NCAA Roundtable

Just two of us this week as Zach and Archie took the week off.

1) Top 5 Power Rankings


1. Oregon- Yes I did! Oregon can run, pass, play defense, and are destroying the competition.

2. Alabama- Are they still the best? Maybe. Could jump right back to #1 with a big win this weekend.

3. South Carolina- Beat..No..DOMINATED Georgia. They clearly proved they are a threat in the SEC and the National Championship.

4. Florida- Big win in the Swamp against LSU puts them in the top 5 for now. They have a brutal schedule remaining ahead of them.

5- West Virginia- Offense is incredible, Defense scares me to death. How they give up 100 plus points in back to back games, and still come away with two wins is beyond me.


1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida
4. South Carolina
5. Kansas State


2) Is Alabama vs Oregon a fore-gone conclusion for the BCS title game?

Stephan- It’s still too early. To say it is a foregone conclusion is a stretch as anything can happen in College Football. South Carolina, West Virginia, and also Notre Dame may have something to say about that.

EJ- Nothing is forgone but as of right now it’s hard for me to see any other team in the title game other than Alabama and Oregon. Both teams appear to be the class of College football and as long as they play up to expectations that will be the Title Game.

3) Fact or Fiction: LSU proved they were overrated in their loss to Florida?

Stephan- FACT!!! Then again I thought they have been overrated all season long. Defense is solid, but they have problems putting teams away.

EJ- Fiction. All LSU proved is that their offense is still shaky. Mettenberger throws a nice football, but the offense as a whole isn’t much better than what it was last year. However, that defense is still stingy and still tough enough to give Alabama a contest when they face off in a few weeks.

4) West Virginia has given up 108 points in the last two games and they are 2-0 in those games. Can this offense carry West Virginia to the BCS title?

Stephan- Geno Smith will say yes! However, put West Virginia against a solid defense like Oregon, Alabama, even Florida and the offense could get shut down.

EJ- In a word? No. West Virginia still has Kansas State and Oklahoma on their schedule. Even though those games are in Morgantown the Wildcats and the Sooners are capable enough of knocking off the Mountaineers.

5) Did TCU make the right choice in suspending Casey Pachall?

Stephan- I want to take my hat off to the brass at TCU. Finally putting integrity first before football. They absolutely made the right decision, even though it probably will cost them a few wins, it was the right move.

EJ- Yes. Pachall may have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, but before this arrest he had a positive drug test in February. He is 21, so he is of legal drinking age but after that drug test, he should have known he was on thin ice.

6) Is Notre Dame making the right choice by adding more ACC games, thus eliminating games with Michigan?

Stephan- For Notre Dame it probably is the right move because it gives them a slightly easier schedule. I don’t like the solid rivalries that will be taken away with Michigan. What will they do next?

EJ- As a Michigan fan I say let them go. Yes, Michigan-Notre Dame have a 125 year history together but in those 125 years they’ve only played each other 40 times. I’ll be happy to see Notre Dame go off in that sunset with Michigan holding the series lead at 23-16-1. Notre Dame to the ACC is a good move for their basketball program, since the Big East is not what it once was. However, since we are discussing football here I will say that now Notre Dame can pad their schedule with the BC’s and Duke’s of the world instead of facing off against Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue.

7) Is the biggest surprise this year, Penn State?

Stephan- As far as wins go, I think so. PSU has overcome so much this offseason, and are playing well, even defeating Northwestern which I thought would never happen. Arkansas is a suprise for losses as I felt they would be a better team and contend for a championship.

EJ- No. Penn State is a prideful program and even after starting out 0-2, I’m not too surprised at how they have bounced back. My biggest surprise is Arkansas. The Razorbacks started out the season as a top 10 team. They lost to Louisiana-Monroe (another surprise) and Rutgers at home. Even with an interim coach in John L. Smith, I expected a better start for them.

8) Has Matt Barkley’s NFL draft stock gone down?

Stephan- Even the best NCAA players can have one or two bad games. As far as Barkley gores, for now, yes his stock is down. However, he still has plenty of season left, and still has plenty of workouts to attend for NFL clubs. A couple games does not matter.

EJ- Too early to tell in my opinion. Yes, he hasn’t looked impressive but he’s also playing for a team that has some depth issues, especially on that offensive line, due to the NCAA sanctions limiting their scholarships. If Matt plays in the Senior Bowl, and performs well at the Combine he should be able to put himself near the top of the draft board.


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  1. Sorry to have missed the roundtable this week, everybody… life interfered with my ability to participate. I’ll be back next week to rant…

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