NCAA picks

#23 Washington at #2 Oregon

DJ: Oregon.

EJ: Oregon

Archie: Oregon.

Steve: Oregon

#4 LSU at #10 Florida

DJ: LSU. I believe the Tigers weren’t taking Towson as seriously as they should have.  I think they were looking ahead to this game and  I think LSU comes out and wins an important SEC game. Not to mention, the Tigers running game is very impressive and the Gators haven’t faced a team like LSU yet.

EJ: Florida.

Archie: Florida.

Steve: Florida.

#5 Georgia at #6 South Carolina

DJ: SC. The Bulldogs get gashed on the ground. They allowed 199 yards to Buffalo and 197 yards to the Vols. That’s their weakness and I absolutely love Marcus Lattimore. The kid is a beast. South Carolina’s defense is awesome, allowing just 11.2ppg, 6th in the Nation. The Gamecocks are legit on the defensive side of the ball. Georgia might have a great offense, but they haven’t faced a defense like SC’s yet. Plus, the Gamecocks are at home in a tough SEC game.

EJ: Georgia

Archie: Georgia.

Steve: Georgia.

#8 West Virginia at #11 Texas

DJ: West Virginia.

EJ: West Virginia.

Archie: West Virginia.

Steve: West Virginia.

Miami at #9 Notre Dame

DJ: Notre Dame. I like the Irish at home. Miami’s defense isn’t that good and I love ND’s defense. Defense wins this game.

EJ: Miami. Notre Dame is overrated. Sorry but they are. They are a 4-0 team that could have easily been 2-2. Their offense is weak and their defense is getting a lot of credit for beating Michigan and Michigan State, two teams with inconsistent offenses. The reason I like Miami in this game is that I like their bounce back efforts in their wins over Georgia Tech and NC State. Their offense and defense is putting the debacle at Kansas State behind them.

Archie: Notre Dame.

Steve: Notre Dame.

#21 Nebraska at #12 Ohio State

DJ: Ohio State.

EJ: Ohio State.

Archie: Ohio State.

Steve: Nebraska. Ohio State has not looked great in any of their wins this season. They edged Michigan State last week, but this is their biggest test. Nebraska can score, and the Ohio State defense may have trouble stopping the Huskers and keeping them out of the end zone. I like Nebraska in a close game.

Georgia Tech at #15 Clemson

DJ: Clemson

EJ: Clemson

Archie: Clemson.

Steve: Clemson.

Arizona at #18 Stanford

DJ: Stanford.

EJ: Stanford.

Archie: Stanford.

Steve: Stanford.

#24 Northwestern at Penn State.

DJ: Penn State. I just like the Lions at home. They started 0-2, but they have had 2 good wins in a row to get the monkey off their backs so to speak. 

EJ: Northwestern. They’re 5-0. They have got some good play out of Colter and Sieman, their two quarterbacks. Although, Colter plays a little receiver at times. 

Archie: Penn State.

Steve: Northwestern is just  the better team by far. Penn State hasn’t beaten anyone of relevance.

#25 UCLA at California



Archie: UCLA.

Steve: UCLA.

Arkansas at Auburn

DJ: Arkansas. I just like the Hogs to win this game. They still have a good QB in Tyler Wilson and Auburn just isn’t that good in my opinion. This game to me is a tossup really and I have a hunch that Arky wins it. 

EJ: Auburn.

Archie: If you had told me preseason both would be 0-2 in the conference at this point I would have told you to quit hitting the bong. I see Arkansas getting their first conference win this week.

Steve: Auburn.

Virginia Tech at North Carolina

DJ: Virginia Tech.

EJ: Virginia Tech.

Archie: Virginia Tech.

Steve: Virginia Tech.

Illinois at Wisconsin

DJ: Wisconsin

EJ: Illinois. This is really just a hunch, a roll of the dice. I just have the feeling that Wisconsin has to be gutted at what happened last week against Nebraska and they come out flat against the Illini.

Archie: Wisconsin.

Steve: Wisconsin.

Texas A&M at Ole Miss. 

DJ: Texas A&M

EJ: Texas A&M

Archie: Texas A&M.

Steve: Steve: Call it a hunch because that’s all it is. I think that Mississippi playing Alabama last week gave them a tough test. Texas A&M is new to the SEC and that lack of experience in the conference will help Mississippi pull this out at home.

Couple obscure games to see who knows what.

Utah State at BYU


EJ: Utah State. I don’t know who this BYU team is. Is it the team that lost to Utah and then was flat against Boise State or is this the team that beat down Hawaii last week. I’m going with Utah State at Provo because they’ve looked strong in their five games, and they came pretty close to beating Wisconsin at Camp Randall (lost 16-14.)

Archie: BYU.

Steve: BYU.

Louisiana Monroe at Middle Tennessee



Archie: ULM.

Steve: ULM.

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  1. 39-6 in college pick’em on another website. This is my 3rd week. Have a few “upsets”/differences than the rest of the panel.

  2. I might sound like Mark May in picking against Notre Dame but I truly don’t see the hype with them. Every time ND gets off to a good start it seems like people start drinking the Irish Kool-Aid.

  3. I wouldn’t go that far, Steve. A lot of us got our start at the other site. It has issues, but it’s not awful either. The intrernet is big enough for multiple websites to co-exist.

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