MMA Roundtable: 9/28 Edition

 The MMA Roundtable: 9/28 edition

Welcome to the MMA RT.The Crew, as always, contains Joao “Electro” Pedro, Jim “Mysterio” Jacobs, Collin “Rhino” Caprini, and as I am your host, David “Kraven” Snipes.

Lets get to the questions!

1. What was more stunning, Vitor doing as well as he did, or Jones not tapping to the armbar?

Joao: If “neither” is a possible answer then I will go with the armbar. Because it looked deep, because both men were not sweaty (or too sweaty) yet, and also because there was/is a post fight debate as to whether the arm snapped or not.
It was fully extended and, looking at the way Jones appeared at the post event press conference, it did damage. Whatever the case, kudos to the champion for gutting it out.

Jim: Same with me. Neither was stunning. I thought the odds should have been much closer than they were because Belfort is a highly skilled fighter. Vitor had the arm bar on deep and tight, but wasn’t able to get enough leverage to do real damage. Nice job by Jones to escape the arm bar, but it wasn’t the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

Collin: Neither really. Vitor is the man, I told you before the fight that Vitor is an absolutely legit ADCC level grappler. I was more surprised that Jones was able to use his front foot side kick to keep the distance so well. Not a strategy you see often enough in MMA, and one of my personal favorites in Tae Kwon Do.

David: See folks, this is what you call a failed question. I’ll take Vitor though, Jones is a devastating striker, and Vitor has been beaten quickly in the past, and has a lot of dents on that chin, yet he took Jones where only Rampage and Rashad has.

2. Did Bisping do enough to get the next title shot?

Has he climbed to the top of the rankings?

Joao: Bisping was on a roll before the Sonnen fight. Even with his win over Stann, the loss to Sonnen still haunts his title shot. He has an advantage, which is the fact that he has never had a title shot in the UFC.
That having been said, I would like to see him beating another top contender before getting a title shot. Even more so because Weidman should have, as it is right now, a better chance at having the next title shot.

Jim: No. Bisping is on a 1 fight win streak over a borderline top 10 MW in Brian Stann. I don’t see how that gets one a title shot. Chris Weidman deserves the shot, but has a fight with Tim Boetsch. After Weidman beats Boetsch, he’ll either get the title shot or Bisping vs Weidman will be setup for the #1 contender match.

Collin: Who knows?  In my opinion he and Weidman are at about the same level of contendership.  Have those two duke it out and feed the winner to Anderson to destroy.

David: The obvious answer is to pit him vs Weidman, but if that doesn’t happen, or Weidman gets hurt, an Anderson vs Bisping is a A-level PPV bout and they could sell out the biggest arena in Europe.

3. Who do you throw Cub Swanson to next?

Joao: What about Cole Miller? “Magrinho” has his back to the wall with 2 straight division losses and it would be another recognizable opponent for Cub. The clash of styles would be interesting.

Jim: Swanson deserves to fight a highly ranked FW. I think Erik Koch makes some sense. Koch is coming off 4 straight wins, 2 in the octagon and I think their styles would make for a very exciting fight. I don’t see Koch getting the title shot right away now, so let’s make Swanson vs Koch. The fight has fireworks written all over it.

Collin: I say stick him there with another high level, but not top 3, FW. Someone like Hatsu Hioki or perhaps Bartimus. Although a guy like Money Mendes wouldn’t be too much of a stretch either, I love seeing Cub fight either way.

David: Just so you know, we all see the previous answers, Joao goes first, blind, Jim adds his, Collin adds his, and I go last. I’ve been told we are going skinniest to fattest, and that’s ok. I would have NEVER thought of Cole Miller, but I love that fight.

4. What fight are you looking forward to on Saturday the most? Who you got winning?

Joao: For this upcoming UFC on Fuel event, the fight I am most looking forward to is the clash between Dan Hardy and Amir Sadollah. Bad boy Hardy is fighting on his home turf and Sadollah is going to outmatch Dan with his technical Muay Thai and underrated ground skills. Look for a “Fight of the Night” performance for both fighters, with Amir making the home crowd restless.
Question is: if Hardy loses, is he cut from the UFC?

Jim: Miocic vs Struve. I don’t think the fight will last long, but I’m very interested in seeing two young Heavyweights throw down. Will Struve show continued improvement in his standup? Will Miocic be able to use his boxing and get inside Struve? And if Miocic uses his wrestling, will he be able to avoid a triangle or arm bar from Skyscraper. In the end I see Miocic rocking Struve, who gets hit rather easily, being smart and taking his time while finishing Struve via TKO early in the fight.

Collin: Che Mills vs Duane Ludwig should be a fun fight. None of the other matchups look enticing to me at all.

David: Che might be the first TUF-tryout fighter to lose but make it to the show, he keeps getting this run as this world beater prospect, and keeps stepping on his dick. Bang is limited, but entertaining. Reminds me of Chris Lytle.

5. Scale of 1-10, how much do you care?

Joao: Bearing in mind that it is a free event, I will give it a 7. The British audience really get behind their fighters and most of the fights have a feeling of “UK vs Rest of the World” (ok, so “Rest of the World” is a meager 3 countries, but still…
Hardy vs Amir should provide fireworks and the main event features Stefan Struve who, at only 24 and with that enormous reach, can eventually become champion one day.

Jim: I’ll say 6.5. Most of these fights don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but there are some very intriguing fights here. I’m excited in the main event, Hardy vs Sadollah will be solid as will Sass vs Wiman. Really looking forward to Pickett vs Jabouin. Overall a very solid and entertaining card.

Collin: 4.  This is quite frankly an awful card, one of the first cards I’ve seen in a while where if I had something else to do I would.

David: Meh, 5. I look at free cards as PPV pre-lims. If this was a UFC 155 prelim show on FX? This would be great. But I’m not taking off work and dropping a C-note if this card is in Shreveport.

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