The Roundtable is back once again with newcomer EJ replacing DJ, we have Archie and David still participating along with myself, Dan.

1. Week 3 MVP

Archie: I am going to go with a homeristic pick for a player. Big Ben gets my vote even though they lost the game. He passed for 4 TDs and best yet, he did not turn the ball over. I wish I could say the same for his teammates.

EJ: I would like to nominate the entire Arizona Cardinals squad, but I’ll go with Kevin Kolb. 17-24 222 yards and 2 touchdowns. He and his team get the victory over his former team the Eagles and Mike Vick. I’ve read that Kolb and Vick are friends, but I’m sure that win meant a lot to Kevin Kolb especially after how he was dealt with in Philadelphia.

David: Gotta go with Kolb. Went back home and lit up the Eagles and actually made the Cards look dangerous.

Dan: I’m sorry, but I have to give it to Torrey Smith. He had two touchdowns and a big game (150 receiving yards), not even 24 hours after his brother died. That’s big, and I think he deserves the MVP for Week 3 after that performance.

2. Game of the week for Week 4?

Archie: There is not much to choose from this week since my Steelers have a bye (Just kidding). I guess the game I will be most to see is the Oakland vs. Denver.

EJ: Ok. Homer pick. Jets vs Niners. Why? The Niners losing to the Vikings last week gave me hope that they are not as unbeatable as they looked against the Packers and Lions. No. The Jets have a chance even without Revis, even with no rushing attack and a shaky Mark Sanchez? Why am I so confident? TebowCat. If anyone can lead the Jets to an improbable victory it’s Timothy Richard Tebow. He’s going to get the snaps and be put into prime play making position. I call it: upset special!

David:NO vs GB. Neither team is playing well, but a NO loss almost kills them this year, and a GB loss puts them almost out of the discussion for homefield.

Dan: I have to agree with David. Saints vs. Packers. Packers are looking to rebound after that tragic call against them — more on that later — and the Saints are still winless on the season and are extra hungry for their first victory.

3. What are your thoughts on the ending the Green Bay-Seattle game?

Archie: Pathetic. As a fan of neither team, I can honestly say what a bunch of garbage. You know it’s bad when the President comments on poor officiating. I was watching just like a million others, and I said then and there that will go down as one of the worst calls in NFL history.

EJ: It’s ridiculous that Seattle was awarded a touchdown. Jennings caught that ball, pinned it to his chest and then fell in the back of the endzone. It’s an interception no matter how hard you try to spin it in favor of the Seahawks. However, this was the moment needed for Roger Goodell and the NFL owners to realize that they need to let the real referees get a larger slice of that NFL pie.

David: Sad. Tie goes to the offense, but the endzone was crowded by everyone- NFL security should be embarrassed by that. The NFL is not helping the refs, and that is what caused this. You had cameras and reporters while the refs were still untangling the pile, for cryin out loud!

Dan: Oh, I was yelling at my television, all right. That game was ridiculous. Not only was I extremely unhappy with the officiating all night (phantom players getting pass interference called on them, etc) I was extremely upset with how they handled the ending of the game. And even more upset that Goodell and the NFL offices actually agreed and said it was a touchdown. Not only did the referees miss a clear pass interference on Tate (in which his post-game comments were equally ridiculous claiming he “didn’t know” what the reporter was talking about when asked about him pushing off) but the referees also couldn’t get the call right among themselves and it was clear that M.D. Jennings had possession. He had two hands on the ball and secured it all the way to his chest until he hit the ground. That defines a catch and possession. Not sure why, just because Tate had an arm around Jennings and not securely on the ball, they couldn’t realize the rules. I’m just happy the real referees are back.

4.Do you agree with the fines given to Belichick and Kyle Shanahan for their conduct towards officials?

Archie: Absolutely for Belichick, you don’t put  your hands on an official no matter how bad he or his comrades are. As for Shanahan, I’m not so sure. If those guys step on the field and make such bad calls what do they expect? A little ass chewing should be allowed; just no physical contact.

EJ: In a word? No. In more words? The fines are ridiculous. These coaches are invested in the game and they do not want to see some rejects from the lower divisions of the NCAA, CFL, the Arena Football league, and the Lingerie football league make bogus calls that can cost them a victory. Like what happened in Seattle.

David: Yup. There needed to be more, scrubs or not, they are in the foot locker gear.

Dan: I would’ve given Shanahan more of a fine. You can’t chase after the officials into the tunnel. That’s a little far. But I definitely agree with Belichick’s fine. You can’t touch a referee. Plain and simple.

5. Is Joe Mays punishment fair for his hit on Matt Schaub?

Archie: I have not been a big proponent of all the new enforcement of the so called “wussification” of the NFL. But given the letter of the new rules and all, yea, why not. He was as flagrant as any other guy that hits high. The moment I saw the play I knew he would be fined. I could not see where he “launched” himself. He was coming at Schaub’s left side so I can only think he felt like he was just going to run him over. Unfortunately, he “ear holed” him with the spear of his helmet. Being a Steelers fan, (James Harrison in particular) I would have to say that the 1 game suspension has to be given as well.

EJ: I guess. Don’t feel too strongly for or against the punishment. It’s a hard hit but it’s also a hit in the field of play. It could have gone either way for me.

David: Define fair.

Dan: I think so. Can’t have helmet-to-helmet hits and it was clear he didn’t care about the rules when he slammed into Schaub’s ear which resulted in part of Schaub’s earlobe being sliced off. So yes, a one-week suspension is fair to me.

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  1. I was so wrong on that homer pick. So so wrong. That pick looks even worse now that the roundtable posted after the fact.

    Damn the Jets. Damn Sanchez. Damn Tebow. I’m going to have to get drunk to even watch Jets games now.

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