NBA Previews: Charlotte Bobcats

The Charlotte Bobcats statistically had the worst season in the history of the NBA last year. They made a couple of signings and did a good job good drafting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. However, it will not be enough to push them up a spot from last place in the Southeast division, let alone into the playoffs.

Will this season leave the Bobcats smiling?

Key Free Agent Acquisitions


Ramon Sessions– Last year was a strange season for Sessions. He went from the Cavaliers, who were out of a playoff spot, to the Lakers, who were towards the top of the playoff picture. Alas, he struggled throughout the playoffs and chose not to stay with the Lakers. He signed a two year deal worth $10 million. A good signing for the ‘Cats on the court and financially.

Brendan Haywood– He won’t bring much to the Bobcats statistically, but he is a type of player every team would like to have. He takes up space in the paint and is a strong defender. He is not going to put up double-doubles but he will bring a good defensive presence and aggressiveness to the team.

Bad: None

Key Losses to Free Agency

Good: None


D.J. Augustin– This man is one of the most underrated point guards in the league. That is probably due to the fact that he was on the Bobcats. Regardless, Augustin is a good point guard and does not turn the ball over. He has not put up a lot of points per game so far in his career (highest 14 in 2010-2011), but he is capable of becoming a consistent 14-7 guy.

Re-Signings: None


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist– He was chosen second overall in this year’s draft. Charlotte got screwed out of Anthony Davis, but MKG is still a great pick for them. He has the opportunity to come in, start immediately, and make a positive impact.

Jeff Taylor– Selected first in the second round, Taylor had a solid career at Vanderbilt. He had double-digit scoring each season and became known as a good defender (SEC All-Defensive Team in 2010-2011). He will most likely serve as Kidd-Gilchrist’s backup and should get solid minutes.

Corey Maggette to Detroit– The Bobcats got rid of an overpaid player and swapped him for another overpaid player and a draft pick. The acquisition of Ben Gordon is not a bad one, but he is going to be an expensive bench player ($12.4 million this coming season). Gordon used to be a great player in Chicago and became known as a great off-the-screen shooter.  However, his tenure in Detroit was less than impressive. His numbers went down all across the board. We will see if he picks his game up in Charlotte.


The Charlotte Bobcats have made strides in the right direction this offseason. They added some quality players and drafted a potential star. However, Charlotte will not move anywhere in their division and conference rankings. I have them finishing last in the Southeast division and Eastern Conference.

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  1. OW OW OWWWWW!!!

    This team has no direction and no identity. Ben Gordon was just a dumb move and Ramon Session is a DUMBASS for not taking the LA Deal. I bet he’s gone by midseason. They got Augustin and that cost them Felton- at the time a top 7 PG. (Lopez!)

  2. I would rather have Ben Gordon as opposed to Maggette. Sessions left a top organization for the worst team in the league which is dumb but he’s better than Matt Carrol. They have better players now than last year and drafted a potential star so it is a good start. I’m not saying they’re one season away from a championship but this offseason is a step towards moving up a little.

  3. The Bobcats will continue to pay for their tanking ways.
    Yes, having Gordon is better than having Maggette.(but not better enough to justify the money) Yes, Sessions is a dumbass for not signing WHATEVER the Lakers threw at him.

    The Bobcats were relying too heavily on getting that #1 pick.
    Gilchrist should make a difference in their culture, but I don’t see him moving mountains early on.

    With Howard going to the west there is a playoff spot open in the east, but it’s far from Charlotte’s for the taking.

  4. I agree on Maggette. Trading for Gordon added a 1st rounder, but I didn’t like that. He’s a shameless gunner and does nothing, but score.

  5. Maggette is too injury prone. At least Gordon will bring in some points because he PLAYS instead of nursing some injury.

  6. True, but I do not think they would get anything helpful in return. I am not CRAZY about the Gordon trade. It was borderline for me, but it leaned a little towards good. Unless Charlotte was a third wheel in a trade or something like that. However, I do not think anything would have happened.

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