Season Previews: San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs
Season Preview

The Spurs were supposed to be old.

The age, shortened schedule, the age, the back to backs, the age, the lack of new blood, and did you know they are an OLD team?

That didn’t work out so well, as the Spurs captured the number 1 seed in the West, tied for top record in the NBA, and went into the playoffs with an eight game winning streak. Two sweeps and then 2 games away from the NBA Finals.

Then the wheels came off. I still don’t see how the Spurs lost that badly, that quickly. Several key players (Diaw, Manu, Parker, and Danny Green) didn’t play well, and back home they came.

The powers that be looked at the first 74 games instead of the last 4, and decided to keep going with this core. Lets look at the changes:

Key Free Agent Acquisitions

Good: None

Bad:  None

Key Losses to Free Agency

Good:  None

Bad:  None



Tim Duncan (3years)
Patty Mills


None- This is not a recording.

The Spurs did have a second round pick, a shooter from Mizzou in Marcus Denmon, but he’s going to have to work on his D to get ANY minutes from Tony Parker.


The ORIGINAL Big Three

I expect the same result in the regular season. Duncan has named his exit time, Tony Parker will most likely leave town soon after that (to replace Nash?) Manu to follow shortly, most likely to OKC.
Yup, I’m calling my shots, 3 years out.

The Problem with the Spurs is they are the Oakland As of the NBA, just with Ted Williams taking the hometown discount.

I like the roster, with 3 guys that are going to the Hall of Fame, a solid second unit scorer in Captain Jack, and a defensive stopper in Leonard. If Leonard keeps doing his Bruce Bowen impression, and can do half the job on Durant that Bowen would, this team can beat the Thunder. The Problem is the Lakers, Leonard can’t stop Kobe, and is too short to fight Pau. He’s a bit wasted vs Ron Artest at this stage of the game.The big question mark is Center. If Thiago can shoot free throws and stay on the floor, that makes the Spurs dangerous to any team, I’m not a Diaw fan, and to be honest, I’d rather have Blair on the floor with Duncan than Boris.

Southwest Title, Losing in the West Finals (they would have to play the Thunder then Lakers back to back, with the Lakers getting a rest after sweeping their second round opponent. (Dallas or Nuggets)

Depth Chart

Point Guard    Tony Parker    Patrick Mills    Cory Joseph
Shooting Guard    Danny Green   Manu Ginobili    Gary Neal
Small Forward    Kawhi Leonard    Stephen Jackson
Power Forward    Tim Duncan    DeJuan Blair    Matt Bonner
Center    Boris Diaw    Tiago Splitter

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  1. I counted out San Antonio before last season and was wrong. However, the window on them has to be closing. It’s probably only open a crack right now.

  2. Interesting picks on where Parker/Ginobili will end up. Everyone loves the culture that San Antonio has developed for their team and tries to emulate (see Thunder).

    They were old 3 years ago. At least now the Knicks have them beat, with much less chance of winning a title (Carmelo sucks).

    In other news, when I hear/see “Boris” I immediately think of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

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