NFL Picks: Week 4

Week 4: NFL Picks
Welcome to Week 4 of the Picks, the unanamous picks last week went 4-9, David took all 3 of the differing picks, with Dan going 2-1 and DJ 0 fer 3.

Overall Standings
David: 28-20
Dan: 24-24
DJ: 23-25

DJ: Fracking 4-12? Upsets galore screwed me up this past weekend. It’s okay, I’m coming back with a vengeance this weekend. Putting you on notice, David. Not worried about Dan the Man. He’s blowing clouds. He he he.

Thursday, September 27
CLE at BAL 8:20 PM, NFL

Dan: Baltimore
DJ: This could be an upset alert because the Browns are playing competitive football, but I just can’t pick them. Baltimore.
David: Balt

Dan: There is no way that I can see the Cleveland Browns coming out and stopping Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. After the week that Torrey Smith had last week after the death of his brother, I don’t think that he’ll put up the same kind of numbers, but he is still going to have another good game. The Browns aren’t a good team and I can’t see them competing with the Ravens’ offense. And their defense will stop Richardson and whatever else they have on offense. Ravens win.

Sunday, September 30
CAR at ATL 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Atlanta
DJ: Atl.
David: Atl, dammit.

David: Atl was the next team on my list after GB, to make the Superbowl. So far this year, they have done nothing but blow by GB to the top spot. Carolina has run hot and cold, and will not get hotter than Matt Ryan.

NE at BUF 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: New England
DJ: Another possible upset alert, but the Patriots.
David: NE

Dan: An upset alert, DJ? Sorry, but that couldn’t be more wrong. The Patriots are going to cruise to this victory. I can’t see the Patriots actually keeping this a close game. Yeah, they’ve had a couple of bad games the last couple of weeks, but this week is where they are going to turn things around again and start going back to how they should be playing. You won’t be able to stop Tom Brady this week. Can’t see it from Buffalo and a not-100% C.J. Spiller.

MIN at DET 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Detroit
DJ: Detroit.
David: Detroit

Dan: While Minnesota was able to defeat the 49ers last week, they aren’t going to be able to upset two teams two weeks in a row with the Lions being able to get the best of them. Plus, you have to remember the week that the Lions are coming off of — an overtime loss against Tennessee in which the Titans had five 60-yard touchdowns in the game. Kind of ridiculous and the Lions definitely won’t allow that to happen again. Look for a nice victory for Detroit, especially at home.

SD at KC 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: San Diego.
David: SD

DJ: The Chargers got pounded hard by the Falcons and Chiefs pulled off an upset against the Saints. KC’s upset was mildly surprising, but it just seems to be par for the course for New Orleans. They are  having a lot of things going wrong and looking back, it doesn’t shock me too much. The Chargers have a solid defense and I just trust Philip Rivers a little more than I do Matt Cassel.

SEA at STL 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: Seattle
DJ: Seattle.
David: STL

DJ: The Seahawks have a pretty good team and the Rams are improved, but they still lack some scoring punch. Seattle’s defense was very impressive on Monday night against the Packers with 8 sacks in the first half and St.Louis is comming off the worst offensive performance of the season. Not to mention, the Rams are without center Scott Wells and tackle Rodger Saffold. So the chemistry along the OL isn’t going to very good. Sam may get pressured into some bad passes.

David: I’m still drinking the Fisher kool-aid, I have to think they are better than they show, and lord knows the Seahawks owe the football gods a win. This is almost a “they have to be better than this” pick. I’ve taken a lot of crap over my belief that the Rams are just too talented to suck this bad.

SF at NYJ 1:00 PM, FOX

Dan: San Francisco
David: SF

DJ: I want to take the Jets because they are at home, but don’t trust them. Not with Darrelle Revis out for the year and NY thinking about playing backup running back Joe McKnight as a backup/nickel cornerback. The 49ers win and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was by double digits.

TEN at HOU 1:00 PM, CBS

Dan: Houston
DJ: Hou
David: Hou

David: You could get good odds right now on a Houston/ Atlanta SB right now, and Fox executives stabbing each other in the halls. Tennessee got a gift win last week, it won’t happen again.

OAK at DEN 4:05 PM, CBS

Dan: Denver
DJ: Den
David: Den

DJ: I want to take the Raiders, but I think Manning (after 2 subpar performances against Atlanta and Houston) has a big game against our suspect CB’s. The Raiders play well in the thin air, but I can’t trust my team to win this one. Arizona’s defense has been solid, but I like Reggie Buish to have a huge game. He’s averaging 6 yards per carry

MIA at ARI 4:05 PM, CBS

Dan: Arizona
DJ: Mia
David: Ari

DJ: This the game I am picking as an upset. Arizona has been great in starting 3-0, but I think they slip up somewhere along the way. Beanie Wells is injured and he won’t be playing. The Dolphins have been competitive (except for the Texans game) and I think they win this game. In 2010, Bush ran 5 times for 84 yards and I think he’ll be tough for the Cards defense to contain.

David: I know you are trying to close the gap DJ, but this isn’t the way to do it. Zona’s defense is for REAL, and Patrick Peterson is everything I said he would be. Kolb looked like he should have when he got that giant contract. I’m looking for Larry to have a pretty good game. Reggie Bush is going to keep it close, but not for long.

CIN at JAC 4:05 PM, CBS

Dan: Cincinnati
DJ: Cincy
David: Cincy

David: Jacksonville has a good defense, and Cincy should be playing better. I think the Bengals get back on track, use the run to setup the pass, and ride AJ to an easy 2nd half victory.

NO at GB 4:25 PM, FOX

Dan: GreenBay
David: GB

Dan: After that awfulness of what happened on Monday Night Football, the Packers are definitely going to be looking to win this week. They have to and they’re going to be hungry. But, at the same time, they need their defense to step up and be able to stop the Saints’ offense. While New Orleans hasn’t been the same this year as they have in the past, they still are winless on the season which means they’re also looking for a win and there winless streak has to end at some point. I just don’t see it being this week.

WSH at TB 4:25 PM, FOX

Dan: Tampa Bay
David: TB

David: I still have no idea what to do with this Bucs team. The Redskins are a different matter, decent offense, if undisciplined. I’ll take the Bucs, for no good reason but the home crowd.

NYG at PHI 8:20 PM, NBC

Dan: Philadelphia
DJ: Philly.
David: NYG

David: Philly is falling apart, and the Giants just took a better version of Vick apart. Eli is just scary right now, and I think he could turn the three of us into the Three Amigos in a snowstorm.

DJ: I just like the Eagles at home and think they come motivated to play after their embarrassing performance against the Cards (a 27-6 loss). Eli is the best passer in the League right now, but that plays into the strength of the Philly defense, the secondary. I think they will do a good job of using different defensive looks and getting Eli confused. I think they win a nail biter.

Monday, October 1
CHI at DAL 8:30 PM, ESPN

Dan: Chicago
DJ: Dallas.
David: Chi

DJ: I like the Cowboys because they are at home. Plus, I think the Cowboys pass rush is going to be impersonating Seattle’s defense this past Monday. Chicago’s OL is a mess and Jay Cutler is pushing his O-linemen around. Cutler is coming off a disappointing performance against the Rams and Dallas isn’t going to be much easier. Plus, I think Romo can exploit the Bears secondary with Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Kevin Ogletree.

David: Cutler always plays better when he’s hated. The Bears defense is awesome, and Jason Witten hasn’t done crap this year, the Cowboys have completely forgotten the underneath game. The Bears will force the Cowboys to use the middle of the field, and the Bears happen to have a pretty good guy back there, you might have heard of him.

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