NFL Picks, Week V

Weekly picks from Dan, DJ and David, going quick and dirty style!

Thursday, October 4
ARI at STL 8:20 PM, NFL

Dan: Arizona
David: Arizona

DJ: The Cardinals and the Vikings are the 2 most surprising teams right now in the NFL, but I don’t expect them to go 16-0. They will lose at some point and I see no reason why the Rams can’t beat them. Especially, since they play at home and they have been competitive this year. Sam Bradford has played well and I like the way the Rams defense has played also.  Jeff Fisher has helped improve them a lot.

Sunday, October 7
MIA at CIN 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Cincinnati
DJ: Cincy
David: Cincy

Dan: The Dolphins aren’t a good team and I can see Andy Dalton having a real nice game this week, again. When you look at the Dolphins, you don’t see that they have much. The only reason they had such big gains last weekend was due to lack of communication with the safeties and secondary of the Cardinals. But the Bengals are a better offensive team and the Dolphins won’t stand a chance.

GB at IND 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Green Bay
David: GB

Dan: The Packers have a great offense and it looks to be finally coming to pieces and is starting to flow like it should. They face a bad Colts’ team who aren’t going to play like the Saints did last weekend and the Packers’ offense should have no problems passing all over the Colts’ secondary. Basically, it’s Andrew Luck vs Aaron Rodgers and Rodgers is easily going to come out victorious.

BAL at KC 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Baltimore
David: Baltimore

DJ:KC might be the one of the worst teams in the League, even with their 1 win. The Ravens are going to beat them down. Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will prove to be too much for the Chiefs.

CLE at NYG 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: New York Giants
David: NYG

DJ: The Browns are bound to get an upset win sooner than later, but I have to go with the Gmen.

PHI at PIT 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Philadelphia
DJ: Pitt
David: Pitt

Dan: I have this as an upset pick. I think that Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy are going to have monstrous games this week and finally start playing like they should. The Eagles also have a strong defense which is going to help contain Big Ben and co. While I don’t trust Andy Reid too much, I don’t think that he’ll screw it up too bad this week and the Eagles’ offense will succeed.

ATL at WSH 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Atlanta
DJ: Atlanta
David: ATL

David: Carolina finally showed some fire vs a MUCH better team, and to be honest, a better DC, and they win that game. They had many many chances to take that game. Seattle has a MONSTER horseshoe up its ass, and its gotta fall out soon.

CHI at JAC 4:05 PM, FOX

Dan: Chicago
David: CHI

Dan: They played extraordinarily well against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football forcing Tony Romo to throw for five interceptions. The Jaguars are an even worse team than Dallas and I can’t see Jacksonville having any success this week. Only concern I have is the quarterback situation for the Bears, but since it is Jacksonville, that quarterback concern isn’t an issue.

TEN at MIN 4:25 PM, CBS

Dan: Minnesota
DJ: Minny
David: MIN (what?)

Dan: Minnesota has been surprising this season in how they’ve done, but since Chris Johnson hasn’t really gotten anything going this season besides last week, the Vikings are going to be victorious with Ponder throwing the ball well and Adrian Peterson back to his normal form. Plus, Minnesota is at home.

DEN at NE 4:25 PM, CBS

Dan: New England
David: NE

Dan:In a rematch of Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, I don’t think these teams stack up very fairly at all. The Patriots are the much better team, they’re at home, and they should have a lot of success this week. They had a huge comeback against Buffalo last weekend that just makes me reassured that this game is going to be a blowout. Or at least should be in favor of the Patriots.

BUF at SF 4:25 PM, CBS

Dan: San Francisco
David: SF

DJ: The 49ers are at home and the Buffalo defense is awful. They were leading 21-7 when the Pats outscored them, 45-7. Alex Smith isn’t that great, but SF’s defense may intercept Ryan Fitzpatrick and may have a pick-6 or 2.

SD at NO 8:20 PM, NBC

Dan: New Orleans
David: NO

David: Sean Payton is in the building, and Brees takes a record from Johnny U.

Monday, October 8
HOU at NYJ 8:30 PM, ESPN

Dan: Houston
DJ: Houston
David: Houston

David: Houston is simply the best team in the NFL, and not even the power of Tebow can save the Jets

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