NCAA picks

Here are results for the panelists last week:

DJ: 13-3

Archie: 13-3

Stephen: 9-7

EJ: 8-8

So, Archie and I were leading the pack and Steve and EJ struggled a bit. It’s a new week and at first glance, it’s an easy week to pick the games.

#1 Alabama at Missouri

DJ: Alabama.

EJ: Alabama.

Steve: Alabama:

Archie: Alabama.

#3 South Carolina at #9 LSU



Steve: South Carolina.

Archie: South Carolina.

#4 Florida at Vanderbilt

DJ: Florida

EJ: Florida

Steve: Florida.

Archie: Florida.

#5 West Virginia at Texas Tech



Steve: WV.

Archie: WV.

#6 Kansas State at Iowa State

DJ: Kansas State.

EJ: Kansas State.

Steve: Kansas State.

Archie: Kansas State.

#17 Stanford at #7 Notre Dame



Steve: ND.

Archie: ND.

#8 Ohio State at Indiana

DJ: Ohio State.

EJ: Ohio State.

Steve: Ohio State.

Archie: Ohio State.

#10 Oregon State at BYU



Steve: Oregon State.

Archie: Oregon State.

#11 USC at Washington 



Steve: USC.

Archie: USC.

#15 Texas at #13 Oklahoma

DJ: Texas. No real reason, just a hunch.

EJ: Oklahoma.

Steve: Oklahoma.

Archie: Oklahoma.

#18 Louisville at Pittsburgh

DJ: Pittsburgh

EJ: Louisville.

Steve: Pittsburgh.

Archie: Louisville.

Tennessee at #19 Mississippi State

DJ: Mississippi State.

EJ: Mississippi State.

Steve: Tennessee. Tennessee looked good against Georgia on the road. Mississippi State is vulnerable, and I see Tennessee with the upset

Archie: Mississippi State.

Syracuse at #20 Rutgers

DJ: Rutgers.

EJ: Rutgers.

Steve: Rutgers.

Archie: Rutgers.

#22 Texas A&M at #23 Louisiana Tech

DJ: A&M.

EJ: A&M.

Steve: Louisiana Tech. I like them against Texas A&M. Tech is riding a wave of momentum and off to one of their strongest starts in school history. They are ranked for the first time this season, and I think they ride the wave to a win at home against the Aggies.

Archie: A&M.

Fresno State at #24 Boise State

DJ: Fresno State.  I like the Bulldogs because the Broncos are starting over and rebuilding on the offensive side of the ball. BSU’s passing offense ranks 67th and the scoring is 77th in the NCAA. This isn’t the same Broncos team that dominated for years under Kellen Moore.

They lost to Michigan State and barely edged 2 teams (7-6 win over BYU and a 32-29 win against New Mexico). I like Fresno to pull the upset on the road.

EJ: Boise State.

Steve: Boise State.

Archiee: Boise State.

Illinois at #25 Michigan

DJ: Michigan.

EJ: Michigan.

Steve: Michigan.

Archie: Michigan

Iowa at Michigan State

DJ: Michigan State.

EJ: Michigan State.

Steve: Michigan State.

Archie: Michigan State

North Carolina at Miami

DJ: Miami.

EJ: Miami.

Steve: North Carolina.

Archie: North Carolina.

Kentucky at Arkansas

DJ: Arkansas.

EJ: Arkansas.

Steve: Arkansas.

Archie: Arkansas.

Lafayette at Yale

DJ: Lafayette.

EJ: Lafayette.

Steve: Lafayette.

Archie: Lafayette.

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  1. Caveat here: I picked Oregon State prior to the news break that they lost their starting QB. I will stick with them, just caveating the pick.

  2. I switched my pick last week when the TCU QB went down. Iowa State pulled it off. I don’t trust a backup QB to win this game against a pretty decent Cougars defense.

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