be too much for the Bills. Arizona’s defense gets to Fitz and he adds to his 8 interceptions.

NE at SEA 4:05 PM, CBS
Dan: NE
David: NE

DJ: The Seahawks have an impressive defense, but I just don’t see Seattle being able to win this game. NE needs a road win to make some distance between them and the 2nd place teams in the AFC East and I think they get it.

NYG at SF 4:25 PM, FOX
Dan: SF
David: SF

DJ: The 49ers are clicking on all cylinders.

MIN at WSH 4:25 PM, FOX
Dan: Minny
DJ: Minny
David: Minny

Dan: RGII is probably going to play this weekend, but I don’t think that matters. Ponder didn’t perform all that well against Tennessee last weekend, but I think he’ll regroup here and play like he has been playing all season. You also can’t discredit what Adrian Peterson has been doing all season and can do.

GB at HOU 8:20 PM, NBC

Dan: Houston
DJ: Houston
David: Houston

Dan: The first time I’ve picked against Green Bay in over two years. Right now, I just don’t trust them and without Cedric Benson, I trust their offense even less especially with how they played against the Colts. 6.5 yards per play down to four-and-a-half yards per play after Benson went down doesn’t give me much confidence. And it doesn’t help any that this game is in Houston and Houston has been on a tear this season.

Monday, October 15
DEN at SD 8:30 PM, ESPN
Dan: Denver
David: Denver

David: Manning Monday Night Football vs Norv Turner! I have Phillip Rivers starting on my fantasy team after riding Drew Bress to as many wins as the Saints have losses. I just don’t trust the Chargers Defense vs Noodles.

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