NBA Previews: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat had arguably the best season in team history last year. They proved to the basketball world that combining superstar talent together can produce a championship. However, their team was not perfect. They had questions to be answered in the front court and on their bench. The latter got some work but the same cannot be said about the front court.

Can Miami’s “Big Three” get them another ring this season?

Key Free Agent Acquisitions


Ray Allen– He has the most three pointers made in history, and he has taken whatever is left of his talents to South Beach. Allen is old and nowhere near what he used to be, but he can provide veteran leadership (as if the Heat needed more) and more championship experience.

Rashard Lewis– I am not crazy about this signing, but it is not too costly. This one could go under good or bad, but I think Lewis will be able to do enough for the Heat. He was a threat in his prime from distance, and if he can get some sort of rhythm back, that will help open up the lanes for Wade and James.

Bad: None

Key Losses to Free Agency

Good: None

Bad: None

Re-Signings: None


Arnett Moultrie– Heat had a good pick here…until they traded Moultrie away to Philly for the 45th pick in the same draft and a future first-rounder. They need a center and passed on one here. It could prove to be a bad decision. Not just now, but for the Heat’s future.

Justin Hamilton– Ok, so the Heat trade away a center for a second-rounder in the same draft, draft a center who is not nearly as good, and now that center is not in the NBA. Is it fair to say the Heat did not do a fantastic job at the draft this year?


It has not been an eventful offseason in terms of signings for the Heat. Their bench got slightly better, but their front court is still a big question mark. Lucky for them, they have LeBron James. Having Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh does not hurt either. The Miami Heat will finish first in the Southeast division and in the Eastern Conference.

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  1. Miami will never get any decent draft picks during the Big 3 era. They will continue to sign old guys that want a ring until Lebron can’t play anymore.

    While I like watching the Heat play, I don’t like the precedent that they set forth in putting together their team.
    “Hey, come play with me in (insert city). We’re both all-stars and can win a championship.”

    Being a fan in a small market, I’m constantly in fear that major players on my team will want to be traded to NY, LA, etc.
    Considering this, I strongly hope someone can step up and knock them off.
    As long as they stay on top the rest of the NBA suffers.

  2. I agree with you on the draft pick but if I remember correctly Tom Penn on draft night did state that the Heat are pretty far into luxury tax territory and didn’t want to take on the guaranteed salary of Moultrie.

  3. I agree about them not getting good draft POSITION but not that they won’t get good picks. Pat Riley is considered a basketball mastermind. He should be able to find guys late in the first round and deeper into the draft. Now, I understand that’s not ALWAYS the case. Not all drafts are loaded, but look at what San Antonio does with their drafting. They have become too good at it. When they pick someone and people have not heard of them they automatically assume they are a good player. Popovich is a wizard and Riley is considered one as well. Draft position cannot always be an excuse.

    Also, I agree with you about people wanting to get up and go to Miami, L.A., etc. I don’t want the team to go into that direction because then a lot of people want to be on those teams. However we already have two super teams (three if you want to count Brooklyn). Hopefully the league starts to control them.

  4. True, POSITION. I hope the league does take more drastic measures to prevent these SUPERTEAMS. It is rather nice when a superteam is put together and hyped up, only to flop because of lack of chemistry.
    I was upset when Chris Paul left New Orleans, but now I’m glad that he’s in exactly the same position. He’ll sign with the Knicks next summer.

    San Antonio is just a great franchise all around. Everyone is modeling their team after them, the most viable being OKC. When small market teams succeed the NBA succeeds as a whole.

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