NFL Roundtable: 10/11 Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable!

We’ve had a bit of a shakeup here at the table, so lets give a welcome to our new additon: Menua Tsaturyan, who will also be starting up his NBA Roundtable in a few weeks, but coming back is EJ, Dan and David, Next week, Archie takes over, so lets get off his lawn and start with the questions!

1. Are you hating the Refs yet?

Dan: No, they’re still better than the replacement referees were, but I’m not very thrilled with how the games are being called. I feel like the referees still aren’t that good and aren’t calling things like they should. I mean, I didn’t really have too much of a problem with them. But each game since they’ve came back I’ve had multiple complaints, especially in the Packers’ games that I’ve watched.

EJ: No. Not yet. After the long national nightmare of replacement refs, I think the real refs deserve a good long grace period before hatred returns.

David: I told people it would be a short honeymoon for the refs. Had the replacement refs been doing the Saints/game, they would have been crushed JUST as bad as they were during the Seahawks/Packers. Had the Pick-6 vs Brees been the last 5 minutes of the game, it would have been as bad. The replacement refs weren’t as bad as portrayed, and the “real” refs aren’t as perfect as you thought, either. The problem is, neither squads are CONSISTENT, and never will be when they are PART TIME. Simmons went on and on about their other job, like Ref 111 other job, night manager at Target. Well, these guys have other jobs as well, and the unknown unknown is, they wanted a new deal to get BENIFITS from the NFL because they were far and away better than at their other job.

Menua: No. They are doing better than the replacements. I am happy with them back. No need to go back to how things were a few weeks ago.

2. Colts/Packers: Pack that bad, or Colts that good?

Yeah, he’s real goofy when he’s rolling your team, aint he?

Dan: I don’t think the Packers are that bad, but I don’t think the Colts are that good either. I think that a big part of the loss for GB was their poor clock management at the final drive of the game, them taking their foot off the gas once they got a lead and Cedric Benson going down with an injury basically depleted the entire offense. They dropped back to pass 55% of the time and gained 6.5 yards per play while after Benson left the game, that went down to about four-and-a-half yards per play and they dropped back to pass 72% of the time.

EJ: The Packers defense is that bad. Despite the mix of youth and veteran leadership the Packers defense still has not gelled and is 22nd this season in total defense. Andrew Luck looks like Peyton Manning version 2.0 for the Colts, and he should be a fine pro for years to come, but the Packers defense gave the Colts the feel good win of the season. #ChuckStrong

David: Both. The Packers running game is nil, and the defense seems to forget this isn’t two-hand touch. The Colts have some talent, and the new regime isn’t sitting around like the old one and waiting for Peyton to save them.

Menua: A little of both. Andrew Luck is showing that he is the real deal, not a fluke. Most people expected the real deal, and they are getting it. The Packers have been struggling all season. They have not hit their stride yet.

3. Do the Saints lose 10 games?

Dan: I don’t think so. I think they’ll finish the season with a .500 record because I think they have that good of an offense where they can do that. I feel like they’ve just had a slow start to the season but they’ll come around and start winning some more games.

EJ: I didn’t think so before the season but now I really believe the Saints are in serious trouble without Coach Payton. Looking ahead at the Saints schedule, there are some winnable games but 5-11 or 6-10 is very possible for this team.

David: Si. Look at that schedule. 2 vs the Falcons, then the Niners, Giants, @Cowboys. That’s 9 so far, plus the Iggles, Panthers and 2 vs a very scrappy Bucs team. Add to that road games to Denver and Oakland. The “easy” part of the schedule is done for this team.

Menua: No that is stupid to think. Their loss total will be a single digit. I would not be surprised if they finish over .500 or even in the playoffs, regardless of their schedule.

4. Is the NFC West as good as its record?

Dan: I don’t think so. The Cardinals record is extremely deceiving because if you look at statistics, they really aren’t that good. Seattle has a win on their record that shouldn’t be there. The 49ers are the best team in that division, but I don’t think the Rams are that good either. By the end of the year, it’ll even itself out and you’ll see who the true teams are and I feel like SF will be the only one left standing that is a good team.

EJ: The 49ers sure are as they steamroll over their opponents. The rest of the division? Too early to tell. The Seahawks have a tough defense but I’m not too sure the Cardinals or Rams can keep this up.

David: No. I still don’t trust Alex Smith, I still don’t like the Zona or Seahawk QBs and the Rams have monster holes. I still like the NFC South and North going forward as the two best in the NFL, with the AFC North not far behind.

Menua: Offensively, no. I do not like any of those four teams’ offenses. However, those defenses are just great. The Rams not as much but the others are fun to watch on the defensive side of the ball.

5. Who do you believe in more: Texans or Falcons

Dan: Falcons. They have Ryan, Turner, Jones, White and Gonzalez. I trust that offense so much more. Even though Julio Jones has had some big drops the past couple of weeks, I think Jones will fix those drops. The drops hasn’t effected anything negatively yet though, so I don’t think it’s too big of a problem yet. Plus, I think the Texans will start to slow down while the Falcons just haven’t shown any signs of that. Both teams are very good, though, I just think the Falcons are the better team and I have more belief in them.

EJ: The Falcons. Matty Ice and company is one balanced football team. They can run the ball, throw the ball, and have the 10th best defense in the NFL.

David: Falcons. What’s better? Two guys holding M-16s or 1 guy with a 50 cal? The 50cals gonna do more damage, but 2 guys are gonna hurt you more often. Both have great backs and very good defenses, but Julio Jones and Mike Smith give the Falcons the edge.

Menua: Texans. I like their defense better than the Dirty Birds, and I am a firm believer in the run game. Foster/Tate > Turner/Rodgers.



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