Free Book from Rich Stowe: The Life Story of Jacob the Rottweiler

Rich has published a short story about a Rottweiler named Jacob that he and his wife rescued while they were stationed in England.

The story describes Jacob’s life from being an abused puppy to getting rescued by Rich and his wife and how he became a beloved family member.  The book isn’t very long (about 40 pages in print), but you’ll laugh and you’ll cry as you read it.  You’ll read about the initial issues the family had in rescuing an abused dog, the issues with moving from England to Oklahoma and then to Virginia and finally, how their world came crashing down in October 2005.

After reading this story, hopefully you’ll see that even an abused puppy can become a cherished member of the family and hopefully it will inspire you to either go out and adopt a dog of your own or at least recall memories of dogs you’ve owned in the past.

Rich’s book is available in print and for the Kindle in the US, England, India, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.  Here are the links for the US version:

Print Version on Amazon

Right now, the Kindle version is FREE until October 1.


Rich Stowe has written many articles for,, and focusing mainly on the historical and analytical aspects of baseball.  He is also a huge animal lover and supporter.

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